Thursday, October 10, 2019

Who Rules Us? Does Anyone Care? Because no one knows – but we sure feel the effects! Another day to connect some dots!!!

Six months ago I posted an article by Eric Zuesse which I entitled ‘’Who Rules Us?’’ – will be linked later. Since it was a report on a study, it was most likely received as an academic exercise without much further reflection. Without any doubt whatsoever, those who do rule us DO NOT want us to know!

The first is about trying to slow the bleeding of America – the second is another stab at delivering a killer blow to the American middle class by our representatives in Congress that WeDaPeople elected.

On a different note, but definitely related to ‘’Who Rules Us?’’ - Doug Casey on Why Jeffrey Epstein Is a Perfect Example of a "Philanthropist" – it’s a racket – plain and simple! Subsidized by tax exemptions! Perfectly legal! Who asked you?

And speaking of rackets - The college bubble is bursting – I hope so! Unfortunately, too many families have committed Retirement Suicide: Families Borrow to Pay for Kids’ College

Another question from the past – Who Wants Wars? Did anyone ask you?
All of America’s billionaires want to conquer both Iran and Russia, but they disagree with one-another about the order in which it should be done.
The debate between Obama’s and Trump’s policies on Iran is basically a dispute between America’s billionaires. America’s electorate are just observers. The actual decisions will be made by only the big-money people, because they are the gate-keepers to power, certainly in America, even if not necessarily in some other countries.

Oh, did you know about The Progressive Sandwich With The Conservative Middle? – you can read both the Z-Man full text with comments by Vox Day. Forget about the D vs. R puppet show – it’s designed to keep you distracted from reality!

Is there a ray of hope? Maybe - Is Trump at Last Ending Our ‘Endless Wars’? - by Patrick J. Buchanan and How to Get Justice Back into the Criminal Justice System – seemingly unrelated, but is it? We can sit and accept our rulers or begin the process of fighting back.

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All I promise is ‘blood, sweat and tears’!

No, I didn’t forget to connect the dots. Now read Eric Zuesse’s piece from 6 months ago.
We are being squeezed by a multi-headed python which controls our government, politics, media, education and culture – even many of our churches - but that’s for another day!

As I keep saying – mentoring is hard work!