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Americans are Criminally Insane, by Larry Romanoff - The Unz Review

 I have in the past been accused of being ‘anti-American’ and, while that was perhaps true, those sentiments were directed primarily to the US government and its agencies and not the people of the nation, on the grounds that, democracy notwithstanding, the people were not responsible for the atrocities of the psychopathic criminal enterprise acting as their government.

My stance has changed. Just as leaves cannot turn color and roots cannot wither without the silent knowledge of the whole tree, no government can commit centuries of unremitting wars and atrocities against other peoples and nations without the knowledge and approval of the great majority of its population. Nor can it do so without the cooperation of its corporations, its civilian infrastructure, and its educational institutions.

And, since the US government, military and CIA are almost 100% controlled by, and functioning as lieutenants and enforcers for, the Khazarian Jewish mafia resident in the City of London, my observations apply equally to both parties. Still, these are startling accusations, so let’s examine the substantiation. We can begin with:

American Political & Military Leaders

An article by Jim Kouri cited an FBI study[1] which stated:

“… character traits exhibited by serial killers or criminals may be observed in many within the political arena. They share the traits of psychopaths who are not sensitive to altruistic appeals, such as sympathy for their victims or remorse or guilt over their crimes. Is it any wonder that America is failing at home and world-wide?”

American Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Secretaries of State, Defense Secretaries, White House staff, and many Senators and Congressmen display many or most of the traits of criminal psychopaths and mass murderers. Evidence of US government atrocities is not difficult to find. The government of the United States of America has always been a criminal enterprise,[2] ruled most often by thugs and genocidal psychopathic killers. I doubt there is much dispute in the world today about the intrinsic evil that seems to permeate the US government and the Khazarian Jewish Deep State that controls it, nor about the insane criminality inherent in most of its foreign policies.

American presidents as a class constitute some of the most shameless myths of US history, always presented in glowing terms of wisdom, humanity and greatness when they were mostly racist genocidal thugs, engaged from the earliest days of the Republic in a never-ending series of genocide. For many years, killing native Indians was one of the best-paying jobs in America. It was the great George Washington who instructed his troops to skin the bodies of natives “from the hips downward to make boot tops or leggings”, and Theodore Roosevelt, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, claiming the lives of aboriginal natives were “as meaningless, squalid, and ferocious as the wild beasts”, and that the extermination of them and the theft of their land “was ultimately beneficial as it was inevitable”. The landing of Christopher Columbus (Cristóbal Colón) in the New World set in motion a program of genocide that covered all the Americas, exterminating countless millions including the entire Maya, Inca and Aztec civilisations, as well as the Carib Indians and 98% of American aboriginal peoples. And all done with the full approval and participation of American political leaders.

The deliberate sacrifice of American lives has always been part of the US war agenda. President McKinley ordered the explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor, killing about 400 American sailors, as an excuse to begin a war with Spain, as Woodrow Wilson ordered the Lusitania sacrificed, along with more than 1,000 lives, as an excuse to enter the European war. Also, now beyond dispute is that Franklin Roosevelt knew the location of the Japanese fleet and the expected time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, engineered by the White House as an excuse to enter the European war, sacrificing thousands of American lives by not informing Pearl Harbor. It is now proven the US, under Richard Nixon’s watch abandoned hundreds of POWs in Vietnam whose release was conditional on the payment of $2 billion or $3 billion in reparations the Americans had no intention of honoring. You can read Ron Unz’ documented articles on this subject.[3]

Wars of aggression are one of the defining characteristics of the United States of America, the country having been at war for about 235 of its 245 years as a nation. Extreme diplomatic and economic interference run a close second. During the past 200 years, there remain only three insignificant nations that the US has not invaded, destroyed, sanctioned, bankrupted, interfered grotesquely with in elections, launched massive terrorist or biological attacks against, or otherwise brutalised.

A Few Selected Quotes

“I want to be the bully on the block. There is no future [for other countries] in trying to challenge the armed forces of the United States.” (General Colin Powell – US Secretary of State, in testimony to Congress)

“[America] is most fully a nation, most intensely alive as an entity, when it wages war against other nations. Even in peacetime it is the memory of past wars and the menace of future wars that keep the idea of the nation alive in America. War and the cult of the nation are virtually one and the same.” (Walter Karp)

“War allows us to rise above our small stations in life. We find nobility in a cause and feelings of selflessness and even bliss. And at a time of soaring deficits and financial scandals and the very deterioration of our domestic fabric, war is a fine diversion… War gives us a distorted sense of self; it gives us meaning. War, we have come to believe, is a spectator sport. The military and the press … have turned war into a vast video arcade game. Its very essence- death – is hidden from public view.” (Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for New York Times)

Former US President Jimmy Carter said “We sent Marines into Lebanon, and you only have to go to Lebanon, to Syria or to Jordan to witness first-hand the intense hatred among many people for the United States because we bombed and shelled and unmercifully killed totally innocent villagers – women and children and farmers and housewives – in those villages around Beirut. As a result of that, we became kind of a Satan in the minds of those who are deeply resentful”. He also stated the US was the most warlike nation in the history of the world. This is one reason the US has for so long been listed as the most hated nation in the world.

Americans (and others) may be surprised to learn that the US has never installed a democratic government in any country, anywhere, ever. Instead , in more than 50 instances, the US has forcibly overthrown a peaceful and legitimate government[4] and installed a brutal psychopathic killer-dictator.

Assassinations are also one of the defining characteristics of the US(5) In more than 150 instances the US has killed the Chief of State or leading executives of other nations, including Dag Hammarskjöld when he was the Secretary-General of the UN, in retribution for their resistance to American bullying and plundering. This does not include the failures, notably three attempts at China’s Premier Zhou En-lai or the 638 attempts against Fidel Castro. In the past, these ‘black ops’ were done in intense secrecy and vehemently denied, but today they are done openly and freely admitted as occurred recently with Soleimani in Iran, assassinations now apparently included in the American definition of ‘democracy’.

Terrorism is an integral element of America’s foreign policy and a fixed characteristic of the US. It isn’t much in dispute anywhere that the violent terrorist uprising in Tibet in 2008 was America’s gift to China for the Olympics, as was the terrorist attack in Sochi in 2014 the equivalent gift to Russia’s Olympics. Nor is it in dispute that the primary terrorist organisations in the world today were formed, financed and trained by the US. But there was much that preceded ISIS and its brethren; The US is famous for its various terrorist “Operations”. Operation Northwoods[6] was directed to the invasion and destruction of Cuba and proposed, among many other things, filling an airliner with American college students, shooting it down and blaming Cuba, using that as the excuse for a full military invasion. Operation Gladio[7] was a CIA- directed terrorist scheme in Europe that for decades involved bombings, killings and other means to frighten the European nations into adopting right-wing governments. There were many such.

The US also fostered the FLQ terrorist group in Quebec,[8] meant to achieve the breakup of Canada and the absorption of the pieces into the American Empire. It almost succeeded. The CIA also carried out extensive terrorist activities in Canada directed against Cuba. As well, the US military and CIA launched numerous terrorist campaigns throughout Latin America during the Reagan years, to such an extent and with such savagery that the programs ceased only because they eventually turned the stomachs of the entire world with many hundreds of thousands of deaths and unlimited torture practices taught at the US’ “School of the Americas” in Panama and later in Fort Benning in Georgia.[9]

The United States government has always employed torture against citizens of other nations. I have photos of US soldiers waterboarding civilians in the Philippines in the early 1900s. The US Operation Phoenix in Vietnam tortured to death more than 45,000 Vietnamese, mostly poor farmers. American soldiers were unanimous that no one who entered Project Phoenix emerged alive. It is legend that the CIA’s 1,000-page torture manual was circulated among all its dictator-clients in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. More recently, the US was discovered to have created the largest network of torture prisons and prison ships in the history of the world, centered on places like Guantanamo BayAbu Ghraib and Baghram, and Diego Garcia. Amnesty International described Abu Ghraib as “a center of torture and executions”, as were they all.

The CIA’s Phoenix Program in Vietnam

This was one of the most brutal and corrupt series of events in American history, involving the most violent acts of torture and terrorism conducted on an unbelievably widespread scale against the innocent civilians of Vietnam. Like all such American activity in the third world, this was an organised program of genocide, one which the US government and media denied then, and continue to deny today in spite of volumes of documented proof. The objective of the Phoenix Program – and many similar since, conducted by the US military and the CIA – was to eliminate by destruction the entire social infrastructure of the Vietnamese resistance to American colonisation. This was accomplished by mass murder on an unprecedented scale, astonishing use of terror tactics against civilians, and one of the most brutal torture programs ever initiated in the history of the world.

