Thursday, November 2, 2023

Green Flag Confirmed - Vox Popoli

Jonathan Pollard, the US traitor and spy whose loyalty to Israel cannot possibly be questioned, has testified that IDF helicopter pilots received a stand-down order on October 7th that prevented them from responding to the Hamas attacks for six hours that day:

In a recent interview, Jonathan Pollard explicitly confirmed the only plausible explanation for what happened on Simchas Torah: there was a stand down order while thousands of Jews in dozens of communities were brutally murdered, tortured, raped, mutilated, and dragged off to Gaza.

The vital clip is available here, and a link to the complete interview with Kofy Time TV is in the description.

As copious video evidence has shown, the savages conducted their rampage methodically and at great leisure, without concern that an overwhelming military response was likely to arrive any moment. They somehow knew they had time to sit down and eat, take smoking breaks, pose for videos, loot the dead, and torture many of their victims.

If you managed, in spite of all odds, to break into Fort Knox, you wouldn’t take your sweet time.

Unless, of course, you knew with absolute certainty that the cavalry wouldn’t be coming for a while, because certain people in the highest positions of power made sure of it. As Pollard states:

“…It took six hours for any reaction to occur, when the army and air force bases were within earshot of what was going on. I have friends who were helicopter pilots, attack pilots, who were sitting in their cockpits ready to take off, fully loaded, ready to stop them at the fence. They didn’t get their orders for six hours. They could hear it. They could hear the fighting! They were called by friends in the border kibbutzim and moshavim that were being overrun and slaughtered, saying ‘Help us! Please! They’re killing our children!’ They weren’t given permission to take off. That will haunt my friend for the rest of his life. He feels personally responsible for many deaths because of that – wrongly.”

I respectfully disagree with Mr. Pollard. The helicopter pilots and others who obeyed orders to stand down while their friends and neighbors were crying out for help are personally responsible. The people who gave them this order, and all those who relayed it down the chain of command, are most responsible, of course, and these people must be identified, apprehended, interrogated, and brought to justice immediately, BEFORE we deal with our enemies in Gaza and elsewhere. We cannot continue to have these people in positions of power, giving orders to our family and friends in the army and playing with the lives of our people.

The history of US wars, from the Spanish-American War to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, are riddled with false flags and green flags. Nor did the USA invent the concept; the Romans were notorious for producing one excuse or another to justify their legions marching on various kingdoms and empires. The Nazis famously used a false flag to justify their invasion of Poland in 1939.

On August 31, 1939, German troops dressed in Polish uniforms pretended to attack a German radio station near the German-Polish border at Gleiwitz.. Concentration camp inmates had been previously shot and dressed in German uniforms and left at the radio station to make it seem the Poles had attacked Germany, giving Germany the excuse for starting World War II in Europe.

But as bad as false flags are, it is arguably even more noxious for a government to abdicate its primary responsibility of protecting its own citizens and knowingly permit foreign hostiles to kill, capture, and otherwise abuse them. And therefore it strikes me as highly unlikely that Israel is going to be any more successful in its war against Hamas if it is being led by a Netanhayu government than the USA was in its failed wars against Afghanistan and Iraq under the leadership of the Younger Bush.

It’s not possible to dismiss Mr. Pollard’s accusations as antisemitism, anti-Zionism, or secret sympathies for Hamas. This six-hour stand-down order proves that a) the Hamas attacks were, as we suspected, a green flag, and b) that Netanyahu and at least some IDF generals knew about the attacks before they took place. This also suggests, given the speed and scope of the subsequent US military response, there were also US parties aware of the planned attacks. The global opposition to the Netanyahu government’s actions may actually be the lesser of the two serious problems presently faced by Israelis, given that they are presently being governed by a leadership that appears to be almost as willing to kill them as its enemies are.