Thursday, October 27, 2022

President Xi is Guilty….of Promoting the Interests of the Chinese People – Something Americans and Europeans Can Only Wish For Themselves!

Far-Reaching Impact of the 20th National Congress of CPC - by Zamir Awan for the Saker blog

China has reached a stage where it can reshape the world order. It has emerged as the second largest economy, just after the US. But, the pace of growth is so steady and fast, that it will surpass the US within a few years. It has also emerged as a major power and is proactive in International Affairs. It is a key player in geopolitics already.


Western Media Smear President Xi’s ‘Aggressive China’ As CIA Front Holds Secessionist Summit in Taiwan - By Finian Cunningham

Beijing might be better taking Taiwan now – once and for all – before it festers anymore under American influence.


The Empire Flees China - Vox Popoli

Xi Xinping was seen as an impediment, not an implacable obstacle, but the confirmation of his continuing power in the CPC and his ongoing anti-corruption campaign means that the imperial plans for China have failed. Ukraine appears to be the backup plan, but that is failing too, thanks to the Russians and their stubborn refusal to submit to the imperial order.


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