A man named Barton Osborne who was assigned to this CIA and military project at the time, wrote that “It was basically a psychological operation, and it was very well done. Americans have done it many times before. The theory is you don’t kill the leader, you kill his children, or his family. Basically, what you do is you destroy the chief’s family … when the guy [returns home], he sees this mess – you know, his wife beheaded, and her infant child stripped out of her abdomen, and beheaded and bleeding on her body, hung from a rafter, [excrement] all over the walls, those kind of things – that’s how you do it. So the whole operation loses its fighting will. And that’s basically “The American Way.” Osborn testified further before the US Congress, “I never knew in the course of all those operations any detainee to live through his interrogation. They all died. Not a single suspect survived interrogation … and the majority were either tortured to death or thrown out of helicopters.” One American official who was an “advisor” in the Phoenix program stated, “It was common knowledge that when someone was picked up [to be ‘interrogated’] their lives were about at an end.” “I won’t go into details of the inhumanities inflicted on the victims but one example of the ingenuity of Americans is worthy of note. Barton testified that the “interrogators” (There is always the pretense of an interrogation, suggesting questioning for vital military information. The pretense is always false.) would take a six-inch wooden dowel and pound it into a man’s ear and into his brain, then letting him wander around until he died.”

Agent Orange

Agent Orange is a highly toxic herbicide, defoliant and carcinogen consisting of equal parts of two herbicides, 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D, intermixed with another especially lethal dioxin named TCDD. The chemical was the creation of joint efforts between the British and the Americans to design a bio-weapon that would totally exterminate an enemy’s food crops. Some of the chemical’s components proved useful as commercial herbicides and later entered the mass markets, though eventually proving too destructive to the environment for continued use. The US military was testing was testing Agent Orange as a bio-weapon in the early 1940s, especially for rice crops, and began full-scale production for use against Japan before the end of the war. And yes, they did use it against Japan. The US tested well over 1,000 similar compounds and conducted field trials of “the more promising ones”, especially in Tanganyika and Kenya to assess the value of millions of liters of carcinogenic herbicides in the eradication of[1] trees and bushes concealing terrorists and (2) socialist governments. Arthur Galston, TCDD’s developer, cited it as “perhaps the most toxic molecule ever synthesized by man” but, according to Photoshop and Mr. Sanitise, its insertion into Agent Orange was a mistake, an unintended manufacturing side effect, and present in only “vanishingly small quantities”.

The sanitised version that finds its way into American history books is that the US military used it as a ‘defoliant’, a gentle process of removing the leaves from a few trees where Vietnamese snipers might be hiding, but that was never true. This extraordinarily lethal chemical was used in an effort to destroy Vietnam’s entire rice crops, and the nation’s food supply, and to forever contaminate the soil and groundwater to the extent that re-growth would become impossible. There is no shortage of publicly-available photographs showing US Army helicopters and C-123 transports spraying Agent Orange over Vietnamese agricultural land, rivers, lakes and water reservoirs. The official version was that President Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam asked the United States to conduct aerial herbicide spraying in his country, but that claim is ridiculous nonsense. Diem was an American gangster transplanted from New Jersey by the US government and installed as the fictitious president of a fictitious ‘South Vietnam’. Agent Orange was an attempt at the genocide of the Vietnamese people, and totally unrelated to defoliation of anything. “The record clearly states that in Quang Ngai province alone, 85% of all the croplands were scheduled to be destroyed in 1970 alone, leaving hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese starving to death.”

In subjugating nations to American supremacy, the US has for a century specialised in what the military calls “civilian pacification“, which is the indiscriminate slaughter of unlimited numbers of civilians, as the preferred method to instill permanent fear and obedience in a people. One of the worst was the CIA coup in Indonesia to replace Suharno with Sukarto in the 1960s, where more than three million civilians were killed openly and publicly in the largest single slaughter of humans in the history of the world, non-stop for weeks on end until the nation’s rivers were all running red with blood. Smaller examples exist in dozens of other nations, most recently in Iraq and Libya. The United States is the only nation in the world with a “university” established specifically for the purpose of teaching the techniques of torture and civilian pacification to all the world’s thuggish dictators – the infamous School of the Americas.

The History of America’s Dark Side

“In an historically-enlightening article titled “A Long History of America’s Dark Side“, American authors Peter Dale Scott and Robert Parry draw a stunning, if depressing, picture of the pattern of US military atrocities that formed the basic philosophy of US colonisation. The site’s editor noted, “Many Americans view their country and its soldiers as the good guys spreading democracy and liberty around the world, and when the US inflicts death and destruction, it’s viewed as a mistake or an aberration”. The authors provide extensive documentation that American atrocities have never been mistakes but instead were part of a carefully-planned policy to perform what was called “the pacification” of native populations that resisted US colonisation.”

“They point out that there is a very dark but seldom acknowledged thread running through US military tradition that has always explicitly used brutal violence and terror to suppress local populations, whether native Indians in the US or “protecting US interests” in the Philippines, Vietnam or Central and South America.” “The American people are largely oblivious to this hidden tradition because most of the literature advocating state-sponsored terror is carefully confined to national security circles and rarely spills out into the public debate, which is instead dominated by feel-good messages about well-intentioned US interventions abroad.”

“The policy began with battles during the Northern and Southern US states, evolving into a concept of “total war” which meant devastating attacks on civilians and the economic infrastructure became an integral part of the subjugation process. When US General Sherman was battling the South, his troops burned homes, left fields and plantations in flames and engaged in widespread rapes and murders of civilians, as a means to destroy their will to fight. Essentially the same tactics were used against the native Indians, where violence and terrorism became the basis of a victorious US colonisation strategy. With the natives, the authors quote in part from the US Congressional Record, “They were scalped; their brains knocked out; the men used their knives, ripped open women, clubbed little children, knocked them in the head with their guns, beat their brains out, mutilated their bodies in every sense of the word”. Slaughter became the American way to bring peace.”

“When the Americans moved outside their own borders to create military colonies in much of the undeveloped world, these so-called “pacification” policies accompanied them. When the US claimed the Philippines as a prize from its Spanish war, it followed these policies to the letter, burning homes, massacring civilians, killing children, torturing and mutilating bodies, all to “pacify” the people – to brutalise them into accepting their new position as an American colony. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were herded onto bridges, killed and thrown overboard, so the rivers flowed with dead bodies. One news correspondent reflected the Americans’ deep racism when he described scenes where “American soldiers killed men, women, children … from lads of 10 and up, … the Filipino, as such, was little better than a dog. It is not civilized warfare, but we are not dealing with a civilized people. The only thing they know and fear is force, violence, and brutality.” A US Army war document praised this “exemplary criminal violence – the murder and mutilation of captives and the display of their bodies“. These atrocities were widely regarded in military circles as “pacification in its most perfected form“.”

“The US copied its successes into Vietnam. US General Colin Powell, who later served as US Secretary of State, endorsed the routine practice of murdering Vietnamese males as a necessary part of the counterinsurgency effort. “Counterinsurgency” in US military-speak means killing all the people who resist your invasion of their country; they are the “insurgents” who must be eliminated. In Vietnam, the US destroyed all the dams and water supplies, much of the farmland and crops, destroyed entire towns and massacred all inhabitants. The American “pacification” of Vietnam in the end claimed about 5 million lives, and these were not primarily military casualties but the organised murder of civilians meant to terrorise the entire population into accepting permanent US occupation.” Fortunately for the Vietnamese, it failed.

Timothy McVeigh, the man who blew up a government building in Oklahoma City, said in an interview, “What occurred in Oklahoma City was no different than what Americans rain on the heads of others all the time. Many foreign nations and peoples hate Americans for the very reasons most Americans loathe me. Think about that.” But Americans have never had to think about it, because all of their wars are fought on foreign soil. The carnage, death, destruction and misery are all inflicted on people in other countries, and Americans are never permitted to see the results, much less to experience them first-hand. To Americans, war is something that happens someplace else, and the US government and media are careful to insulate the American people from the reality of war. “Ever since the emotionally-disturbing scenes of Vietnam brought home by American TV, the broadcast of American bodies returning home is forbidden by punitive laws, as are virtually all evidence of the true horrors of war – except when the US government fabricates scenes to demonise a foreign nation.”

Biological Warfare is another fixed characteristic of the United States of America. Igor Nikulin, a former member of the UN Commission on Biological and Chemical Weapons, states that the US military has 400 biological weapons labs spread around the world, mostly surrounding Russia and China, conveniently outside the purview of Congress and also outside the control of the hapless local nation. It is no longer in dispute the US was behind the biological war unleashed on China and North Korea during the Korean war, and it is widely accepted in much of the world that SARS[10] was unleashed by the US as an attack on China, as were the seven other biological attacks during the past several years. MERS[11] and EBOLA[12] also have all the signs of US-created and released bio-weapons.

