Sunday, June 4, 2023

Why Vox Day? Insights and Perspective! A good way to start DaDay - EVERY DAY!

Nobody cares what the excuses are this time. There are always excuses for not doing the right thing, for not doing what you were literally elected to do. But we are rapidly approaching the point that most actual Americans would rather take their chances with the whole thing burning down and fighting it out with the invaders among the glowing ashes of Clown World.

My expectation is that a Gen X leader with Zoomer followers is most likely Western civilization’s best hope for a pathway out of this nightmare. And as the madness of Clown World rises and becomes more and more obvious to the average individual of every generation, the likelihood of various potential candidates rising to the historical occasion increases.

The self-immolation of the Clown World corpocracy is serving to create one global business opportunity after another.

The USA is no longer the USA of 1980 or 1950, much less 1920. Adjust your expectations accordingly. Because both Russia and China lack diversity relative to the USA, they now possess all the advantages of having a smarter and more capable work force that the USA did prior to 1965.

The good news is that all of the available evidence to date indicates that AI will essentially be the posthuman equivalent of white supremacist hardcore gamers, which is probably why all the SJWs in tech are so terrified by it.

The anonymous questioner suggests two possible explanations: demons or aliens with future tech. Needless to say, there is considerably more evidence in support of the former. And, as we have been reliably informed, there are no coincidences.