Sunday, November 26, 2023

We Are the Whitepills - Vox Popoli

 The Kurgan explains why it behooves those of us whose eyes are open to the material reality of spiritual evil, to be relentlessly, ruthlessly, and intentionally positive in our daily relations with those around us:

Given the level of evil that exists, you will not, and cannot, ever:

  1. Act as if you don’t know. Turn a blind eye to it. Pretend all is well when it isn’t. Or ever participate in anything that furthers, promotes, or somehow encourages that evil, no matter the cost, and,
  2. And this is the most important part; you cannot EVER, live in despair, defeat, nihilism, depression, feeling overwhelmed, let the weight of the evil drag you down and make you miserable and thus also make life miserable for those around you, letting them perceive your mental, spiritual, physical, general oppression as a weight that crushes them too. You need to CONSCIOUSLY, CHOOSE, listen to me, CHOOSE, with your own free will, CHOOSE, to be a light of inspiration, hope, power, freedom, happiness, faith and love.

This is why I do not permit blackpillers, MGTOW, doomsayers, jeremiadites, fearmongerers, or concerned citizens any voice in our community. Even if their fears are genuine, they may as well be dancing on the strings of the evil puppetmasters, because they speak the words of the wicked under a cloak of concern.

Fear should never be confused with wisdom or common sense. Good decisions are seldom, if ever, motivated by fear. Fear reliably leads to paralysis, inaction, and eventual defeat.

Speak the truth. And do not be afraid.