Friday, August 5, 2022

Atonement - Kunstler

 As in the USA, the governments of Euroland have declared war on their own people….

Boston, Massachusetts, may be even more Woked-up than the Pacific Coast cities. By “Woked-up” I mean susceptible to a quasi-religious frenzy that compels the performance of moral atonement scripts with an emphasis on obeisance to “experts” (credentialed hierophants) — such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Dr. Klaus Schwab, and the various distinguished authors of Critical Race Theory. But it was still a bit of a shock last week to see the Boston Red Sox playing in sky blue and yellow uniforms in solidarity with the neo-Nazi failing state, Ukraine. I’d be surprised if Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers could find Ukraine on a map.

News flash to Boston: Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine is all over except the shouting. Plus, nobody in the USA cares about it anymore, and if they do, probably for the wrong reasons. The right reason to care is that the “Joe Biden” regime’s insane campaign to destroy Russia has only brought Western Europe to the brink of collapse and ruin, thereby threatening the continuation of Western Civilization altogether.

You don’t hear much chatter about this emanating from, say, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government because, apparently, they’re all-in on the demolition of Western Civ. It is the ultimate act of atonement, and atonement for the sins of culture and politics is the currency for personal status in Woke Elitedom. America’s elites are secretly disgusted with themselves, especially about the wealth they have been able to grift out of all the racketeering that has replaced honest work in our country — and nowhere is the racketeering more grotesque, or more pretentiously caparisoned, than in the Ivy League universities. Status drives Wokery because Woke Elitedom has more money than it knows what to do with, so just having a lot of money means less than it used to — just ask Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Don’t worry. Soon they will have a lot less money. Or rather, first they will have a lot of money that’s worthless and then they will have no money, like everybody else. The demoralizing inflation underway leads to the destruction of credit and when enough credit is destroyed, there will be no money, since our money is based on credit. When that happens, see what your self-proclaimed moral purity will buy you.

The credit-driven money system is a metaphor representing the expectation that we will always have more of everything. That was surely the consensus in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was born. 1913 was the last year of the Belle Époque, the beautiful era preceding the First World War. It was also the coming-of-age of economies based on oil. In that moment, Western Civ stood in amazement at its achievements and in thrall to its glittering future. The slaughter in the trenches of WWI shattered that confidence, nowhere more deeply than in Germany, which afterwards lurched from the degeneracy of the Weimar Republic to the depravity of Hitler’s Third Reich, and from there back to ruin in the Second World War.

Today’s Woke Elitedom of Europe, led by Germany, is deliberately driving the EU nations into a ditch without bothering to go to war. They certainly don’t have the military mojo to prosecute a war with Russia — which is what they would be doing if NATO intervened actively in Ukraine (ain’t gonna happen). Instead, they have torn-up reams of trade agreements and imploded a richly-constructed supply network of basic operating resources like oil, natgas, minerals, and grains in an absurd act of atonement, in obeisance to the experts at the World Economic Forum and the fiends behind “Joe Biden.” And lately, they are bent on destroying their food supply with cockamamie campaigns against their farmers, in line with WEF hallucinations about climate change.

As in the USA, the governments of Euroland have declared war on their own people. Germans are scuttling around collecting firewood now, with natgas looking scarce and unaffordable going into winter at the dark upper latitudes. I would bet that there are close to zero wood-stoves available at this point, and how many cold seasons will it take before they cut down all the forests of Europe? Meanwhile, Europe’s industries and businesses disintegrate. The Great Re-set at hand won’t be der Schwabenklaus’s transhuman nirvana but rather a return trip to the 12th century.

All this does not even include the forthcoming attrition among the vaccinated. We have succeeded in disabling and destroying the immune systems of many millions of people with mRNA shots. They are going to get sick from all sorts of things. A lot of activities will stop working, including the medical industry, so many of the injured and dying will not receive care. In this late summer interim, American pharma says it’s ready to bring forth new-and-improved mRNA shots supposedly keyed to the latest emerging variants of the C-19 coronavirus. Pharma and its enablers in the NIH-CDC matrix actually have no idea what variants are coming — nowhere is nature more of a trickster than in disease organisms — and you can be sure that their new vaccines will be more shuck-and-jive.

Anyway, nobody believes them anymore. Few are lining up for the boosters and fewer parents are dragging their kids and babies to the shotmeisters. What remains to happen, and probably will by summer’s end, is a massive uprising of the non-Woke against the Woke Elites and the end of their insane depredations. They can atone all they want at their trials and executions.