Sunday, November 26, 2023

Finally, My Podcast With a Satanic 'Mother of Darkness' - JAMES DELINGPOLE

 Finally, I’ve posted up the strangest, most disturbing and compelling podcast I’ve ever recorded. The one with former Mother of Darkness Jessie Czebotar.

Perhaps I should have accompanied it with a health warning. There are lots of reasons why I hesitated before releasing the recording: Is Jesse for real or is she a fraud? Is she a genuine Christian or part of some kind of New Age/Luciferian trap? How much of her extraordinary story can we believe?

But the main reason it took me so long is simply this: it freaked me out and gave me nightmares and told me stuff I’m not sure I wanted to know.

As she explains in the podcast, Jessie Czebotar was selected at a very early age as a candidate to become a Satanist High Priestess known as a Mother of Darkness. She qualified, she claims, because she was descended from a number of ‘bloodlines’ families and because she demonstrated the psychic powers which enabled her to communicate with demonic forces, including Satan.

And that’s just the beginning of her tale. It gets much weirder, much darker, as she describes the satanic rituals in which she was forced to participate, including ones involving the rape, torture and murder of small children.

Czebotar names names - most of which, for obvious reasons, I’ve had to cut out. But if you want the short version it goes like this: almost every famous person in the world is quite literally working for the devil. Presidents, pop idols, movie stars, central bankers [dur, obviously], senior politicians, royals, etc: if you know their name they are in the game.

Or so Czebotar says. But it could be all made up. Or heavily embroidered. Or completely, terrifyingly true. I honestly don’t know the answer because, by its very nature, this alleged ‘insider’ information is all but impossible to verify.

I mean, if many of the world’s most famous people really are practising satanists - and have been since forever - they must have got very good at hiding the fact. And presumably there are terrible penalties for anyone who recants and spills the beans - which does rather make you wonder how come Czebotar is still around, breaching the Illuminati omerta, unless you accept her explanation that it’s because she is protected by God.

Anyway, as always with my podcasts, I leave it up to you, the viewer and listener, to make up your own mind. For the most part, I just sit there, gobsmacked, while Czebotar tells me her story. As anyone familiar with my podcasts ought to be aware by now, I don’t much like arguing with my guests unless they really, really annoy me. I’ve never been a fan of the adversarial approach taken by organisations like the BBC. Generally, I prefer these encounters to be conversations rather than interrogations. I like my guests to be as comfortable as they possibly can, while giving them enough rope to hang themselves - should that be what they wish to do.

Some people, I know, will get angry at me for not pressing Czebotar hard enough. Or for releasing the podcast at all.

But I do wonder whether there might be an underlying reason for that.

You see, while I’m fairly sure that not everything Czebotar says can possibly be true - How do fallen angels still get to wander in and out of heaven? How do Mothers of Darkness gain access, even telepathically, to God’s throne room? - I think there’s just too much authentic detail for it all to have been made up.

Let’s remind ourselves of some of the things we do know. Ritual Satanic abuse definitely exists; child-trafficking is one of the world’s biggest and lucrative industries; both Hollywood and the music industry appear to require their stars to make pacts with the devil - and show their allegiance to him by flashing Illuminati symbols in promo videos and suchlike; adrenochrome is not a conspiracy theory; paedophilic sex videos - and worse - are commonly used to blackmail senior politicians into compliance.

It accords with scripture too. As Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians, the devil is the ‘god of this world.’

So all Czebotar is doing is fleshing out - in often quite remarkable detail - stuff we already know to be true.

And I think sometimes, when people respond dismissively to testimony like Czebotar’s, they are using their annoyance and scepticism as a psychological comfort blanket.

That is, they are naturally so upset - as we all are - by the thought of what happens to children in those satanic ceremonies that they find it easier simply to shoot the messenger.

I said at the beginning that I felt Czebotar had told me stuff that I wasn’t sure I wanted to know.

But isn’t that part of the problem with horrors like child trafficking, adrenochrome harvesting and ritual Satanic abuse? It’s so truly hideous we’d rather look away and pretend it didn’t exist. We put our own mental security, in other words, before the interests of all those tortured children.

That may be the easier path. But I don’t think it’s the right one.