Saturday, June 24, 2023

The Elite Have A Plan - by Karl Denninger

Once more over the transom come some fish.  These are sorta odd fish..... I've written about this general topic a few times -- let me point out that a Tesla, without a charging source, placed over an air intake if TEOTWAKI and set aflame will produce some very amusing toxic gases.....  'Jus sayin' -- Ed

The elite are depopulationists.

The elite know something the rest of us don’t.

The elite have a super duper secret network of supply chains we aren’t privy to.

We must simultaneously fear, hate, and suck up to the elite so we will survive the coming catastrophe.

Who are they?   A few names are regularly thrown around.  There is no point in repeating them, we all have our favorite bogeyman.  For this guest Ticker’s purpose who doesn’t matter, they're interchangeable.

First we’ll examine the opening statements before looking at their survival plans.

The Plan
From what I can tell, their plan is supporting a hedonistic lifestyle.  Nothing wrong with that, everybody’s got hobbies. They are motivated primarily by money, like almost everyone.  Every decision made about Covid boiled down to money.  Hospitals were lazy and killed people for an extra $30,000 by following approved Covid protocols.  Pharmaceutical companies saw dollar signs and hid test data a shortsighted government never asked for.  Sheep lined up for shots to keep a paycheck.  All this kept money moving in the right direction.

Amazon exists to make money.  Microsoft, Google, and the restaurant up the street does too.  Passion and enjoyment factor into it, but money is king.  Without cash, the business folds up.  Jeff Bezos is not special: he has to pay the electric bill, too.

They’re trying to kill you
Do they want us dead? I don't know. A bunch of us are dying, that's for sure. And more importantly the next generation isn’t being born.  In the end it doesn't matter whether it's a deliberate depopulation attempt, or they're just so stupid they don't realize golden geese are keeling over every day.  Hospital administrators simply whored medicine out by refusing to test for bacterial infections.  No grand conspiracy theory needed. Your loved ones’ lives were worth less to them than $30,000.  Will a lawyer pierce the liability shield and take 10 times that out of their asses?  Time will tell.

Same thing with the United States invasion. Only a special type of idiot thinks people are fungible. Someone from a country with no running water can’t be expected to operate a sewer plant. But when you pay a gardener $0.50 an hour today, flushing your toilet in 20 years is a distant problem.  At some point, there are not enough competent people left to maintain a first world standard of living.  And no, more money will not keep the power on and sewage treated when there aren’t enough people to do so. 

Everybody pulls the power from the same electrical grid, fuels their vehicles from the same supply.  Those wheat fields lining the interstates of flyover country?  That keeps Americans fat, including rich folks.  All of these require enough people being born with the intelligence to keep them going, never mind the constant improvement we’ve become accustomed to.  Replacing the productive class with turd worlders and taxing productive children out of existence is a societal death sentence.

What do they know?
Perhaps they do know some incoming governmental legislation that we aren’t privy to.  More likely, they pay to create it.  Money and power can influence the future, but it cannot form it. Outside of bribing Congress, they are not capable of knowing more than the rest of us.  The future exists as it happens, not a moment before.  Anyone who claims they can predict the future is lying.

Remember the Covid panic?  Professional societies exist and people gossip at meetings. Anyone at the conference can have a hallway conversation and learn all sorts of “insider information.”  Enough people knew which labs still did gain-of-function research, and word gets around. All specialities have professional conferences where folks collaborate and share information.  

Magic supply chains
They don’t exist.  There is no undiscovered smooth, pothole free highway system that only special people are allowed to drive on.  All planes must register a flightpath so they don’t collide mid air. A NOTAM outage grounded US flights in January until it was restored. Amazon and other delivery services have democratized courier shopping services.

The “elite” are just like us with bigger bank accounts. Don’t fear them anymore than a cockroach. 

But what about their contingency plans for The End Of The World As We Know It? 

Running through each of the beliefs above is an assumption that the elite are very intelligent.  They are not. They are incredibly stupid, shortsighted, ignorant, and arrogant. Their biggest accomplishment is snowing others into believing they are special. 

The elite believe they are rich enough to buy safety in any circumstances.  Here is a Guardian article describing two ideas.  It’s enlightening if you have time to read it.  Five wealthy titans met with a journalist to discuss their survival once clown world goes tits up.  Let us examine the questions these “geniuses” had:

Which region would be less affected by the coming climate crisis?...Which was the greater threat: global warming or biological warfare? How long should one plan to be able to survive with no outside help? Should a shelter have its own air supply? What was the likelihood of groundwater contamination? Finally, the CEO of a brokerage house explained that he had nearly completed building his own underground bunker system, and asked: “How do I maintain authority over my security force after the event?”

Their sense of self-preservation kicked in enough to know security is an issue.  They have no idea how to guarantee it when they need it the most.  No amount of money is going to stop a hired gun from defending his own family if clown world collapses.  Again, note their absolutely ridiculous ideas:

The billionaires considered using special combination locks on the food supply that only they knew. Or making guards wear disciplinary collars of some kind in return for their survival. Or maybe building robots to serve as guards and workers – if that technology could be developed “in time”. 

Who comes up with this crap?  It’s not the psychopathy that shocked me, it was how idiotic their “master plan” was. It demonstrated the mental midgets these people really are.

