Friday, June 16, 2023

Race Discrimination Against White People Has Been Institutionalized Precisely as I Predicted in my Book, The New Color Line, decades ago | Paul Craig Roberts

In the United States of America white people are now officially second class citizens as this 16 minute video by an Asian man makes completely clear: 

There is much in the video to disturb us, but notice especially that most of the colored and white young people denouncing white people as a race have been thoroughly brainwashed by their university education that blacks are entitled to hate white people because blacks were enslaved by whites.  That is not the case, and the university professors who indoctrinate the students know it.  Blacks were enslaved by blacks.  Blacks conducted slave wars between themselves.  The premier enslaver was the black Kingdom of Dahomey.  The facts are historically established.  There is no doubt about it.  Yet, American youth have been brainwashed into believing that white people went to Africa, seized blacks from their homes, and brought them to America to be enslaved.  The actual fact is that blacks enslaved one another and sold the surplus slaves first to Arab slave traders and then as a labor force for the new world.  

When even elite universities have no respect for truth and incorporate  blatant lies into courses designed to indoctrinate hatred against white people, we have to face the fact that education has been molded into a weapon to be used against white people, just like the FBI, Department of Justice, entertainment, media, Identity Politics, Critical Race Theory, the normalization of sexual perversity, and Democrat administrations at every level of government.  Even corporate advertisements are used to disappear the white family despite the fact that white people are the majority of their customers.

The fact that racial hatred and demonization of white people has been institutionalized in America means that the racially diverse, multicultural society that has been created in the United States since 1965 has no prospect for social stability.  The inculcation of racial hatred of white people has destroyed American prospects.  

Keep in mind that it was not blacks who did this.  The indoctrination came from white professors, administrators, and school teachers.  Critical Race Theory is not a black creation.