Monday, August 29, 2022

Qui Tam vs Cui Bono - Vox Popoli

Karl Denninger observes that the combination of the fraud they have committed and the damage they have caused millions of people have placed Pfizer and Moderna between a legal rock and a hard place:

The “Lincoln Law” came about because during a national emergency, specifically the Civil War, merchants screwed the government — and the people. It was the people who died, yet the government agencies failed to go after the parties who did the screwing and hold them accountable.

We now know this as the “False Claims” act, and it was passed so that when that sort of corruption occurs someone, in this case anyone who has specific knowledge, can bring the suit on behalf of the government and, if they are correct and win they get a piece of the recovered money. Since government contracts are usually for ridiculously large amounts of money by ordinary human standards this is a pretty-good incentive for anyone who has knowledge of such a thing to bring the suit — if you expose an actual fraud and win you’re typically set for life.

It is alleged that the Pfizer jibby-jab trials were frauds. I’ve pointed out several indicators that made clear they were utterly unreliable to provide scientific evidence of both safety and fitness for purpose. This suit was filed alleging that this wasn’t just poor design: The allegation is that the conduct and operation of the trials themselves was fraudulent, said fraud was material and it induced the government to issue EUAs and buy 100 million doses of the jabs. It also alleges that the purpose of the solicitation in the first place was “military readiness”.

Pfizer and the other firms involved filed a motion to dismiss.

The basis of their attempt to dismiss the claim is this:

Respondents seek dismissal without discovery, amendment, or trial. Their fundamental premise: even if honestly reported data showed their product caused more illness than it cured, inflicted more injury than it prevented, and took more lives than it saved, America’s military would still have given them billions of dollars and mandated it be injected into America’s military. Respondents claim fraudulent certifications, false statements, doctored data, contaminated clinical trials, and firing of whistleblowers can be ignored based on the theory that they contracted their way around the fraud.

Think about that last sentence.

The accused did not deny that fraud took place.

Instead they argue that fraud in the procurement, including fraud that harmed or killed the public and members of the military, is not actionable because the government and the parties it solicited to provide the jabs agreed that fraud was ok.

It’s worth noting that Pfizer is now openly admitting to having committed fraud in its scientific trials. This will hardly surprise those of us who were always deeply skeptical of the Covid vaccines, but it should serve as a wake-up call to those whose blood was polluted by them. Of course, human nature being what it is, in most cases they’ll still be blithely repeating the “safe and effective” mantra even when the manufacturers are openly admitting that their products are neither.