Friday, March 20, 2020

Is it time for some Coronavirus PERSPECTIVE?

When all else fails – we can always panic, eh? I am not just talking about the disease itself.
So far – according to various sources – Coronavirus is war started by or in China, the US – Fort Detrick – and will require all of us to stop living until further instructions from our dear leaders.
After all – they are smarter than we are – or so they say!

Question – should we trust those who LED us into this mess to lead us out?

As usual, the evidence has been piling up fast in DaLimbraw Library – and continues to do so daily – so here goes – a word search on CORONAVIRUS - – arranged by date (latest first)
The links reveal everything from political finger pointing, establishment and bureaucratic failures to actual health advice. I expect you to do your own reading and analysis.
You can also search by Covid-19, bioweapons, Wuhan, Fort Detrick or any other term you choose.

The main thing you will learn when you read ALL the articles linked is that it requires some intelligent analysis to come up with PERSPECTIVE – not an easy thing to do when your reliance for perspective has been DaEveningNews or your favorite news pundit on DaNet.
Your biggest hurdle will be what I call DaBinaryBrainDeadHeadSyndrome – (DBBDHS) – it affects ALL of us to one degree or another and is not easy to overcome, because it directly challenges our past ingrained beliefs and assumptions. The biggest is that we ASSUME what we know to be DaTruth – whereas it is ONLY what WE know.

And that IS DaHardTruth!