Also, it appears almost a certainty that Beijing’s Xinfadi Market was re-seeded with COVID-20 in June by the same people. You might care to read about the US intense interest in biological warfare development.[13][14] Another reference describes the development of American GM food as the almost ideal biological weapon.[15]

Heinous war crimes are another American specialty. You can read about the orgy of killing the Americans indulged in at Dresden[16] in Germany, but there are many more not well known. In North Korea, the Americans bombed to rubble every city, town and village in the country, killing nearly half the population and rendering most of the survivors homeless. In Japan,[17] in addition to destroying the entire Shitamachi district of Tokyo at a cost of probably one million civilian lives, the US fire-bombed nearly 100 other Japanese cities, killing fully one-half of the inhabitants who were all women, children and the elderly. The US military admitted these were heinous war crimes but took comfort in the fact that almost no one knew and there was in any case no tribunal with the power to prosecute them. These three examples are the most obvious, but there are too many others to count. One exception would be Iraq. Here are two articles you need to read to learn the truth of Iraq.[18][19]

Few people today are aware the Americans in Germany hold a record for brutal mass murders, provably having murdered at least one million Germans in American concentration camps – in Germany – long after the war ended. It isn’t widely-known but almost all of these deaths were of civilians, not military personnel, and were the final stages of Operation Paperclip.[20] The US looted Germany to the bones after the war, stealing all of German IP in the process, but discovered they hadn’t the technical or scientific knowledge to understand most German inventions. As one example, they confiscated around 100 unassembled V-2 rockets, but realised they had no idea how to assemble the rockets nor any understanding of the scientific principles of their operation. Thus, the Americans forcibly emigrated countless thousands of German scientists to the US, notable among these was Werner von Braun and similar. But there were still millions of scientists and technicians that the Americans wanted to “debrief’ so as to extract all their scientific and military knowledge, who then formed most of the inmates of “Eisenhower’s Death Camps”. Once these civilians had been fully debriefed, the Americans killed them all, many by outright execution and the balance by starvation. This was so true that bringing food to the prisoners in these camps was a capital offense, resulting in the persons being shot dead on sight. The reason was to prevent any of this knowledge falling into Russian hands, hopefully thus giving the US a permanent scientific and imperial advantage. Eisenhower was responsible for not only these deaths but for countless millions more in forced relocations and other atrocities. James Bacque estimated between 12 million and 14 million German civilians died or were killed in the years after the war. This knowledge has been deleted from all American history books, and all Western ones too. The topic is still so radioactive that it is illegal in Germany (thanks to their Jewish and American masters) to attempt to research the subject.

A Few Selected Quotes

“The U.S. record of war crimes has been, from the nineteenth century to the present, a largely invisible one, with no government, no political leaders, no military officials, no lower-level operatives held accountable for criminal actions… Anyone challenging this mythology is quickly marginalized, branded a traitor or Communist or terrorist or simply a lunatic beyond the pale of reasonable discussion.” (Carl Boggs)

U.S. Ieaders commit war crimes as a matter of institutional necessity, as their imperial role calls for keeping subordinate peoples in their proper place and assuring a “favorable climate of investment” everywhere. They do this by using their economic power, but also … by supporting Diem, Mobutu, Pinochet, Suharto, Savimbi, Marcos, Fujimori, Salinas, and scores of similar leaders. War crimes also come easily because U.S. Ieaders consider themselves to be the vehicles of a higher morality and truth and can operate in violation of law without cost. It is also immensely helpful that their mainstream media agree that their country is above the law and will support and rationalize each and every venture and the commission of war crimes. ” (Edward Herman)

One of the main arrows in the American diplomatic quiver is food (and other) embargoes against poorer nations resisting American-style democracy, freedom and human rights, i.e. raping, looting and plundering. A typical example was China’s Great Famine of 1959-1961,[21] initiated by America’s Jewish European friends, but the US being the military and diplomatic enforcer. And this was by no means the first or last time the Americans have launched such measures. They did the same to punish China during the Korean War, and repeated periodically until the 1970s. The US has done the same to other nations in matters other than food. A current example is the US so-called “sanctions” on Iran, freezing all foreign assets and income, thus denying Iran the currency to purchase COVID-19 vaccines.

The US has also specialised in ’economic embargoes’, financially strangling a small country resistant to American plundering, as it has done to Cuba for 70 years, proudly forcing that little nation to remain undeveloped and in poverty for generations. Yet Cuba’s only “crime” was in expelling the Jews after the revolution. The US is famous in many parts of the world for repeatedly invading, then forcing open – and emptying, the vaults of a little nation’s central bank. A related tactic was to force the Central and South American nations to “permit” the US to “manage” all their cash and currency reserves, the money being invested in New York property development, making billions for the bankers while the captive little nations received 1% on their money.

But embargoes are only one small part of the story of American financial warfare on other nations. One of the most despicable acts involved China in the 1930s when that country had the only really stable economy, with a currency 100% backed by silver. In an attempt to destroy China’s economy, the Satanists at the US FED hatched a plan to offer to Chinese three times the world price for silver (at great loss obviously to the US Treasury, but not to the Jewish-owned FED). This scheme managed to suck most of the silver out of China, making the currency worthless and throwing China into the midst of the Great Depression which it would otherwise have completely avoided.[22]

Human experimentation involving unspeakable atrocities is also a defining characteristic of America. This is such a large category it is almost impossible to know where to begin. We could start with MK-ULTRA,[23][24] which is almost certainly the most horrendous catalogue of death, deprivation, torture, sexual abuse, and unimaginable and excruciating mental and psychological abuse, very often performed on small children. MK-ULTRA appears to have been almost entirely a Jewish project, from Sydney Gottlieb to the lieutenants and practitioners.

It is more or less well-known now that Shiro Ishii conducted horrific human experiments in his infamous Unit 731 in Harbin, China, including live vivisections. A condition of the Japanese surrender after World War II was that Ishii turn over to the US all the documentation on his experiments in return for complete immunity against prosecution for war crimes. Further, Ishii and his entire troop of Frankensteins were imported to the US where they were given new identities and housed on US military bases, and employed there as well as at the CDC (which Is not a civilian health organisation but was and still is a branch of the US military). Ishii was given a position as professor and a supervisor of biological research at the University of Maryland, a position he held until his death decades later. There is another curious matter involving the transfer of about 500,000 German POWs to the US during and after WWII, with their apparent disappearance and no record of them ever leaving to return home as claimed.[25]

The US Government Declares War on America

In addition to this, the US government and military conducted literally thousands of clandestine human experiments on millions of American citizens without their knowledge, as well as on the peoples of other nations. These included nuclear radiation and almost every kind of pathogen known to man, with frequently lethal results. There is so much here it is almost impossible to describe.

The next approximately 2,000 words are a severely-abbreviated extract from an article I wrote in an attempt to summarise these atrocities, and I include here only civilian exposures and deaths, omitting the extensive atrocities, experimental and otherwise, that the US military has committed against its own soldiers. I have posted the full article online for those who care to read it; it is 40,000 words in length.[26]

For the past 70 or so years, the US government waged a war[27] against its own citizens[28], a reprehensible history[29] of illegal, unethical and immoral experiments[30] exposing countless millions of US civilians to deadly procedures and pathogens.[31] According to a US Congressional investigation, by the late 1970s “at least 500,000 people were used as subjects in radiation, biological and chemical experiments sponsored by the US Federal Government on its own citizens”. The truth is in the tens of millions.

The United States Government Accountability Office issued a report on September 28, 1994, which stated that between 1940 and 1974, the United States Department of Defense and other national security agencies studied hundreds of thousands of human subjects in tests and experiments involving hazardous substances.

A quotation from the study:

Many experiments that tested various biological agents on human subjects, referred to as Operation Whitecoat, were carried out at Fort Detrick, Maryland, in the 1950s. The human subjects originally consisted of volunteer enlisted men. However, after the enlisted men staged a sit-down strike to obtain more information about the dangers of the biological tests, many others were conscripted. No follow-ups of note were done, nor were records kept, of the participants. The US military later claimed it had contact information for only about 1,000 of the original participants. [The] United States biological defense program contains scores of divisions, departments, research groups, bio-intelligence and more, by no means all related to “defense” in any sense.

From the document: American nuclear Guinea Pigs:[32] Three decades of radiation experiments on U.S. citizens: Report prepared by the Subcommittee on Energy Conservation and Power, of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, U.S. House of Representatives, November, 1986: U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, 1986, 65-0190

The human subjects were captive audiences or populations that experimenters might frighteningly have considered “expendable”: the elderly, prisoners, hospital patients suffering from terminal diseases or who might not have retained their full faculties for informed consent. … no evidence that informed consent was granted. … the government covered up the nature of the experiments and deceived the families of deceased victims as to what had transpired. … subjects received doses that approached or even exceed presently recognized limits for occupational radiation exposure. Doses were as great as 93 times the (maximum) body burden recognized”. The paper then proceeds: “Some of the more repugnant or bizarre of these experiments are summarized below.”

Few Americans seem aware of their own government’s programs of human experimentation, (33) an unconscionable litany of atrocities performed by the CIA and military on an innocent and uninformed population, always without consent[34] and most often with tragic results. These included extensive programs[35] of mind-control[36] experiments,[37] interrogation/torture experiments,[38] deliberate infection with deadly or debilitating diseases, exposure to severe radioactivity and every manner of biological, bacteriological and toxic chemical pathogens. They encompassed brainwashing, torture, electroshock, nerve agents, drugs and exotic hypnosis and surgical experiments including lobotomies,[39] and a wide range of pharmacological “research”, all conducted on innocent, uninformed and helpless civilian victims ranging from newborn babies to adults.

