Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Is the Covid Program an Attack on Whites and on Western Culture? – The Occidental Observer - by V.S. Solovyev

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” Tacitus

Some assertions you may disagree with, and I’m obviously asking a somewhat dramatized question. But my central argument is that, whatever you may think of the Covid program, it appears to affect the White race especially, and especially those in the United States and Western Europe.

Why is that?

Because the West has the highest density of institutions, and the most ubiquitous and organized rule of law, and those institutions through which we all live and act, are the means of enforcing the Covid medical program: either you comply or you don’t shop, travel, go to school, keep your job, attend college, get admitted to a hospital, receive a transplant, operate a small business (the vast majority of Americans are employed by them), or attend even a fine arts industry convention. The Covid program flows in a top-down institutional manner, from institution to institution, as each in turn follows the other by an assumption of authority and law (One major university medical expert has privately reiterated that in his experience, higher education merely follows whatever the CDC tells them to do, and that they can, they believe, thereby blame the CDC if anything goes wrong, irrespective of whether their own university bio-health programs can cause harm. That works by following CDC policies to the full.  Under this procedure, should anything bad actually occur, the school would point to the CDC and say that it was “just following orders.” and “did everything that it could.”  The fact that the university policies are unscientific or irrational or even harmful is irrelevant in this scenario”).

The professions are also especially hard hit: airline pilots have been unusually vocal about how vaccines compromise their ability to pass a flight physical, and thousands are retiring in protest, while the vaccinated and unvaccinated are being pitted against each other by their compliant corporate leadership (and the current Biden administration is pursuing an explicit racial program to make airline cockpits more “reflective of diverse cultures.”  The New York Times recently ran a prominent article titled “The End of the All-Male, All-White Cockpit.”).

Most of the Black, Latino, Middle Eastern and many other non-White groups, by contrast, live in typically far less developed countries, or in more isolated regions with far fewer, in some cases with no, effective institutional corralling and control, or they form a less institutionally concentrated mass than Whites, and they are often “at large” outside many institutional interactions.  Moreover, our entire southern border is wide open to non-White races who provide no medical documents (or any documents whatsoever) and are not subject to Covid enforcement.  It is middle-class America that is most affected by their daily interaction with, and dependence on, institutions, creating an endless testing, vaccination and “booster” regime. Whites also have higher, more concentrated levels of medical insurance coverage as a group, that allows the Covid syndicate of pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to charge enormous premiums that contribute to their current financial windfall: White middle-class wealth is subsidizing the Covid vaccine program, and is effectively a tax and wealth transfer (“As of 2019, nonelderly AIAN [American Indian  and Alaskan Native], Hispanic, NHOPI [Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders], and Black people remained more likely to lack health insurance than their White counterparts”). Another study asserts that “The combined effect of income and race on insurance coverage was devastating as low-income minorities with bad health had 68% less odds of being insured than high-income Whites with good health.”

Our colleges and universities also contain the single largest institutional concentration of White young adults (a separate issue from the total mix of races in college) than in any other single kind of institution, and these institutions of higher education rigorously enforce Covid “biosecurity” compliance, including testing, tracing, tracking and reporting.  Illegal immigrants by contrast, roam the country at large, and their numbers multiply by the thousands, every day.  We have an emerging two-tier society formed by a biopolitical program, combined with a toppling of Western institutions—including law and order—in a radical open-society fantasy.

The Covid pandemic bio-security construct appears to function primarily as an attack not just on individuals through coerced vaccination and other rules, but an attack directly targeted at White, Western culture that is especially known for, and is especially a threat to, the current radical governing group: freedom of association, the Catholic church, schooling, and family itself if it resists the replacement of parental authority and dominion by the State.

This attack also is naturally coordinated with capitalism (of the middle class, not Wall Street per se), which is largely institutionally based (including new invasive banking rules).  By contrast, nearly all illegals and many other non-White labor groups work on a cash, non-banking basis.  Nobel economist and legal historian Oliver E. Williamson’s classic book, The Economic Institutions of Capitalism, reinforces the Western dependency on the strength and integrity of its institutions: and no group has arguably perfected institutional penetration and corruption more than those who affiliate first with Israel or with Zionism. It is through institutions that Whites are pitted against other races, and even against themselves.  It is through the law that races are divided—and conquered politically.

But I would like to advance one other provocation: that a deep culture of revenge is inherent to Jewish hostility to Whites, and to White culture. The Holocaust Industry thrives largely through its ability to broadcast blame, culpability and reparations.  The Covid program could be seen as a form of both revenge, through a psychological reversal and compensation of victim and victimizer from World War II—that is, as a modern symbol of the “Auschwitz” memetic, with a reversal of Jew and German (popular movie culture is full of Jewish revenge fantasy where violence “is the best revenge”), combined with a specifically engineered effective bio-fascism.