Sunday, November 19, 2023

Israeli War: Assumptions vs Realities. An Analysis – By Helena Glass

Today is Wednesday, November 15, 2023;  A) The Pentagon is revealed to have been buying oil from Russia despite the embargoes and sanctions imposed by the US government via The Pentagon.   B)  Nikki Haley has revealed that Hillary Clinton has always been her mentor – gush gush.   C)  And Israel has a nuclear bomb facility in the Negev Desert – exactly where the ‘Music Festival’ occurred…   Only the concert was slated to take place October 12-14 2023 NOT October 7th according to the IndNegev website. 


  1. The Nova Music Festival was October 6th and 7th – upwards of 200-300 young people were killed by soldiers dressed in IDF uniforms using Ak47s having arrived via trucks and paraglides.
  2. The Re’im military base housing IDF soldiers within kilometers of the Negev Festival was attacked wherein, all IDF soldiers were killed.   Within 8 hours the base was retaken by the IDF.
  3. The Nova Music Festival is held annually in Israel since 2014 in the desert.
  4. Most Bodies of all Israeli’s dead were burned to ashes.  Unrecognizable.  No DNA available.
  5. Hamas used Pereg golf carts to abduct over 200 hostages
  6. Egypt claims it gave Israeli Military 4 days of advance warning of a potential attack
  7. All IDF soldiers at the Re’im Military Base were killed in their beds at 6:30am.

*Re’im, the supposed location of the ‘deadly attack by Hamas on the Nova Music Festival’ is guarded by an Israel Defense Forces base since 2008 located near the Kibbutz so as to be out of range of any potential Hamas rockets.

*The only Negev Desert festival held in Israel is the Burning Man or MidBurn Festival held November 6 to Saturday November 11th 2023 since 2014.

*The Tribe of Nova SuperNova event scheduled for October 6-7 was held in Bahia, Brazil.  A small event website dedicated as a pre-event festival for the Brazil Nova Festival is available here:   The ticket seller as described at the bottom of the page is listed as “A Little For The Soul LTD”.  A company search reveals Amir Ophir as the Director.   Amir Ophir is employed by the US Consulate Embassy in Tel Aviv.

*Tribe of Nova Facebook page has not been updated since 2021.   The CEO is listed as Nimrod Arnin, a former IDF officer who did NOT promote the Nova Festival for 2023 at all despite promoting the one in 2022… and nothing prior.

*Accounts vary, some have accused Hamas as wearing IDF uniforms.   Others claim the IDF was shooting its own soldiers.  Pictures of Hamas militants provided by Israeli media show them wearing sandals, tee shirts and no helmets.  Yet this had been planned for months.

*There is no footage of Hamas Soldiers wearing IDF uniforms.

*There are two photos of Hamas, wearing tee shirts, driving Pereg golf carts with hostages – one such hostage is bound completely in a white sheet while the other is an elderly woman who appears unfazed.×3837+0+1/resize/767×511!/quality/90/?

*Netanyahu and his Defense Military have no explanation of why the 4 day warning from Egypt was ignored.

*The entire surprise attack took place during daylight – 6:30am.   Soldiers are routinely awakened at 5am sharp.  At which point they begin Physical Training.  By 6:30 am they are fully engaged and yet heard nothing prior to being attacked.

*The US has a Military Base in the Negev Desert housing upwards of 5,000 troops – Site 512.  None anticipated or reacted to the Hamas attack.

*The US has another base in the Negev Desert since 2017 – Site 883 housing Terminal High Altitude Air Defense Systems.  None anticipated or reacted to the attack by Hamas.

* The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has facilitated a significant amount of other construction projects in Israel through the Foreign Military Sales program, including at least two massive underground command and control bunkers.

*The Iron Dome is inoperable during the Hamas attack.

*Social Media posts include detailed descriptions of Festival survivors – one claiming 1.  Police and soldiers formed a roadblock at the Festival,  2.  2 people fled in a car by accelerating backwards – one shot in the shoulder.  They went to the Re’im military base but every soldier was dead.  They had been killed in the night.  13 terrorists stood at the base’s gate with AK-16s and sprayed their car from 20 meters away.   A bullet hit one in the car in the head and took part of his head off.  He and the wounded passenger got out of the car and ran with bullets being sprayed hitting one in the leg multiple times as he ran.  They jumped a barbed wire 3 meter high fence to escape.

*It appears there is no such thing as a Pereg Golf Cart.

Nikki Haley has refused to respond to the videos showing her gushing over her mentor – Hillary Clinton.

Despite numerous reports unveiled, The Pentagon has not released a propaganda denial of their use of Russian oil in violation of US government embargoes and sanctions.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

Copyright © Helena Glass