Sunday, October 16, 2022

For its Security and Survival, China Must Understand Rothschild Zionism, by Richard Solomon - The Unz Review


Was Oswald Spengler right? Are we approaching the end of Western Civilization- or at least that West we knew? Perhaps Russia’s President Putin will preserve a piece of it, like the Irish monks who transcribed and hid the works of Aristotle and Plato during the Viking invasions. Barring a Mad Max apocalypse, it seems China stands poised to play the role of global influencer.

If we accept that premise- then what kind of China? The Rothschild Zionist plan seems to involve sucking the last drop of blood from the lethal walking corpse US Empire, and after total desiccation, moving on to a new host. China.

Imagine international banking and Rothschild Zionism at the helm of China’s awesome military, global trade routes, scientific innovation, and manufacturing capability. A Hieronymous Bosch hellscape—for both China, and the planet. But don’t jump yet.

An unassailable granite mountain stands between the insatiable giant hydra of global finance and total world domination. That mountain is China- with President Xi standing at its summit. With its vast might, China’s greatest threat comes not from the US Empire and vassal armies that amass outside its gates, but internally from Rothschild Zionist controlled sleeper cell traitors who patiently wait for the opportune moment to strike.

To ensure its cultural and existential survival, China must fathom Rothschild Zionism like the woodsman in his sleeping bag fathoms the viper coiled around his ankle. The wrong move means goodbye. For the purposes of this article, I define Rothschild Zionism in its present incarnation, as the amalgamation of Wall Street (global Jewish banking mafia families) and the Israel Lobby, along with their affiliated organizations, agencies, think tanks, spy networks, corporations, and agents.

I in no way include righteous Jews, innocent little Jews, or beautiful creative Jews in with that. I love those Jews. For purposes of full disclosure, I identify as Jewish Hebrew Israelite, Jew, or K!ke (out of compassion for angry victims of Rothschild induced PTSD). Process that data as you see fit.

Many on the reactionary right use the blanket term “Jews” when referring to Rothschild Zionism (or international Jewry). I disagree with this practice, as I believe it leads to irrational racism (the opposite of protecting and or celebrating one’s people, culture of race.) Through bitter experience, China understands the harmful consequences of irrational racism.

When viewed through the the objective clinical lens, all past “Western” attempts to deal with the Rothschild Zionist question failed miserably. “Zen and the art of gardening” requires a discerning mind to cultivate the proper aesthetic. Water the flower, pluck the weed. (Zen Buddhism originated in China. This dynamic spiritual philosophy was imported to Japan and embraced by many. I hope one day Japan awakens from its radioactive Anglo-Zionist trance and reaches out to what should be its natural ally- China).

The first way for China to understand Rothschild Zionism is through its own history. The murderous Opium Wars, European colonization projects, and other “thousand natural shocks” of foreign origin that China endured during the 19th and 20th centuries received their financing from the City of London/Wall Street financial parasites. Just like almost every other evil venture of global finance over the past five centuries, Anglos (Europeans) acted as international banking’s soldiers.

The Jewish Sassoon crime family amassed an incredible fortune by pushing opium, debt slavery, and death on China. During its British East India Company occupation, China was ruled by these Rothschild anointed Jewish mandarins. To such painful humiliation, China must say—“never again.”

The second way for China to understand Rothschild Zionism is to study the example of the former United States republic, now US Anglo-Zionist Empire (I place “Anglo” first for alphabetization purposes only, as the “Anglos” clearly became the junior partners in this twisted relationship). America’s original sins embedded the spores of rot into its nascent foundations, e.g., Native American genocide, African slavery (financed by International Jewry and utilized by Anglo Southern plutocrats), George Washington’s crushing of the Whiskey Rebellion (solidifying the US as a plutocratic republic).

Despite its tragic flaws, the United States went on to produce amazing scientific innovation, astounding industrial output, creative ideologies, the 1945-1965 middle class miracle, and in some cases- brilliant music, artwork, cinema, and literature. As discussed in Jean Baudrillard’s book, “Simulacra and Simulation,” the US could lose the Vietnam War, but still achieve ultimate Hollywood “hearts and minds” victory through brilliant propaganda movies like “Apocalypse Now.” The Communist Viet Cong kicked out the US, but Vietnam wound up a neoliberal sweatshop for Western multinationals. Today’s Hollywood CIA scripted “woke” dreck lacks the cinematic genius to rewrite disasters like Iraq and Libya.

The iconic line from Don McLean song “American Pie” goes, ”Bye-bye Miss American Pie, drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry.” After GM received a 50 billion dollar taxpayer bailout, incompetent CEO Mary Berra paid herself 22 million dollars, and fired 15,000 American workers. GM’s outsourced foreign workforce remained untouched. The Chevy left the levee and drove off a cliff.