Anybody reading this article who thinks a healthy, sane person would subject themselves to that treatment for a paycheck has some creepy masochistic fantasies. And after a collapse, we need competence instead of insanity to survive. None of the five people had any clue about reality.

Running through the entire Guardian article was an assumption that the five “elite” people honestly thought they were better, and therefore smarter, than peons.  They assumed this arrangement would continue after The Happening. There are many faulty assumptions behind that belief, but this missive is already long enough.

The article mentions two ideas they had to ride out the apocalypse: Underground bunkers and secret farms. Let’s look at the subterranean stupidity first. 

Mole People
Some figure they will retreat to a massive, well furnished underground city where they will live out perfectly happy lives while those of us on the surface kill each other over scraps of rotting food.  City is emphasized, because it takes more than a bunker to survive long-term.  Modern standards of living require at minimum a city.  Initially, a developed underground city sounds like a great solution to rampaging surface zombies. But let’s examine the realities of working in one.

There is an example of an active lab we can look at.  It demonstrates what is currently possible and necessary to survive underground.  Keep in mind that this is a worksite, and people arrive and leave every day.  The amount of engineering to do this safely is amazing!

The Sanford Underground Research Facility is in South Dakota.  It was built in an old goldmine.  If anyplace could withstand a nuclear blast, SURF could. 

It’s a several minute elevator ride when arriving and leaving for the day.  All food, experimental material, and construction equipment must be brought down the same way.  This requires electricity.  Right now, it’s not an issue.  However, if the power grid went down, how would people and supplies get in and out?

“But Ishmael,” you say, “that’s the point of an underground hideout.  You go down once and never resurface.  It’s the ultimate roach motel.”

The issue is not a one-way trip.  A major problem with a grid down situation is found about halfway down the FAQ page.  It’s hidden because currently it is not a big deal.  

What happens to the water that is pumped from underground?

Water is treated from two sources: groundwater pumped from the underground and overflow from Grizzly Gulch, a reservoir with remaining tailings from Homestake operations. The water passes through…filtration systems and… discharged into Gold Run Creek, which joins Whitewood Creek.

Controlling water is almost an aside.  The purity of the pumped water discharged into creeks is emphasized more than the point central to this essay: All groundwater had to be pumped out before the facility was safe or suitable for use.  If the power and backup power fails, it will flood.  

Any moron whose plan includes surviving deep underground without a reliable power supply is going to die.  Where does this power come from?  The surface.  

What else does electricity do?  Light, air handling, and elevator to bring supplies down, vehicles to get around in.  Without extensive functioning infrastructure in place, the underground bunker becomes a tomb.  This is why it takes at least a city’s worth of people and expertise to survive.  

And no one has eaten yet, either.  Food and other supplies for the underground crypt are a good segue into the second idea the Guardian article described for surviving the end of the world:  a secret farm.   

I’ll give whoever came up with the farm ideas some credit.  Food only grows on the surface.  It is impossible to support an underground city otherwise.  And subterranean agriculture requires a power grid for grow lights.  And how do you handle animal waste? You don’t think these special people will give up steak night, do you?

Even the most casual wool gathering reveals all sorts of problems with the Mole People plan.

“Secret Farms”
Others realize food is an issue and think the solution is a self-sufficient farm they can hide from locals.  One such farm exists about three hours outside of New York City, according to the Guardian article.

There are no secret farms.  The locals know exactly where it is.  Fences give property lines away.  Second of all, there are public records of who owns land.  The locals all know each other and talk.  They don’t know JC Cole, who is LARPing farmer.  And his condescending attitude is going to get him and his family killed during Teh Happening. Or maybe that’s bad journalism at work.  I honestly couldn’t tell.

A farm is much better than a subterranean mausoleum to survive the zombie horde.  But, and I cannot stress this part enough, you have to learn what you’re doing when life is easy so you can continue when times get tough.  Imagine growing food with no electricity or fuel.  

The locals who band together will survive.  They all know and trust each other.  The latter will be the most valuable currency in a long-term crisis. They have long standing agreements on cattle grazing and rotation.  They know who plants feed grass for the winter and lean years. All these arrogant strangers from New York City who invaded the territory at the last minute, almost like they knew something?  Fuck them, they are on their own.  

The Takeaway
The elite are just like us with bigger wallets and no survival skills.[/b]  If you’ve ever harvested a tomato from the garden, raised livestock, or repaired a lawn mower, you have more demonstrated usefulness than the five morons mentioned in the Guardian article.

Every time someone gushes about the elite screwing the rest of us over, it is an excuse to embrace complacency and personal failure.  Yes, there is plenty wrong with clown world.  Yes, there is a lot out of your control.  But there is also much you can do to improve your life.

If you fear the elite, you are a coward. These people are so incompetent, they can’t plan their way out of a paper bag. Their ideas are juvenile, shortsighted, and will fail in the first few days of any serious event.  Any further pearl clutching on your part is an excuse for inaction.

And if the doomsday event comes, all these elite are human.  All the money in the world is not going to keep the power grid on for their underground tomb or a sniper bullet in their head as they weed the garden.

Is there a supernatural component to this?

Absolutely.  All Satan has to do is dangle money in front of the right person and they do evil all by themselves. That is still no excuse for you not taking care of business. I argue that the supernatural component means we have an even greater reason to fight human evil at every turn.  God helps those who help themselves.