Sunday, January 22, 2023

“A man’s got to know his limitations” – by Dirty Harry

DaLimbraw Library now has over 8000 posts – almost all written by various authors who vary from confessed Christians to admitted atheists and everything beyond and in between…..

What I find curious is that the writings of many of the authors I often cite have very insightful observations – and then they stop investigating further as if there was nothing further to discover! Why? – CL

Is this why?

…..our lives are affected by government, politics, religion and the culture we live in. However, most of us grew up in families where these subjects were hardly ever discussed. Some of us might be conversant in one or two of these areas, but few of us are able to coherently explain the interdependence which exists among all four. -

In addition……

For now we see through a glass darkly……… Apostle Paul

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

A lot to consider here………..just using one example…………

Recently, a blogger fretted at great length about the state of the world. Since there was no hint of any suggested solution, I offered mine:

In times like need to know your real enemy - Here’s DaRest of DaStory  – – DaSynagogue of Satan currently rules DaWorld via DaEmpire of Evil…..but just like the previous era which ended in 70 AD, this era is coming to an end as well…..the signs are all around us.

(It involves a lot of reading through various links – which might be the source of the problem – as READING COMPREHENSION has become a lost art. Typically now, a reader latches on to a familiar word to them and based on their presumptuous presuppositions draws an invalid conclusion.)

Result: I was banned for being anti-semitic. How so?

Consider - So, quoting Jesus and His Apostle John...... from DaBible no anti-semitic? Then what does that make Jesus and John?

Furthermore, I also quoted the Apostle Paul about 'wicked spirits in high places'......and even furthermore....He constantly warns against Judaizers in his who was Paul?

Conclusion: You, dear Blogger..... are demonstrating that you should know your 'limitations'.....because you've entered an area of knowledge of which you know little or's often called ignorance,  a very common trait among those who tread into areas they ASSUME to know.

None of us has DaCorner to All-Knowledge! For now we see through a glass darkly………..

This occurs all the time….where folks ASSUME they know…..when it just AINT so! Prove ALL things should be our constant motto.

If anything, it continues to confirm the value of - the goal of this site is to educate, inform and provide a forum to learn the effect of these key influences in our lives and how to become a mentor in our community.