Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Great Trump PC Jailbreak - By Michael L. Grable

How does American society break out of political correctness jail?

Just crash one outrĂ© extrovert from the Wharton School of Business, with $10 billion worth of brass and a showman’s sense of populist animus, into a private presidential party at a posh club of political bluebloods grown haughty thumbing their noses at the plebian body politic.  
And all politically incorrect hell breaks loose.

Enough of the Adams family and patrician political dynasties.
It’s Andrew Jackson time in America again.
Hallelujah, it may be just that simple.

Barack Obama wasn’t the American apotheosis of critical theory’s social justice utopia.  He was its fall from grace.  And Donald Trump may just be the fresh political blood that revitalizes the incestuous 20th-century cultural delirium that most of us now call “progressivism” but German academicians between the two World Wars (and intellectuals here today) called “critical theory.”

That’s because political incorrectness is the one sure thing Trump has going for himself, political correctness is critical theory’s jailor, and mainstream America is ready to bust out of its PC jail…..

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The secret of Trump’s Republican presidential political success is that mainstream America is terminally sick and tired of a culturally-Marxist political correctness that has squelched it into “a society of emasculated liars.”  If Trump’s anything, he’s the antithesis of political correctness.  And mainstream 

America is turning to Trump not because he’s a lifelong principled conservative but because he’s the living and breathing negation of political correctness.  Mainstream Americans who empirically sense cultural Marxism’s deconstruction of their traditional society, but can’t object without being condemned as racists, sexists, homophobes, or simply mean-spirited reactionary rednecks, are in full-blown revolt against their critical-theory jailors.  And Trump -- political incorrectness incarnate -- is their natural leader.

The Republican Party needs to wake up to this reality because the revolt involves much more than the working-class Republicans at whom the Party elites turn up their patrician noses.  The revolt involves every man and woman in America -- liberal or conservative, male or female, rich or poor, Republican or Democrat -- whose disgust at cultural Marxism’s repression of their freedom to engage in a principled dialogue about the future of their society is now at the boiling point.

And Hillary Clinton -- the most grotesquely hypocritical politician in American history -- was a Goldwater Republican until she got into ideological bed with the critical theorists at Wellesley College and Yale University.  She’d be President today if Obama hadn’t beaten her at her own game.

The great Trump PC jailbreak is about to go down.
And the jailors are getting nervous.