The substances used – the “tools of their trade” – included LSD, heroin, morphine, Benzedrine, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, mescaline, Metrazol, ether, nerve gases VX and Sarin, toxic chemicals such as zinc cadmium sulfide and sulfur dioxide, a variety of biological agents, sulfuric acid, scopolamine, mustard gas, radioactive isotopes, and various dioxins from Dow Chemical. They also included electroshock, synthetic estrogens, live cancer cells,[40] animal sexual organs transplanted into humans, cow blood transfusions and much more. Deliberately-transmitted diseases included syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis, cancer, bubonic plague, beriberi, cholera, whooping cough, yellow fever, dengue fever, encephalitis and typhoid, Lyme Disease, hemorrhagic fever and much more.

Experiments were performed on children, orphans,[41] the sick and mentally disabled, the poor, the black, and prisoners who were given no choice in participation. Hospital patients were often told they were receiving medical treatment, but instead were used as subjects in deadly experiments. We will never know the total number who died. If you don’t mind nightmares, do some research on the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program.[42][43] Many of these experiments continued until the late 1990s and beyond, and many people claim – and provide evidence – that they still continue today.

These human research programs were funded by the US government and performed mostly through the CIA and the military, but with full cooperation from most major universities and hospitals. They were highly secretive, their existence undiscovered until after many years of operation. Faced with court orders to release the records, the CIA and military instead destroyed most of the documents, a few records surviving only by filing and communication errors, the available evidence covering only a minuscule portion of the violations and atrocities committed.

“From 1960 until 1971, Dr. Eugene Saenger, a radiologist at the University of Cincinnati, exposed poor and mostly black patients to whole body radiation. They were not asked to sign consent forms, nor were they told the Pentagon funded the study.[44] Patients were exposed, in the period of one hour, to the equivalent of about 20,000 x-rays worth of radiation.” Most of the patients died almost immediately, but Dr. Saenger recently received a gold medal for “career achievements” from the Radiological Society of North America.

From the 1950s onward, mentally disabled children at the Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, New York were intentionally infected with viral hepatitis[45] by feeding them an extract made from the feces of infected patients. Saul Krugman of New York University promised the parents of mentally disabled children that their children would be enrolled into Willowbrook in exchange for signing a consent form for procedures that he claimed were “vaccinations.” In reality, the procedures involved deliberately infecting children with viral hepatitis.

Lauretta Bender: The Psychiatrist From Hell.[46] Lauretta Bender was a neuropsychiatrist at Bellevue Hospital in the 1940s and early 1950s who pioneered electroshock therapy on small children who inevitably regressed into violent and catatonic states, most ending dead or in prison. Bender later expanded her treatments to include LSD and, in spite of her inhuman brutality, the NYT published a glowing obituary when she died – as it did for the many dozens of such persons.

Beginning around 1950, the US Army conducted at least 240 open-air bio-warfare attacks on American cities,[47] releasing deadly nerve agents and bacteria from Alaska to Hawaii.[48] The CIA released whooping cough bacteria from the sea near Tampa Bay, Florida,[49] causing an epidemic that left tens of thousands of people extremely ill and killing many others. The US Navy simulated biological warfare attacks by spraying large quantities of a bacteria over San Francisco,[50] in which many citizens died and countless contracted severe pneumonia-like illnesses.[51] When the information was leaked, military sources insisted the bacteria were harmless, but countless thousands incurred serious urinary tract and respiratory infections,[52] pneumonia and other illnesses, infections which were permanent: “To this day, these bacteria are a leading cause of death among the elderly in the San Francisco area”.

The US military conducted around 1,000 above-ground nuclear tests[53], not to test the bombs, but to determine the effects of radiation on a population.[54] The Public Health Service was instructed to tell citizens downwind from nuclear bomb tests that the increases in cancers were due to neurosis, and Eisenhower ordered that women with radiation sickness, spontaneous abortions, hair loss, leukemia and brain cancer be told they were suffering from “housewife syndrome”.[55]

A secret AEC document dated April 17, 1947, titled Medical Experiments in Humans[56] stated: “It is desired that no document be released which refers to experiments with humans that might have an adverse reaction on public opinion or result in legal suits. Documents covering such fieldwork should be classified Secret.”

An indication of the callous and obscene nature which has always pervaded the US government:

Kodak began receiving customer complaints about fogged film,[57] the cause traced to packaging material – Indiana corn husks contaminated with radioactivity.[58] The US government secretly agreed to provide Kodak with advance information on all future nuclear tests, including “expected distribution of radioactive material in order to anticipate local contamination”.[59] The victims now tell us, “. . . the Government warned the photographic industry and provided maps and forecasts of potential contamination. Where were the warnings to parents of children in these areas? The Government protected rolls of film, but not the lives of our kids. Why did they do that when they had all the information about hot spots and fallout, and yet they did not warn the people of this country about the dangers inherent in radioactive fallout?” Their government didn’t tell them because they were the guinea pigs in the tests.

You can read about some of the more prominent cases here: Hidden history of US germ testing (BBC)[60]. The Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory (Amazon)[61]. Plum Island Lyme Disease Exposed.[62] The Geopolitical Deployment of Biological Weapons. (63Also Robert McNamara’s infamous Project 100,000,[64] Operation DEW,[65] Operation LAC,[66] Project SHAD,[67] Project 112,[68] Lyme Disease,[69] Nerve gas[70] and Dead Sheep at Dugway.[71]

And it wasn’t only War on America

The accumulated evidence[72] of the American use of biological weapons in China and North Korea is beyond dispute, but the US government has lied about it for 70 years.[73][74]

It is also documented beyond dispute that the US conducted a decades-long campaign of biological warfare against little Cuba,[75][76] including the distribution of hemorrhagic fever, and the swine flu that caused Cuba to kill all 500,000 pigs in the country. The Americans not only lied about this for 70 years but accused Cuba of being “a pariah state” with a biological warfare program. And not only Cuba.[77] The US has deployed Chemical and Biological weapons[78] on Canada, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Columbia, (79) Brazil, [80] Vietnam, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and more.[81]

The US has some 400 military bio-weapons labs[82] scattered in (mostly poor and backward) countries around the world, including new ones[83] in Georgia, Ukraine,[84] Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan,[85] several nations now demanding these labs be dismantled and removed to the US where they belong.

The media have been conspicuously silent on the US record of biological pathogen leaks,[86] but the CDC verifies that between 2005 and 2012 the US had 1,059 instances of theft or leaks of dangerous pathogens [87] which broke containment. One every three days for seven years.[88] This needs addressing because there is considerable evidence the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic in the US was caused by one of these leaks, which was almost certainly why the CDC refused for 6 months to even identify the pathogen or warn the citizenry, silently permitting it to spread worldwide. This appears to have been the same pathogen[89] that hit Russia in 2016 from the US military’s Lugar bioweapons lab [90] in Georgia.

Then-President Trump claimed[91] he could kill the entire population of Afghanistan within days.[92] “Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth. It would be gone and this is not using nuclear. It would be over in – literally, in 10 days.”[93] Biological weapons would seem the only alternative. Hemorrhagic Fever and Hantavirus worked for the US in North Korea; perhaps also Afghanistan. Mr. Trump later denied intention to carry out his threat, but let’s dispense with the fiction of the US having no biological weapons, of Fort Detrick and the 400 foreign bio-labs performing only benevolent “peace medicine” functions.

And Yet More

Somali Pirates

There are so many other categories that you might never imagine. Most of us recall the spate of ship hijackings off the coast of Somalia some years ago, where heavily-armed bandits in small boats would board an oil tanker or other ship and hold it for ransom. None of the mass media bothered to ask why such a thing would suddenly occur, apparently without cause. But there may have been a cause. The word in Somalia was that the US, looking for ways to dispose of its increasing accumulation of nuclear waste, dumped thousands of barrels of highly-radioactive waste into the ocean off the Somali coast. Many of the barrels were said to have broken open, contaminating everything and killing all the fish which was the major part of the country’s food supply. I was told the hijackings were retaliation against the US.[94]

The Tsunami Bomb

In a recent article in the UK Telegraph, New Zealand author and filmmaker Ray Waru was researching old military files in his country’s national archives and uncovered a top secret operation called “Project Seal”, which revealed that the US developed and tested a “tsunami bomb” during World War II. In the report, the research revealed that the Americans used massive underwater blasts to trigger huge tidal waves that would inundate coastal cities around the world. Apparently, the project was launched in 1944 when a US naval officer noticed large waves produced when blasting coral reefs in the Pacific. The project was successful, and tests proved that a series of offshore blasts could produce powerful waves higher than ten meters.

What better way to launch a war on a low-lying coastal nation? Have an American submarine fire a large nuclear device in deep water some distance offshore and let a 20 meter or even 30-meter tidal wave instantly delete all the nation’s naval bases, shipping ports and much of the surrounding cities. The best part is that it might be mistaken for a natural occurrence but, even if not, there is no way to prove who was responsible. When the water subsides, the uninhabited (and radiation-free) country can be colonised.

Another interesting, and equally criminally-insane idea to use forest fires as a military weapon. Happily, we have such a document prepared in exhaustive detail for the US military by the US Forest Service. I have a copy of the report, if you are interested in reading it.[95] It’s 73 pages plus appendices.