Today, America’s top exports are war, toxic financial instruments, and Deep State social media. Not even Mad Men’s Don Draper could sell this version of the “American Dream.” The rot is so systemic, the only “cure” left is empire collapse. For America’s citizen-serfs, that won’t be a day at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Whatever one thinks of 2022 America, or how we got here, one thing is undeniable- Rothschild Zionists (aka neocons) currently run the empire. Look at the makeup of the Biden Administration’s lead managers. But where did it start? Like many of its present maladies, the vector of disease can be traced back to America’s original sin of slavery.

It was during the US Civil War that the Rothschilds locked their fangs into America’s soft underbelly. Prior to that, the Founding Fathers had managed to keep the Rothschild banker clans at bay. In the 1830’s, President Andrew Jackson (a bad man who did some good things), successfully beat back the international banker assault.

In her enlightening 1887 book, “Seven Financial Conspiracies Which Have Enslaved The American People,” Sarah E.V. Emery laid out the details of this Rothschild victory. Both North and South borrowed heavily from the Rothschild bankers. After the war, the victorious Union was not only saddled with its own enormous war debt, but also the Confederacy’s.

By bribing powerful senators, the Rothschilds pushed through laws that astronomically ballooned the debt, making it unpayable, and turning the US into a debtor nation. Some historians believe Lincoln’s assassination was due in part to his plan to repel the Rothschild invasion following the successful reunification of the republic. Post civil war, American military adventures, at least in large part, have been international banker affairs.

Once the Rothschilds established their beachhead, it took less than fifty years for the international bankers to gain total control of America’s financial system through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. With the help of the eugenics obsessed Rockefellers (an Anglo-Saxon clan who went on to become one of the eight global banking mafia families ), and traitor politicians like President Woodrow Wilson and Senator Nelson Aldrich, the financial coup d’état was complete. America was Rothschild, but not yet Zionist.

As the modern nation state of Israel was a Rothschild project (Balfour Declaration), it was only a matter of time before this Middle East entity was absorbed into the United States. The first dramatic display of unbridled Zionist power came with the assassination of President Kennedy. JFK had strongly opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. The Mossad likely partnered with the CIA and the Military Industrial Complex in Kennedy’s murder, as all three entities harbored a deep hatred for the President.

The watershed event that turned America culturally Zionist was Israel’s stunning 1967 Six Day War victory. To give the IDF their due, Israel’s “lightning war” deserves its place in the annals of military clockwork operations. Right alongside Germany’s Polish Blitzkrieg. As Professor Norman Finkelstein has pointed out, prior to that event, many American Jews considered Israel a Middle East backwater. Overnight, diaspora Jews had a “kick-ass” homeland. Mired in a hopeless Vietnam quagmire, many Anglo State Department and Pentagon apparatchiks began to view Israel in a haloed light. Much of the U.S. public also embraced the biblical “David beats Goliath” narrative.

To understand the extent that the Six Day War gripped America’s collective psyche, one merely needs to look at the attack on the USS Liberty, a naval technical research vessel on patrol in international waters. Like a cat torturing a wounded mouse, Israeli gunships, fighter jets, and torpedo boats pounded the crippled and fully identified ship for over an hour. 34 crew members were killed and 171 were wounded.

Such a brazen act of war should have been answered with a squadron of B-52 bombers, and a “Saving Private Ryan” storming of the beaches of Tel Aviv. What happened instead? Quisling President Johnson, bribed (and blackmailed?) US politicians, and Pentagon bigwigs not only covered up the incident, but showered Israel with fantastic sums of taxpayer money. The cash spigot remains open to this day.

Soon after, Rothschild Zionist Jews took over Holocaust studies. They pushed out legitimate scholars, and replaced them with hacks like Biden’s Anti-Semitism Czar Deborah Lipstadt. In many countries, questioning the official narrative could land you in a jail cell, or at the least, torpedo a promising academic career. The Rothschild Zionist also stole hundreds of billions in Holocaust reparations money as documented in Professor Finkelstein’s book, “The Holocaust Industry.” Anyone who criticized Israel or George Soros became a card carrying Nazi.

Rothschild Zionist Jews replaced the Anglos in key positions in universities, courts, government agencies, the Deep State, presidential cabinets, and big business. Even the Wall Street WASP blue bloods took the knee, although at least they received golden multi-generational compensation packages. Anglo elitists continue to enthusiastically work for the Rothschild Zionists, e.g. The Clintons, Lindsey Graham.

The Rothschild Zionist takeover of the United States could never have occurred without the full support and assistance of the Anglo ruling class. Many on the reactionary right understand that the “liberal” Democrats and “conservative” Republicans are a corporate Rothschild Zionist uniparty, but few realize that almost every US “right-wing” organization (and right-wing European Party) is under Rothschild Zionist control (See Steve Bannon).

Rothschild Zionists like George Soros also control the major “left” organizations. At one time the left (many of them Jews) championed the working man by pushing for the 5 day work week, 8 hour work day, overtime pay, and workers compensation. They fought for free speech and protested MIC wars. That left was subsumed by the corporatists, as chronicled in Chris Hedges’ book, “Death of the Liberal Class.”

