Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year???? If we reach Dec. 31 – UNSCATHED – it will be a miracle!

A reminder – this is NOT a news site – it is not even a true blog – it is a library which I started in 2015 primarily for my own interest and use as I explain at my website - Background and Fundamental Pre-Suppositions

Introduction: I have been a world watcher all my life. About 15 years ago, I began to send email highlights with links to articles to family and friends, which grew to about 50 recipients. Some of them I’ve never met face to face, but they have become friends through the internet. Most of my ‘sents’ deal with the 4 main topics of this website, but not limited to them. My purpose is not to regurgitate old news, but to ‘move the ball forward’, with insights and analysis.
I read what others have written, analyze it, and then forward what I think is useful. Everything I have learned has come from others. I spend several hours each day, scanning websites, for further insights to understand the world around us.
I’m your humble collector of the wisdom of others - a librarian– with comments as the mood strikes.
My purpose is to build a website with a separate archive of useful references (8000+ articles - Jul/2022) that all of us can use as our basic resource for mentoring. Mentoring? Yes – mentoring – we’ll get into that. You can browse the Mentoring Sector or word search in the archive.

It is further explained here - What is this blog archive all about? - CL (DaLimbraw Library)

It is NOT a commercial enterprise!

My primary contribution is connecting dots among the authors – this post is one of them – but the best way to use this site is the word search window in the upper left corner on the web version view.

Each day I scan my list – here is DaList - these are my daily majors:

There are many others…….do your own research.

You will find most of the above links from Lew Rockwell and Vox Day if you visit regularly – usually full text or link to full text at Rockwell – there is no one better for PERSPECTIVE than Vox Day. NO ONE!

In summary – do your own research – Happy Hunting!