Sunday, January 29, 2023

RAND Think Tank Says Ukraine War No Longer Beneficial for Jewish “Double-Anal Agenda”, by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review

 So, there you have it. You’ve probably heard of RAND. I’m not going to give a full summary, but you can look it up if you don’t know what it is. This is the real view of the foreign policy sorcerer: the US is losing the war and they are going to keep losing and it is going to destroy their plan to take down China.

You people don’t read the think tanks. I read the think tanks. Then I look like some kind of wizard explaining events. But basically, the news media is completely useless. It literally serves no purpose other than to spread disinformation. Meanwhile, in their arduous language, the think tanks give all the details of the agenda clearly.

Here’s the deal: everyone understands that Russia is only a power capable of competing with the US because it is backed by a much larger and much wealthier country called “China.” Russia needs their economy to survive. India wouldn’t be standing up to the US, nor would Saudi or any of the other former allies pushing back, if they weren’t getting cover from China.

The think tanks were all pushing for China to be the target of the next US war.

However, Pentagon people said Russia is much weaker, so they went with that. Now it’s a boondoggle. The West is destroying its economy, they are alienating the whole world, and they’re accomplishing what exactly? Russia can keep fighting indefinitely. It’s not costing them anything. Maybe there is some war wariness, but that really gets wiped out by just how disgusting and brutal the Hohols are. If Russians start to get sick of the war, Solovyov gets up and does a segment on the latest video of the Hohols torturing and murdering POWs, and you’ve got another week of hardcore support for the boys fighting these satanic monsters.

The way Wanger is now running the war, it’s just not costing very much.

But the US can’t possibly surrender at this point. They just have to keep going and going. We’re a year in and as a statistic rule, if a war between two countries that border each other lasts more than a year then lasts more than 5 years.

Who is going to lose more in that 5-year period?

The US can’t possibly open up the China front while the Ukraine is ongoing, and time is on China’s side over there.

This is why RAND is mad.


While both Moscow and Kiev think they will benefit from continued fighting, such a turn of events does not serve Washington’s best interests, the Pentagon’s think tank RAND Corporation argues in a new report published on Friday.

Authored by Samuel Charap and Miranda Priebe, “Avoiding a Long War” accepts the prevailing premises about the conflict, but notes that US interests “often align with but are not synonymous with Ukrainian interests.”

According to the authors, the conflict has already inflicted significant economic, military and reputational damage on Russia, so its “further incremental weakening is arguably no longer as significant a benefit for US interests.”

This is them saying “just call it a win and get out.”

Eventually, it is going to have to come to some point where both sides are able to declare victory. So why not work to figure out a way to end it and save as much face as possible?

The price to the West has not been insignificant either, from the disruption to energy, food and fertilizer markets to the cost of “keeping the Ukrainian state economically solvent,” which will only “multiply over time.”

NATO’s military aid to Ukraine “could also become unsustainable after a certain period,” while Russia may “reverse Ukrainian battlefield gains,” they said. The conflict is “absorbing senior policymakers’ time and US military resources,” distracting Washington from other global priorities, such as China, while pushing Moscow closer to Beijing.

Yeah, that is the whole point of the paper. They are all publishing these papers saying exactly this.

Meanwhile, Brandon has all but promised to send in the Gundams.

In short, the consequences of a long war – ranging from persistent elevated escalation risks to economic damage – far outweigh the possible benefits.”

The study describes President Vladimir Zelensky’s vision of victory, in which Ukraine would recover all the territories it lays claim to and force Russia to submit to war crimes trials and reparations, as “optimistic” and “improbable.”

So, there you have it. You’ve probably heard of RAND. I’m not going to give a full summary, but you can look it up if you don’t know what it is. This is the real view of the foreign policy sorcerer: the US is losing the war and they are going to keep losing and it is going to destroy their plan to take down China.

Just ignore all of this gibberish you see on CNN and in the NYT. It’s all just fake news, like Iraqi WMDs or the Holocaust.

Yes, it’s true everyone thought Russia would do this much quicker. I see people criticize me for saying it was likely to be quick as if this is some huge gotcha, but everyone was saying that, including most of Washington. No one expected the West to go all in to this extent, although in hindsight it was kind of obvious based on how much they militarized the country since they did that coup in 2014. Everyone was just thinking “well, the US didn’t lose any significant reputation points when they lost Crimea, so why would they collapse their economy over this?”

Maybe the militarization was just leaving their options open, we thought.

Because as RAND says: there are no real benefits to the West here. It’s just an extremist Jewish hate agenda.

What are they doing, other than wasting money and proving to the world that they are psychos?

If I try to put myself in their shoes: I can see how it was worth a shot to try to collapse the Russian economy and then do a color revolution to oust Putin and just win outright. But that didn’t happen and the risk of it happening is past. There is no way they are taking Crimea or the Donbass back at this point, which means Putin isn’t going to be forced out of office.

Escalating it any further gives China an extreme advantage. If they take Taiwan, they’ve officially won Sid Meier’s Civilization. Meanwhile, what these think tanks are saying is so obvious: if you bring down China, then Russia, Iran, North Korea and all the others on the enemies list fall immediately.

If you could somehow beat Russia, what happens then? If it takes five years. Where is China gonna be at that point? Where is the Western economy going to be at that point? Frankly, at that point – in 2028 when the US theoretically forces the collapse of the Russian government by taking back the Donbass – China will be in a position to invade Russia from the other side and prop up a nationalist government to put down the Anal Riot Squad.

Be Positive!

RAND saying the US is losing is a very big deal.

Stop letting these various outlets confuse you about what is happening.

Russia is winning because this whole thing is a lot bigger than the shooting war, which is really just a small part of the geopolitical happenings going on.

Russia is the last Christian country.

Russia is Jesus’ Whip.

May the Archangel guide her.