With the 9/11 Israeli/neocon/ Deep State false flag, the US Anglo-Zionist Empire devoured, digested, and excreted the last pieces of living flesh that clung to the bones of the former US republic. Endless wars for the bankers and Israel became the new normal. 24/7 Stasi surveillance and torture were legalized. The Constitution was shredded. Perhaps someday, a new and more beautiful flower will spring from the dung heap.

About twenty years after 9/11 came the most stunning and audacious false flag attack in human history- the covid pandemic. In a series of brilliant articles, technology entrepreneur, free speech activist, publisher, writer, and journalist Ron Unz assiduously documented how covid started as a neocon Deep State bioweapon attack against China. I would only add to Mr. Unz’s excellent journalism by hypothesizing that the mRNA vaccines and their accompanying digital biometric IDs are the second phase of the globalist “problem-solution” agenda.

To China’s credit, their vaccine is based on the old school attenuated virus model. Please China, don’t let Pfizer and its Rothschild Zionist CEO Albert Bourla breach the Great Wall. As an aside, I agree with mRNA developer Dr. Robert Malone that vitamin C, sunshine, exercise, and zinc, make the best prophylactic modalities. I would think that China possesses a plethora of potential covid remedies within its vast treasure house of herbs and traditional Chinese medicines.

The US instigated Russian-Ukraine War is another Rothschild Zionist operation. All the key Biden Administration members behind NATO’s encroachment into the Ukraine are hardcore neocon Israel firsters. Lead Ukraine strategist Victoria Nuland is married to Robert Kagan. Kagan is one of the authors of the pre-9/11 Project for the New American Century policy paper that called for a “new Pearl Harbor” to gain public support for the neocon Middle East invasions.

Ukraine’s comedic actor President Zelensky openly bragged that he wanted to turn Ukraine into a “big Israel.” Rothschild Zionist Zelensky came to power through Israeli-Ukraine dual national oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. China must continue to support Russia and President Putin in the battle against US-Zio aggression. Today Ukraine, tomorrow Taiwan.

What kind future does Rothschild Zionist rule hold for the US citizen-serf? Most likely, shanty town austerity, mind destabilizing false flags, a heavier jackboot- and if the Roman Empire is a guidestone, civil war (with both sides under Rothschild Zionist management). In their supreme arrogance, the neocons fail to realize that their “controlled chaos” policy is like a doomed jet airliner. The tiny crack in the plane’s fuselage grows larger, forming a positive feedback loop of concentric circles of entropy that end in catastrophic failure.

At this point, a Chinese national might say, “While unfortunate, this American tale of woe couldn’t happen here.” Wrong friend. It’s already happening. BlackRock and other Rothschild fronts have established financial bases in China. If these malignant tumors are not removed, they will follow the same course of metastasis that occurred in the United States.

Do you think there are no traitors within China who would drive a dagger into their nation’s back to become the next Bill Gates or Elon Musk? The international bankers can make anyone fantastically wealthy with the touch of a button. Only through eternal vigilance, the carbon steel integrity of leaders like President Xi, and good house cleaning, can China hope to avoid the fate of the United States.

To overcome the giant hydra, China must become like the Shaolin warrior monk. Strike without striking, block without blocking. Become as empty as the space between the spokes of a wheel and as solid as a titanium fortress. China must adapt to all variations of attack. Switch from crane style, to tiger, to dragon, within the span of a single flap of a hummingbird’s wing. Map the hydra’s vulnerable pressure points. Land each laser point blow like a meteor impact. All while the mind remains as calm as a windless morning lake- free from the darkness of fear. As Sun Tzu said, “Every battle is won before it is ever fought.”

Some might call me a China shill. Maybe I am. China’s win-win policy of cooperation reminds me of the win-win philosophy espoused in scientist Buckminster Fuller’s book, “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.” President Xi’s description of humanity coexisting harmoniously with Earth’s fragile ecosystems is the polar opposite of the West’s “Global Warming” wealth grab and austerity scam.

President Xi even references the Tao in his speeches- quite amazing considering China’s official position was Marxist atheist not long ago. Look how quickly China transitioned from a Marxist economy to its current capitalist-socialist hybrid model. China’s capacity for adaptation is unprecedented. What’s next? A post-scarcity Star Trek economy with Chinese characteristics? Only if the contagion of international banking is neutralized.

Does China have problems? Absolutely. How could a nation of 1.4 billion not? However, China possesses one thing the US no longer has- potential. Yes, I stand with China. A China that follows the Tao- not Rothschild Zionism.

To the American who follows the Tao of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence- China is not the enemy. China is a friend. Humanity’s enemy is the international banker. So either get on your knees, become invisible, find a mountain cave sanctuary, or assume the fighting stance. Within the yin-yang circle, there are four compartments in which to stand. Choose well friend.