Monday, October 10, 2022

A reminder – Churchianity, Political Correctness and A Fake Jesus vs. The Real Jesus – The Battle Continues

Are you able to challenge your ‘firm beliefs’ that are in fact…delusional. The following are just a collection of excerpts – read the full text and be prepared to examine yourself!

Big Christianism, or the Christianism-Industrial-Complex vs. Christianity. - By Jack Kerwick (Vox Day has labeled this as Churchianity. - CL)

Christian leadership—meaning clerics and commentators of both the Catholic and Protestant varieties—all too often reveals itself to be of the world.

Speaking as a practicing Roman Catholic, this is a sobering truth with which to reckon.

But it’s true all of the same.

Between genuine Christianity and what I will henceforth refer to as Big Christianism or, alternatively, the Christianism-Industrial-Complex (CIC), there is all of the difference………..

……. the Bible, precisely because it is among the most politically incorrect books that has ever existed, is clearly not a thing to which Big Christianists want their constituents paying particularly careful attention………..

…………God, far from being inclusive, is resolutely exclusive when it comes to, not those to whom He extends the invitation of eternal life, but those upon whom He will ultimately grant it.

These are viewpoints that Big Christianists either ignore or attempt to reinterpret away.

But for as scandalous and politically intolerable as these perspectives are for the Big Christianist, none is as unacceptable, none is as big of a threat, as the Biblical portrait of Christ………… Big Christianists hold something like this view.  Only the God of the Christianism-Industrial-Complex is a gross distortion of the God that is revealed in the pages of the New Testament. The Jesus that it has created—a nonjudgmental, passive, live-and-let-live, unconditionally accepting 1st century liberal hippie who was crucified for no reason other than that he preached universal love—is a politically-advantageous fiction that permits the CIC to achieve three goals:

First, such a Jesus—let’s call him “Fake Jesus”—is wholly vapid

Jesus repeatedly self-identifies as the God of the Bible, of the Hebrew Scriptures, the same God that demands undivided allegiance from the human beings who He created and upon whom He has visited unrelenting, homicidal, and, in some instances, genocidalviolence for turning away from Him.

The God who flooded the Earth, destroying the vast majority of people and animal species, is the God that became a man in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.

The God of the Old Testament who annihilated whole cities, and who ordered the annihilation of still other cities—of men, women, children, and livestock—is one and the same God who was born of the Virgin Mary……………….

However, Jesus could be pretty merciless toward His closest friends, prospective followers, relatives, and…well, pretty much everybody.

Jesus regularly pulled no punches when chastising His apostles for their weaknesses in understanding and faith, exhibited what can only strike us as stone-cold indifference to the pain endured by a man who didn’t want to follow Him until after he buried his dead father, and in effect denied His own family…..

The Carpenter from Galilee, in featuring such activities as war and slavery in His parables, never condemned these universal institutions.  Nor, for that matter, did He condemn “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” “Islamophobia,” “xenophobia,” “nationalism,” “misogyny,” “global warming,” and whatever other unforgivable isms and phobias can be found in the leftist’s catalogue of mortal transgressions.

It is undoubtedly because of this that Big Christianists prefer to drop Him down the memory hole and, instead, promote a fictional character, Fake Jesus, that is more conducive to the ends of the Christianism-Industrial-Complex.


There’s more evidence:

In essence…it always was…and still is…a War on Christ!

Are We Governed by Humans?

Satan’s servants – both inside and outside of the church – are human actors.  They will not be convinced by the logic and purity of the non-aggression principle.  If all it took in this world was for reason to govern, libertarianism would be the accepted political regime globally.

It is not, and I have no better explanation as to why than that presented here.  We are governed not by good people with bad ideas; we are governed by servants of Satan. - bionic mosquito: Floating in the Æther?

As Americans, our lives are affected by government, politics, religion and culture. However, few of us are able to coherently explain or discuss the inter-dependence which exists among all four - - as if there was none!

Within that structure are multitudes of institutions like education and media just for starters, which form our politics and culture. Can you see the problem?

And we’re just getting started, here is a whole list of headnotes from DaLimbraw Library on ‘Churchianity’ -

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Good hunting, friend! We’re just getting started – this journey is by commitment only……….