Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Incongruities of Our Time Are Mind-Boggling -

Despite the Internet, information is tightly controlled.  Truth is hard to come by.  There is a great deal of medical and scientific evidence available  that the Covid “vaccines” are very dangerous to children, in fact many times more dangerous than Covid itself.  Yet parents still take their youngsters and even babies to be vaccinated on the mere assumption, without due diligence, that the vaccination protects their children.

Consider the masks.  That they protect against Covid has been completely discredited.  Indeed, it has been proven that the masks harm the wearers.  They cause reduced oxygen intake and unless the masks are discarded daily, bacteria accumulates in the mask which the person breathes into his lungs.  Yet, I still see some people wearing masks.  The only masks available to the public that offer any protection against the Covid virus are designated N95.  Few people know this, and even during the “pandemic” you seldom saw anyone wearing a N95 mask.

When information is suppressed, people cannot know, but even when they can find truthful information, many people do not bother.  They just accept what they hear on TV or NPR.  When they end up a basket case or with a child who is a basket case, they want to know why the pharmacist, or the nurse, or the doctor did not tell them about side effects of the vaccine.

It is this insouciant, trusting, gullible behavior of the mass of the people that gave rise to the term “sheeple.”   The sheeple are led by disinformation and thereby to harm time and time again, and they always return for more harm.

High level government officials are no different.  Consider, for example, the current young German Foreign Minister, a member of the Green Party that is dedicated to closing down Germany’s nuclear power plants.  This same minister sends weapons to Ukraine that Ukraine uses to attack a nuclear power plant in Donbass.  If the Ukrainians could shoot straight, Western Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and Romania would be experiencing radioactive contamination.  Yet Germany’s young, green, foreign minister sees no incongruity in his position.  

F. A. Hayek in his famous book, The Road to Serfdom, said that the worse rise to the top, not the best.  Perhaps he meant the most stupid rise to the top.  How else do we understand Germany’s Foreign Minister who wants to close Germany’s nuclear plants that produce energy, now that Germany is conspiring to abandon its use of Russian energy along with its coal plants, but is willing to provide weapons to Ukraine to cause another Ukrainian Chernobyl? How is radioactive contamination a green policy?

Most likely the German Foreign Minister is too stupid to have ever considered the incongruity in his position.

Wherever you look in the West, all you can see is stupid leadership.  This is true not only of government, but of Wall Street, corporations, and universities.  The rarest thing in the Western World is intelligence.  

In place of intelligence there are secret agendas serving greed and power through control. The public never learns about them, because they are branded “conspiracy theories,” and people have been conditioned to run away from misbranded truth.

If the Federal Reserve sticks to its agenda, the wealth wipeout the Fed has in mind will be used to usher in central bank digital money.  As I explained in previous articles, this means the end of the individual’s independence.  He becomes a cog in a controlled machine.  What do we do with these “useless, worthless people,” asks an Israeli intellectual who is advisor to the World Economic Forum. His answer is we put them on drugs and video games and create for them life in virtual reality.  Here he is explaining your future:   Scroll down to the video of Yuval Noah Harari a lead advisor to WEF chief Klaus Schwab.  One has to respect Harari for his honesty.

Families and communities are relicts of the past, he says.  The technocratic transhuman world being created for us will be our sole provider for everything.  We will live in a virtual, artificial world protected from anxiety and discomfort.  All we have to do is to get out of their way and let them take away our freedom and independence, our humanity.  

The insouciant, misinformed, gullible, trusting, dumbshit Western peoples will soon be confined to virtual reality and interaction with holograms.  Already Japanese are marrying robotic sex dolls.  Klaus Schwab’s Reset of Humanity eliminates individuals and interaction among individuals.

The insouciant stupidity of the Western peoples brought it upon themselves.