The Puppet-Master’s Brain

This one is my favorite. US President Obama spent US$100 million on a new project to map the human brain, requiring the development of new technology that can record the electrical activity of individual cells and complex neural circuits in the brain “at the speed of thought”. The Rockefeller InstituteStanford University, the Defense Departmentgovernment agencies, private foundations, private companies, and universities will be involved. Though the goals of the work have been unclearly defined, they are highly unlikely to be a search for medical cures as Obama suggested. As you have already seen, the CIA and Defense Department have been involved in too many of these “mind control” projects in the past.

In related news, Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen from Google (CIA) then wrote a book titled “The New Digital Age” which appears to be mostly a wandering delusionary rant where Schmidt and Cohen appear to either be reading from Obama’s script or are suffering hallucinations. Writing of dissidents and revolutionaries they hope to spawn, they refer in one place to a new “crop of consultants” (presumably them) who will “use data to build and fine-tune a political figure”. This is already sounding like sophisticated puppetry. They then tell us that speeches given by this ‘fine-tuned political figure’ will be fed “through complex feature-extraction and trend-analysis software suites” (wow), while someone (again, presumably Schmidt and Cohen) will be “mapping his brain functions” and carrying out other “sophisticated diagnostics” to “assess the weak parts of his political repertoire”.

To assure you that none of this is a joke, here is the American view of the world of the future, a direct quotation by the US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, taken from “New World Vistas of Air and Space Power for the 21st Century“:

“Prior to the mid-21st century, there will be a virtual explosion of knowledge in the field of neuroscience. We will have achieved a clear understanding of how the human brain works, how it really controls the various functions of the body, and how it can be manipulated (both positively and negatively). One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be pulsed, shaped, and focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term and long-term memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set. This will open the door for the development of some novel capabilities that can be used in armed conflict, in terrorist/hostage situations, and in training…”

Lastly, let’s consider a few individuals:

  • Dwight Eisenhower

Former US President Eisenhower, on record as saying “God, how I hate Germans”, was personally responsible for the deaths by execution and starvation of at least one million German civilians, and possibly many more, men killed long after the war ended, and done mostly to spite the Russians. As mentioned above, Eisenhower approved the open-air nuclear tests on American civilians and instructed his officers to tell the dying women they were suffering from “housewife syndrome”. How can you deny that a man – the President of a country – who commits such crimes against his own people, is criminally insane?

  • Curtis LeMay

US military General Curtis LeMay was one of the most insane genocidal maniacs and mass murderers in history, largely responsible for the killing of perhaps 1,000,000 civilians during the American fire-bombing of Dresden and many other cities in Germany. In Korea, LeMay bombed and totally destroyed every city, town and village, as well as the dams on which the nation’s food supply depended, later boasting “We killed what – 40% of the entire population?”, and also supervised the distribution of biological pathogens over large parts of North Korea and of North-Eastern China. In Japan, LeMay fire-bombed almost 100 Japanese cities, killing fully 50% of the civilian inhabitants, a death toll of at least 10 million. The fire-bombing of Tokyo’s Shitamachi District alone produced about 1 million deaths.

  • Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger holds the record for the largest number of civilians ever killed in Asia, for which he was given the Nobel Peace Prize. Kissinger and US President Lyndon Johnson share responsibility for not only the 5 million primarily civilian deaths in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, but for the 1965-1966 genocidal civilian exterminations in Indonesia where at least three million were killed in the single greatest human slaughter in recorded history, and one which the US still attempts to deny today. Kissinger is also famous for the reprehensible NSSM 200 document, essentially a world depopulation program.

  • Ronald Reagan

Reagan was responsible for supporting a decade of mass civilian slaughter throughout Latin America by the CIA Death Squads, with deaths in the millions. These involved the infamous ‘School of the Americas’ torture institution, and the distribution and instruction of their 1,000-page torture manual, and which altogether cut a swath of torture, massacres, altogether constituting one of the most brutal and terrifying periods of repression of civilian populations the world has ever experienced. American brutality in South and Central America during this time was so obscene it finally turned the stomach of the entire world. Reagan’s Secretaries of State were Alexander Haig and George Shultz, with Haig also active in Vietnam and Korea.

  • Robert McNamara

It was McNamara who planned the firebombing of Japanese cities by Curtis Lemay, openly admitting that was a heinous war crime, since the fire-bombing of those cities would mean the killing almost entirely of civilians – women, children and the elderly. Yet in writing his memoirs he not only dismissed this fact but displayed absolutely no remorse for his actions. It was McNamara who designed Project 100,000 in which he recruited and shipped almost 500,000 severely retarded young men (average IQ about 65) to Vietnam, poorly-trained and pitifully unable to deal with the complexities of jungle warfare. Few returned. He was responsible for the production and widespread distribution of the dioxin Agent Orange and of the use of napalm. It was under McNamara’s supervision that was created the Phoenix Project that tortured to death more than 45,000 thousand Vietnamese civilians. It was under McNamara that plans were first formulated and funds requested from Congress to research and develop the biological weapon we now know as HIV. The man’s reward was to be made President of the World Bank.

  • Madeline Albright

American Secretary of State Madeline Albright holds the record as the most prolific baby-killer of all time. With Bill Clinton’s support, the US military targeted for destruction all of Iraq’s drinking water facilities and prevented the delivery of replacement purification supplies. The UN confirmed that this resulted in the deaths of more than 500,000 infant lives alone. In a famous TV interview on the popular program 60 Minutes, Albright was asked by Leslie Stahl if this “punishment” of Iraq was worth the cost in infant lives, to which she replied that “Yes, it was worth it”. It was also Albright who engineered the bombing of Serbia, the longest continuous bombing campaign in history, and the destruction of Yugoslavia. But she benefitted immensely from the latter: she and George Soros “took over” the entire communication infrastructure of Kosovo, with a value of approximately $800 million. Wars are profitable for a few.

Madeline Albright is a prime example of the unparalleled evil that has permeated the US government for generations. The woman is evil personified, an incarnation of Satan, a murderous genocidal bitch. Yet, for her contributions to “democracy”, Obama awarded her the highest American honor – the Presidential Medal of Freedom. To be fair, it wasn’t Obama’s decision. The Khazarian Jews wanted one of their own honored, and Obama did what he was told.

Those people named above, and many more, are human monsters, criminals by any measure, pathological mass murderers fully equal to the worst of history. But, as with all American (and Jewish) history, the truth has been replaced with mythology that permits all concerned to sleep comfortably knowing they made the world safe for democracy. On such despicable fiction is built the entire edifice of America (and International Jewry).

Think about all the events and details discussed above, the uncountable deaths, the agonized sufferings of not only Americans but of millions of people in so many brutalized nations. How would you categorise not only Eisenhower but Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon after him, all of whom had to have approved all of these “human experiments”, as well as programs like Operation Paperclip, Operation Northwoods and Gladio, MK-ULTRA, Operation Phoenix, and so much more? How would you classify people like Madeline Albright, Henry Kissinger, Robert McNamara and Curtis LeMay?

The leaders of the great United States of America, both men and women, and those parasites in the Deep State who control them, have largely been pustulent festering boils on the face of a beautiful world. On what basis can you refute the assertion that so many of these men and women have been criminally insane?

When you engineer a food embargo against a nation experiencing a food shortage and watch tens of millions starve to death, if that isn’t pure evil, then what would be? When you institute powerful economic sanctions upon a small and helpless nation, enslaving them in perpetual poverty, in retribution for their resistance to your looting and plundering, if that isn’t evil, then what would be? When you overthrow a nation’s legitimate government and install a brutal psychopathic dictator to obtain the subjection and raping of a nation and its resources, if that isn’t evil, then what would be? When you engage in the wholesale torture and extermination of civilians in an innocent country, if that isn’t criminal insanity, then what would be?

We now turn to US institutions and corporations, a primary source of the psychopaths necessary to populate the White House and Congress, the Departments of State, Defense and Commerce. From the time of Rothschild’s (Jewish) British East India Corporation, the executives of multinationals have had more blood on their hands than most Major-Generals.

The White House, Congress, and the US military have not been so heavily populated with sociopaths, psychopaths and bloodthirsty killers by mistake. The US has had embedded in its government the longest unbroken string of remorseless killers in history, a great many drawn from major corporations where they received their practical training. The leaders of America have mostly been corrupt to the core, men to whom human life has no value or meaning and for whom money and power are all. They have mostly all been, as someone wrote, “Strange, soulless men, Satan-worshippers”.

It will be shocking to many readers to realise that the sociopathic malignancy that permeates the American government’s corridors of power is shared by leaders of US multinational corporations. In the corporate (and often the institutional) world, malignant tendencies increase in direct relationship to rank and responsibility, with anti-social, psychopathic and sociopathic characteristics increasingly pronounced at the higher levels, promotion becoming increasingly impossible without these tendencies. While there are exceptions, senior executives of large corporations are fundamentally pathological criminals, arrogant sociopaths driven by greed.

