Saturday, January 20, 2018

Playing McClellan to Trump's Grant: The NeverTrump Traitors - By Joe Herring

Some learned and accomplished folks, who deservedly command a great deal of respect and admiration, view the Trump presidency in an entirely different light from what millions of Americans see.
To these sage and wizened critics, the president's persona outweighs his achievements; his flaws overwhelm his strengths and, by extension, hamstring his ability to move an agenda forward.
I believe that those harboring an anti-Trump mindset would do well to consider that the election of Trump was never about the man – it was not the "cult of personality" that the major media and the establishment Republicans portrayed it to be, but rather more like an Arthurian drawing of sword from stone.
Trump wisely shouldered the long ignored mantle of champion for those of us who have grown intensely sick of the miasma of molestation surrounding our present citizen-government relationship.
In truth, it could've been anyone.  Conservatives have been pleading with the Republican Party for decades to put forth a candidate willing to assume this role, and for decades, the Republicans have refused.
If not for the insurgent candidacy of Ronald Reagan (who upended his presidential race in much the same way as Trump) we would have seen an unbroken line of feckless leadership for nearly a century.
Only the most willfully ignorant among us would deny that the trendline of our nation has bent inexorably to the left for that entire time.  While occasional blips occurred, none truly reversed the course.  Not even Reagan could reverse the flow of the left's statist current.
Unarguably, our nation has become like one envisioned more by Marx than by Jefferson.
Meanwhile, the anti-Trump Republicans hector us about "comity," "collegiality," and "conduct," as they continue to play McClellan to Trump's Grant.
Establishment Republicans insist that our president is poisonous to discourse, yet they offer nothing more than spittle-flecked denunciations of the man personally while failing to recognize the invaluable work he is doing to thwart the steady degeneration of our form of government. 
Mind you, this work has been long avoided by those same Republicans who now strike at the president's knees as he takes up the cause of national restoration, harassing him for putting bold action behind the very principles these neglectful Republicans have themselves espoused in countless campaigns but apparently never actually believed.
Conservatives and other constitutionally respectful constituencies have spent the better part of a century following the advice of such Republicans and have achieved nothing beyond bare survival.  
Under their leadership, we now have a world where our children know precious little about the form of government intended for them by our framers and are consequently eager to trade their inherent liberty for trinkets of socialist Utopiana. 
Our Republican leaders talk of conservative principles yet govern from an agenda essentially homogenous to that of the Democrats – only slower, at lower cost.
We hold election after election and get the same result, because none will shoulder the mantle of champion longer than a moment, invariably shrugging it off and running away at the first sign of political danger.
The American people understand this collaborative cowardice intuitively, recognizing that each passing year of "bipartisanship" and "compromise" only further limits our avenues of resistance to outrageous government overreach.
You see, it isn't about Trump for those who support him; it's about America and the dire need to first preserve what liberties remain, then to fire back at the enemy until we have reversed the momentum; retaken lost territory; and restored the primacy of the people over their government – a primacy that is the hallmark of our nation, and our most valuable gift to posterity.
Trump will do this, indeed has been doing it, chalking up momentous "wins" for the cause of constitutionally limited government against the lurching, intrusive leviathan government built by more than a century of corrupt and rent-seeking "representatives" of both parties.
An article published recently by a prominent NeverTrump claimed credit for a momentous year of accomplishments on behalf of the Republican Party yet failed to admit the glaring truth – not a one of these achievements would have happened absent Trump's impetus, drive, and pugnacious style.
So many aims that had lain fallow for decades – ANWR drilling, regulatory reforms, tax cuts etc. – all were resurrected and achieved by a man willing to buck the status quo, and do the right thing.
Is there a president who has fulfilled more of his campaign promises than this man, in only a year?
The question must be asked and answered by Trump's internecine detractors: "who else would have done as much as Trump?"
Jeb Bush?  Marco Rubio?  Not even the most politically conservative candidate of the 2016 cycle, Ted Cruz, would have been so bold and unwaveringly determined as has been Donald Trump.
There is a cult of personality surrounding Trump, that much is true, but it isn't among his supporters.  It's among his detractors, both left and right, who are so obsessed with the man that they cannot see the outcome of the war through the smoke of the battle.
Conservatives ought to be forgiven for considering the petulant "you didn't build that" criticisms coming from the #NeverTrump crowd to be disingenuous.
After all, the mantle Trump now wears has been there for the taking, if only these same "conservative" Republican "leaders" had been courageous enough to do so.
As Lincoln noted after relieving George McClellan of command, "George knew where the enemy was.  He was just unwilling to meet him."
These obsessive anti-Trump Republicans are the "McClellan wing" of the party.  It's past time for them to get over their resentment and get back in the fight.
There's a war on!
The author writes from Omaha, Neb. and welcomes visitors to his