Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Yes, Actually - Vox Popoli

In which I answer a question posed by the inimitable Karl Denninger, whom I very much respect and who has arguably saved more lives than Florence Nightengale and David Hasselhoff combined.

Still Think Its Not Just Money?
Now we have documentation that Scott Gottlieb was involved in the Twitter Censorship on Covid.

Of course anything that dissuades you from being talked or even forced into spending money in the pharma world is bad from their point of view and Scott is on their board. May I remind you that this is a company that has been repeatedly fined huge amounts of money for various violations of both law and regulation?

Pharma has been a big advertiser on Twitter, of course. Can’t bite that hand with the stack of Benjamins in it, can you?

Then we got this report — a key study on an anti-stroke drug may have been falsified with potentially fatal side effects ignored.

That study dates to….. 2009.

So much for “they’re trying to kill you” eh?


They just don’t care about anything except money.

Au contraire. I not only still think it’s not just money, I am absolutely, 100 percent, certain that it isn’t just money. Greed, after all, is only one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and Mammon is only one of the various false gods.

  • Adidas did not drop Kanye to make more money.
  • YouTube did not deplatform Owen Benjamin and me to make more money.
  • Patreon did not deplatform Owen Benjamin and Mr. Metokur to make more money.
  • Indiegogo did not return money to my backers to make more money.
  • British Petroleum, Exxon Mobile, and Shell did not exit Russia to make more money.
  • Disney did not throw its weight against the “Don’t Say Gay” law in Florida to make more money.
  • Intel did not spend $300 million on diversity and inclusion to make more money.
  • Every freaking commercial on TV did not introduce multiracial couples to make more money for either the advertising agency or the advertiser.

I could provide well over 10,000 examples of “profit-seeking” corporations making decisions that observably and inevitably harm their bottom line in the interest of aligning with the Satanic Narrative. But there is no need, since each and every reader is capable of providing a unique example from their own personal observations.

Those who assign to either stupidity or pecuniary interest the actions of the wicked simply fail to understand either the objectives or the nature of evil. This may sound like a criticism, but it is actually a testimony to the fundamental decency that makes it difficult for them to give credence to the true depths of human depravity.