Consider Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, respectively George Bush’s Secretary of Defense and Vice-President, two of the most savage and malignant humans that have ever cursed this earth. Rumsfeld was at one time the president of the Searle pharmaceutical company and Cheney the CEO of Halliburton Oil Well Services. Where do you suppose these two pustulent stars of American political life acquired their talent as pathological killers? How do you imagine they were induced to conceive and build the largest network of torture facilities in the world’s history? Do you suppose they joined the US government and were so corrupted by the experience they became criminally insane? You know that didn’t happen. Rumsfeld and Cheney were psychopaths and mass killers long before they became kingpins of “the world’s greatest democracy”, and were prized by the government precisely because of these ‘talents’. They weren’t given high places in the US government in spite of their criminal tendencies, but because of those tendencies. From this one example of hundreds I could cite, you can begin to appreciate the sociopathic malignancy that permeates, and is shared by, both the American government corridors of power and those of the American MNCs.

I would add to this an insight gained from long exposure to the corporate world, that sociopathic tendencies increase in direct relationship to the steps on the corporate ladder. That is to say, the higher a man (or woman) rises in corporate rank and responsibility, the more pronounced are their anti-social, psychopathic and sociopathic characteristics. This is so true that promotion to the higher levels becomes increasingly impossible without these tendencies. And this means that in very large part the senior executives of large corporations are fundamentally pathological criminals. This may appear a shocking statement to many readers, but it is a defensible truth.

It may surprise you to learn that the pharmaceutical industry has the dirtiest underbelly of all recognised economic sectors in the world today, so totally riddled with crime and corruption that it probably cannot be fixed. As one measure, in the past few decades Big Pharma has created a toll of deaths and injuries exceeding that of all the world’s arms manufacturers combined. I have published one article titled “A Litany of Pharma Crimes[96] that provides a broad overview of this sector. I have many articles awaiting publication that deal with each of the major pharmaceutical companies in turn. The rampant criminality and unconscionable contempt for human life described in this series will shock you and turn your stomach.

Merck and Vioxx

Merck’s Vioxx was promoted as a way to prevent heart attacks in the over-65 population but instead proved to cause those same heart attacks, killing much of the population in the process. It was proven that Merck had strong evidence of the fatal side-effects of this medication, but ignored them because the drug was so profitable. The circumstantial evidence suggests Merck knowingly put onto the market a drug that provoked heart attacks instead of preventing them, and was responsible for the premature deaths of about 500,000 people in the US, plus those in other nations where Vioxx was marketed. Ron Unz wrote an excellent article on this that should be considered required reading.[97]

A.H. Robins Company

The company developed an IUD called the Dalkon Shield that proved to be not only dangerous but fatal, causing countless miscarriages, hysterectomies and deaths. It was quickly withdrawn from the US, but with the eager cooperation of USAID and Planned Parenthood, Robins continued to dump millions of these fatal contraceptive devices into more than 40 developing countries[6]. “Ravenholt (and USAID) had no compunction about buying up huge quantities of unproven, unapproved, defective, or banned contraceptive drugs and intrauterine devices (IUDs) and distributing them for use by his population control movement subcontractors on millions of unsuspecting Third World women, many of whom suffered or died in consequence.”[98][99]

Pfizer’s Perfectly-Timed Epidemic

Many new drugs are accompanied by serious side-effects, with trials risky and almost impossible to conduct in the West, so pharma companies take their trials to poor countries where the laws are unprepared and people don’t understand the risks. At precisely the moment Pfizer was ready to commence trials of a new meningitis drug, Nigeria was suddenly and inexplicably hit with one of the worst meningitis epidemics in history. But a controversy erupted about the relationship between Pfizer’s need for test trials and the meningitis outbreak, because the WHO had been in Nigeria immediately prior with one of its vaccination programs, the timing and locations of the meningitis outbreak apparently matching perfectly the WHO’s vaccinations, and meeting Pfizer’s need for large numbers of test subjects. Moreover, Pfizer’s authorisation from the government for its clinical trial had been forged after the fact on the letterhead of a non-existent department, and backdated prior to the study.[100][101]

Tainted Blood

In the early 1980s, thousands of Canadians were infected with HIV and tens of thousands with hepatitis C, from tainted blood products from American suppliers distributed by Canada’s Connaught laboratories and the Canadian Red Cross who crossed the line into criminal negligence and insanity. Millions of units of contaminated blood were knowingly sold all over the world, but the profits were enormous, IVIG worth by weight far more than gold. Participants in this atrocity included US pharma companies and blood brokers, Bill Clinton, and the Canadian government.[102][103][104]

USAID, created to “advance the political and economic interests of the United States”, was converted into a massive genocide machine with virtually unlimited funding, its immediate goal to maintain American supremacy by sterilising at least 25% of the females in undeveloped countries. Backed by the US State Department and military, USAID engaged in widespread coercion and extortion to achieve their aims. As one example, the US refused all food aid to India during a famine unless the government agreed to a nationwide program of forcible sterilisations, USAID organising some 50,000 sterilisation camps, where authorities would round up local women and forcibly bring them to the camps for sterilisation.[105][106][107] In several nations, tens of millions of women were forced to undergo abortions rather than sterilisation, but were then also rendered sterile. In Thailand, pregnant women were forced to receive tetanus vaccinations in order to obtain ID cards for their children, the vaccinations most often resulting in miscarriages, which means they were given WHO abortifacient vaccines. Deaths and permanent injuries were certainly in the millions and possibly tens of millions, but no records were kept.

Reimert Ravenholt of USAID was a monster, a truly psychopathic genocidal maniac who, with the full power of the US State Department, assumed the task of aborting all the fetuses of the world’s non-white women and sterilising as many of them as possible. Ravenholt was not only responsible for well over 100 million coerced abortions, at least that number of forced sterilisations, and for at least millions of deaths, but nobody bothered to count.

The WHO Sterilisation Program

Given that the WHO is largely controlled by US and its Deep State interests and that Bill Gates is the largest contributor to the WHO, we can consider this organisation as a US affiliate. Few in the West are aware that the WHO fraudulently sterilised about 150 million women in undeveloped countries, without their knowledge or consent. The WHO concocted a vaccine containing hCg, the female hormone necessary for implanting an embryo into the uterus wall, combined this with tetanus toxoid as the carrier, and vaccinated all females of child-bearing age, rendering them permanently sterile.[108]

Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research

There is now evidence that the 1918 “Spanish flu epidemic” that killed more than 50 million people was not a natural outbreak, but was caused by an experimental Rockefeller Institute meningitis vaccination program which was initiated at Fort Riley by the US military, and spread to the world from there. It seems the truth has been buried for more than 100 years.[109]

In 2014 , General Motors experienced massive lawsuits related to faulty ignition switches that would turn off the car’s engine on their own accord while also disabling the air bags, brakes and steering, often while traveling at high speed and often killing the occupants. GM was aware of this defect but sat on the information for almost 15 years to avoid an expensive recall of millions of cars. GM went so far as to have its engineers attend crash sites to surreptitiously remove the computer chips from the cars so the investigative agencies could not pin the crashes on the flawed ignition switches. This is hardly unusual; US auto manufacturers have for decades buried quality defects, resulting in billions in customer repair costs and countless tens of thousands of deaths and injuries. Some years earlier, GM marketed a car called the Corvair with rear suspension flaws that would cause the rear wheels to tuck under in a turn, causing the car to roll over and generally killing its occupants, but GM stubbornly refused to modify the defects. It was similar with an auto named the Ford Pinto, whose gas tank would rupture and burst into flames, often incinerating the occupants but, as with GM, a “cost-benefit analysis” determined that lawsuits by relatives of deceased customers would be cheaper than a recall.[110][111]

It is legend that Coca-Cola bottlers regularly arranged the killing of labor leaders in South and Central America to prevent the formation of unions. Coca-Cola executives denied responsibility in all cases, claiming the bottlers were independent agents. In Mexico, the media reported that all Coca-Cola employees were forced to resign, some at gunpoint, after the certification of a union.[112][113]

Nestlé is one of the four most-boycotted firms in the world. One estimate is that more than 50 million infants have died since World War II from drinking artificial baby milk in undeveloped countries where bottles and water cannot be easily sterilised. Jewish-owned Nestlé is not the only guilty party but it controls more than half the market.[114]

American universities are equally as culpable as their government and corporations in committing inhuman atrocities. Here are references to two articles that detail the outrageously illegal theft of Chinese DNA by Harvard University and an atrocious human experiment performed on Chinese children by Tufts University. Both were criminal, bordering on insanity, and both encased in a fog of illegality, cover-ups, lies, illnesses and deaths.[115][116]

There exists a litany of reprehensible human experimentation in the US, usually performed by a respected American institution for the US military. Typically, the US government and American universities and hospitals accessed children in orphanages, mental institutions, foster homes and hospitals, as free experimental subjects. Many prominent American universities and hospitals have carefully excised all traces of human experiments from their histories, including MIT, Harvard, University of Rochester, New York University, University of Washington, University of Chicago, Vanderbilt University, University of Cincinnati, Columbia University, and more.

At Harvard and the University of Cincinnati, doctors tortured and killed numerous helpless people in pretending to study “the effect of frigid temperature on mental disorders“. “They stripped naked mentally-retarded patients and placed them between layers of a rubberised blanket through which a refrigerated fluid was circulated, bringing the body temperature to well below freezing. These helpless individuals could do no more than lie there for days, cold, hungry, covered with urine and feces, while slowly watching themselves freeze to death.”[117][118][119]

To assist the US military in incinerating ‘rebels’ in Vietnam, Harvard University recommended infusing the napalm with white phosphorus, which cannot be extinguished once lit, and will burn a man to death right through his bones, even under water. Harvard and the University of Chicago injected thousands of pregnant women with diethylstilbestrol, almost universally resulting in miscarriages and stillborn births, the mothers never learning why they lost their babies. In an experiment for the US Navy, Harvard biochemist Edward Cohn injected prisoners with cow blood, with results described as “catastrophic”. Professor Richard Strong of Harvard intentionally infected Filipinos with cholera and the plague, the subjects of course all dying.

It was Harvard professors who claimed that individuals engaging in civil disobedience possessed defective brain cells, receiving funding for almost 600 “research projects” involving frontal lobotomies. The victims were arrested by the FBI on trumped-up charges, then lobotomised. Of course, the process turned the victims into vegetables, and thus became a favorite FBI conditioning treatment for political dissidents.

Dr. John C. Cutler was one of a very large number of inhuman monsters who conducted some of the most appallingly deceitful and contemptible human experiments, in one case infecting thousands of Guatemalans with syphilis in a US military experiment. Most died.

Dr. Lauretta Bender, the “Child Psychiatrist from Hell” was a neuropsychiatrist at Bellevue, where she “pioneered” the inhuman use of excessive and violent electroshock therapy on thousands of children, also injecting them with LSD and Metrazol. Few survived.

Dr. Albert M. Kligman of the University of Pennsylvania conducted experiments for the US Military, Monsanto, and Dow Chemical, to determine the effects of dioxins on humans. Few survived, and all records of the prisoners’ identities were destroyed. The US military and CIA paid Kligman $400,000 to test new drugs on prison inmates. The University of Pennsylvania provided the scientists, the prison provided the victims and the CIA provided the money.

For almost 20 years, Dr. Saul Krugman of New York University conducted large-scale studies at The Willowbrook State School for retarded children, funded by the US Military, where he infected all the children with hepatitis, usually by obtaining feces from hepatitis patients, mixing the feces into milkshakes, and feeding them to the children.

Dr. Eugene Saenger was a radiologist at the University of Cincinnati contracted by the US military to collect information on the effects on humans of exposure to nuclear radiation. He forged consent forms and exposed patients to the equivalent of about 20,000 chest x-rays in the space of one hour. After the vomiting, bleeding, and convulsions, all the patients died. Many were small children. The Radiological Society of North America gave Saenger a gold medal for his “career achievements” in helping to reduce the nation’s surplus poor.

Dr. Chester Southam was an immunologist at the Sloan-Kettering Hospital who organised a research project at the Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital in New York to evaluate human immune responses to cancers. His method was to inject and transplant live cancer cells into thousands of unsuspecting victims for more than a decade, in research financed by the National Institute of Health and the US military.

Authoritative sources document that during a period of perhaps 20 years, more than 4,000 similar radiation experiments were conducted on many tens of thousands of Americans by physicians funded by the US military. The record is so fragmented and the practice so widespread, documents so often destroyed and follow-ups so seldom performed that there is no way to know the toll of disabilities, ruined lives and families, and of deaths.

The RAND Corporation

Many Foundations, so-called NGOs and many other institutional organisations are equally as criminal as anyone or anything described above. One such is the RAND Corporation.

“Before Robert McNamara left his position as US Defense Secretary, he created a group to write what he termed an “encyclopedic history of the Vietnam War”, which eventually comprised about 7,000 pages in 47 volumes and was classified Top Secret. Copies of this material were supplied to the RAND corporation where an analyst named Daniel Ellsberg found them. Ellsberg copied the entire files which contained an astonishing amount of information on illegal CIA programs, massacres, deaths, cover-ups and more, and tried to expose the criminality to various high-level government officials including Henry Kissinger, none of whom were apparently interested . Ellsberg then released the material to the media, which became known as the scandal called “The Pentagon Papers”. They revealed for the first time the illegal American bombing of Laos and Cambodia and the fact that four successive US Presidents had lied enormously to the public about US military activities in Southeast Asia. Ellsberg wrote at the time, “I felt that as an American citizen, as a responsible citizen, I could no longer cooperate in concealing this information from the American public.”

But there was more. One of Ellsberg’s associates at the RAND Corporation named Anthony Russo had written a paper on the Phoenix and other Programs that Ellsberg claimed was “the first to document American complicity in the routine use of torture”. “Russo had apparently written three such papers on the subject, a project for which he was eventually fired. The RAND corporation refuses to release copies of those documents, the reason being, according to many military experts, that RAND analysts performed all the research that led to the creation of the CIA’s torture practices and to the existence of the Phoenix Program itself. In other words , Russo had independently catalogued not only the existence of the CIA’s massive torture and civil repression programs, but unwittingly also catalogued the RAND Corporation’s responsibility in creating those programs.”

“RAND is an acronym for Research and Development”, originally created immediately after World War II as a private research arm of the US Air Force, under the control of Curtis LeMay who was responsible for the genocidal fire-bombing of Japan and the genocide in North Korea. RAND staff concentrated on areas like new weapons development, including biological and chemical warfare, and performing what was called “advanced strategic thinking” on how to wage war. One grave concern is that RAND has recently published (internally) a comprehensive report on a proposed US war with China, discussing strategy and tactics and probable losses, apparently concluding the US would suffer much less from the conflict than would China.” This is what RAND does.

“RAND Corporation “analysts” were present and active in Vietnam during the period of the Phoenix Program and were so active that reports state “RAND’s Saigon villa became the requisite “prestige stop” for anyone with an interest in the war”, and that the RAND Corporation actually served as a “command center” for Project Phoenix. It was this deep involvement that Russo wanted to expose to the public, the fact that this so-called ‘think tank’ had quietly not only affected but created this inhuman political policy totally unknown to the public.”

“It wasn’t only torture programs that emerged from RAND; others have claimed RAND was responsible for a huge range of inhuman practices relating to Vietnam, items like recommending the use of red-colored plastic shrapnel that would be invisible to x-rays and render difficult or impossible its removal from wounded soldiers. Another was the recommendation that American soldiers should not shoot to kill, but should shoot Vietnamese in the abdomen or the bowels so as to strain the enemy’s medical resources.” There are no human beings working at the RAND Corporation.

Thinking back to the events and actions described for American Universities, institutions, NGOs, and corporations, and recognising that I have presented only a small portion of the available evidence , on what basis would you refute the assertion that those people are all criminally insane?

The American People

In America, violence is a universal value, like democracy and pet food. This is how it was several hundred years ago, and not much has changed:

The truth of “The First Thanksgiving“, if we can identify one such event as representative, is rather less harmonious than the mythical schoolbook narrative.[120] Here is one typical celebration reported by an eyewitness, when a group of White settlers trapped about 700 natives, mostly women and children, at the Mystic River near Boston. The Governor of the area, a Mr. William Bradford, wrote in his diary the following graphic description: “To see them frying in the fire, and the streams of their blood quenching the same, and the stench was horrible; but the victory seemed a sweet sacrifice and they Gave Praise Thereof to God”. There were many more similar events, not to thank God for the harvest but to celebrate murderous victories over the natives. During some of these multi-ethnic Thanksgiving feasts in New York City, residents cut the heads off natives and made sport of kicking them through the streets of Manhattan like soccer balls.

US Governor Joseph Dudley declared in 1704 a “General Thanksgiving for God’s infinite goodness to extend His favors in defeating the expeditions of the [natives] against us, and the good success given us against them, by delivering so many of them into our hands”. Another Christian, thankful for the invention of smallpox, wrote, “It pleased God to visite these Indeans with a great sickness, and such a mortalitie that of a 1000 and a half of them dyed, and many of them did rott above ground for want of burial.”

For years, some of the best-paying jobs in America were of killing Indians, and The Boy Scouts of America was conceived to prepare small boys for this career. John Kozy wrote, “The United States of America was conceived and nurtured by violence. The Europeans who colonized America were neither tolerant or enlightened; they were the dregs of society, and they even despised each other.”[121] America as a nation was spawned in a violence that has existed uninterrupted for 500 years. The guns and killings in society, the hundreds of wars initiated against innocent nations and peoples, the century-long history of torture, the constant daily violence on television, in children’s’ games, and in the streets and schools, are all merely symptoms of a deeply-ingrained pathological violent nature of America.” Karl Weiss observed that America today is “a society of force so shot through with violence that any other value has little or no meaning”.

The US is the most heavily armed civilian society in the world, with only 4% of the world’s population owning more guns than all other citizens in the entire rest of the world. American civilians own more firearms (about 400 million) than do all the police forces and military (about 225 million) in the world. The American Military News states, “US civilians own 400 million guns compared to military’s 4.5 million.”[122][123][124]

The US has hundreds of mass killings in schools, at least one per week. In one 6-month period from 2012, there were 40 of these at universities and 40 in kindergartens and elementary schools. American schools have armed officers and kindergarten children wear bulletproof backpacks. Many nations and provinces have their national flower or animal, but US States have a “State gun”. In China, parents look for new homes near good schools but Americans use the number of killings by neighborhood as their main reference when buying a new home.

Let’s turn to some foreign affairs examples and see how they relate to the people of the US.

We can recall the US military destroyed supplies of potable water in Iraq, resulting in more than 500,000 infant deaths, with US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright saying those deaths were “worth it” to teach Saddam a lesson. Given that this information was in all the news media including TV, how did the American people react, to the fact of Albright’s genocide and to her casual appreciation of her own handiwork? They didn’t. I could find no trace anywhere of objection by the American people to this unspeakable inhumanity.

The US military fired into Iraq millions of artillery rounds containing depleted uranium which vaporises and permeates everything including humans, with Iraq experiencing several hundred thousand hideously deformed births; babies with anywhere from no heads to three heads, babies born with their internal organs or brains entirely outside their body cavities or crania, babies with any number of limbs emanating from any and every part of their bodies, and a great many categorised by UN physicians as “unidentifiable lumps of flesh“. This wasn’t a secret. How did Americans as a people react to this revelation? They didn’t. Not a murmur that I could find anywhere.

One hospital in Iraq was cataloguing all the deformed births, preserving the fetuses, maintaining accurate records and photographs, evidence the US government did not want exposed. The solution by the US military was to launch an airstrike, bombing the entire hospital to rubble, not only destroying all the records and evidence but killing all the victims along with the medical staff who were cataloguing it. This wasn’t a secret. How did Americans as a people react to this unspeakable crime? They didn’t. No complaints anywhere from the people.

Still with Iraq, the US government was displeased with the foreign news emanating from the country during the invasion, providing evidence contrary to the official cone of silence desired. In response the US military ran a tank into downtown Baghdad, adjacent to the hotel where foreign journalists were encamped, and blew out almost the entire floor of the hotel, killing all the journalists present. This wasn’t a secret. The American people and their media were completely silent to this deliberate murder of many reporters, to say nothing of suppressing the freedom of the press.

For many decades, the US military employed few or no snipers. Military adventures were conducted with brute force, and snipers were universally depicted in books and movies as the lowest form of cowards who avoided “a fair fight” by hiding in trees and bushes while killing people who didn’t even know they were there. That changed. Now that the US has them, snipers are the highest level of hero; witness Chris Kyle, sniper extraordinaire who killed more than 100 people. Kyle was good at his job and loved it: “I loved killing. I only wish I could have done more of it.” How did Americans as a people react to this event-ridden news? They celebrated it with movies and books, and they erected bronze statues in commemoration of the man. The movie was directed by Clint Eastwood – “Dirty Harry” in more than name. Amazon included the film in “Best Sellers – TV Shows Kids & Family – Legend of the American Sniper”. Kyle’s murderous memoir was the #1 New York Times bestselling book for nearly a year, and the movie was nominated for six academy awards, including best picture. San Antonio, Texas erected a 9-foot statue as “A fitting tribute to an American hero.”

As to the interference in the governments of other nations, the US media have voiced no objections and aside from a few brave souls writing books that Amazon suppresses or refuses to sell, there is nothing from the American people. They seem happy they are being taught to hate Chinese, Russians and Iranians, and voice no objection to their government’s current attempted destruction of Venezuela, the decades-long suppression of Cuba, nor the horrific misery and death toll their government has inflicted on the nations of South and Central America, Asia and Africa. Since Vietnam , the American people increasingly approve of their nation’s criminal misadventures abroad, this approval transformed now into active praise.

The American people seem proud that their country has removed more than 50 legitimate governments and replaced them with brutal dictatorships. The same is true of the American record of assassinations of world leaders. Not a peep from Americans anywhere. Today these assassinations are so popular (Khadaffi, bin Laden, Soleimani) that the people party in the streets on the news that their President has killed someone in another country that he didn’t like.

It was the same with the revelations of the immense torture regime established by Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney. With only a few exceptions that I could find on websites like this one, not a murmur anywhere from the people. Moreover, torture became embedded in the new definition of democracy for many Americans, Hollywood celebrating it with a popular TV series where the American hero tortures people in the name of Good. I believe Ron Unz wrote an article on this. Congress was, if anything, worse than the American people. President Obama at first threatened to make public the entire photo and video record of the atrocities. Having been convinced otherwise, packages of the entire affair were prepared for each member of Congress and stored in a secure location for individual pick-up. Shortly thereafter, the CIA began having second thoughts and obtained an order for the repossession of those torture packages. But they needn’t have worried; the packages were still in their original secure location. The Members of Congress didn’t even care enough to pick them up.

The American people, as a people, raise no objection that I have ever seen, to the widely-known and undisputed fact that their government, military and CIA have interfered in virtually every election in every foreign country during the past 75 years. In total, of the 200 or so main countries in the world today, only three have not been either directly invaded, subjected to brutal military, diplomatic and/or financial pressures, been overwhelmed with American propaganda in their media, encountered huge interference in their national elections, and/or otherwise suffered massive interference from the US government. Results include poverty, misery, illiteracy, and tens of millions of deaths. While the American people may be unaware of the specifics and details in each case, almost no American is unaware of the circumstances of all these cases. And what is the response of the American people, as a people, to this litany of 100 years of unremitting bullying and abuse of all nations including so-called ‘allies’? Only silence. There are no signs that Americans care of the damage their nation inflicts on the world on a daily basis.

Fidel Castro is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the person to have survived the most assassination attempts. In 2006, the BBC produced a documentary titled “638 Ways to Kill Castro“. The US media dismissed it as a description of “the various ways people and governments have tried to assassinate Fidel Castro over the years”. But it wasn’t various “people and governments”; it was entirely the US government behind those plots. The media further dismissed this by categorising many of the attempts on Castro’s life as “humorous”, and average Americans appear to share that sentiment . For sixty years, no Americans have been unaware of any of this, and for sixty years no Americans have objected to any of it.

Cuba is of course only one of a great many nations the US government has destroyed or maintained in abject poverty. There are at least 100 of these, and still counting. Most of Latin America is in this position, with Venezuela today being driven into poverty and famine from a refusal to permit wholesale American looting of the country, as are Iran, Syria, and many others. Trump had, for four years, done his very best to ruin China‘s economy and major corporations, and Biden continued the process. No Americans are unaware of this. Do Americans as a people object to this devastating bullying? Not that I’m aware of. If anything, they seem proud of it.

As I wrote in my opening statements:

“Just as leaves cannot turn color and roots cannot wither without the silent knowledge of the whole tree, no government can commit centuries of unremitting wars and atrocities against other peoples and nations without the knowledge and approval of the great majority of its population. Nor can it do so without the cooperation of its corporations, its civilian infrastructure, and its educational institutions.”

Are Americans as a people, from their government down, criminally insane? I don’t see how we could avoid answering in the affirmative.


Today, the great United States of America is clearly doing everything within its power to provoke World War Three, beginning with either China or Russia. Of course, it is only the Khazarian Jews in the City of London who want this war, and they will fight to the last American before it ends. And the Americans, who will bear the full cost – into bankruptcy – and who will take all the casualties, without receiving any benefit of any kind, are so stupid as to be willing to sacrifice themselves and a world of peace for the pleasure of acting yet one more time as The Banker’s Private Army.

In the middle to late 1930s, the British didn’t realise how disposable their nation and their Empire were to the Khazarian Jews, pushed into two World Wars that nobody wanted, losing 40% of their entire Empire in the first round and the balance in the second. The Jews weren’t concerned because they had already transferred their flag to the US and thus had an even greater and more powerful “Banker’s Private Army” to carry out their planned atrocities on the world. And today the Americans are so dim-witted and blind that they apparently cannot see their own disposability, not being able to see that the Khazar Jews have already transferred their flag to NATO as a permanent Jewish Private Army and that, as Netanyahu so succinctly put it,Once we have squeezed everything we want from the US, it can dry up and blow away.”

And it will. And the entire world will pay the price because the Americans, greedy, blind, and criminally-insane as they are, turned over control of their entire nation, government, military and economy, to a small group of parasites who control the media and who bought all the politicians. It was so simple.

I would add a caveat to all this. To all Americans for so many generations, “war” was always something that happened someplace else. It was always other countries that were physically devastated, outposts of misery, death and bombed-out cities. It was always parents in other countries who roamed the streets after an American attack, picking up the body parts of their children. And all the Americans who think once again it would be fun to declare war on China and/or Russia, and show how tough they are, may be living in fantasyland this time. If you are American, and you harbor a belief that the Chinese or the Russians will let you come to their country with bombs and missiles, watching everything in their nation being destroyed, and not retaliating against the US, you are truly delusional.

There will certainly be a World War Three. I do not believe anything can prevent it. The Jews want it and have the power to provoke it. But this war will not be limited to other nations. It will of necessity become nuclear and, if you are American, you will have the opportunity to determine for yourself what constitutes “acceptable losses”. DC will almost certainly be one of the first targets, and the parents in Washington will finally experience the thrill of walking the streets and collecting the body parts of their own dead children. I have a powerful suspicion that parents in Tel Aviv may have the same thrill. And, with any luck, the City of London will cease to exist.

Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

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