Sunday, January 21, 2018

Will we miss any of these government agencies during the shutdown? - By Ed Straker

Now that the government is shut down, a whole 17% of it, the liberal media are in a panic.  Over at Mother Jones they compiled a list of some of the things we are missing out on.  Here's a partial list:
1. Head Start.  Now "disadvantaged" parents will have to read to their kids like everyone else.  But since we know that black dads are better than white dads at raising kids, there shouldn't be any problems.
2. Civil suits.  The government will stop launching civil lawsuits.  Good.
3. Phony flu vaccine.  The CDC will stop pushing its phony flu vaccine.
4. Bathrooms at national parks.  People will have to find another place to go to the bathroom in an environment target-rich with bushes.
5. Businesses trying to import cheap labor with work visas.  They will have no choice but to hire Americans.
6. People who want flood insurance.  People will have to bear the risks of buying a home next to raging rivers for a few days.  Or maybe not buy homes there at all.  Would that be such a terrible thing?
7. Economic reports.  Somehow, we will have to do without government economic reports for a few days.  Can we really manage?
8. No mine inspections.  I expect that most mines will collapse without government inspections.
9. No refugee admissions.  For this reason alone, the government should stay closed.
10. No Smithsonian.  Let them charge admission and support themselves.  That's how museums in the real world work.
11. Fewer tourists from the Third World.  Tourists from third-world countries (who often overstay their visas) may have trouble getting into the country.
I find this list curious for what it didn't mention:
1. NASA.  I suspect that even after a lengthy shutdown, all the planets and stars will be exactly where they were before it all started.  What's the hurry?
2. The EPA.  The EPA will be unable to harass law-abiding businesses for a few days.
3. The Department of Transportation.  Payments for pork projects will be held up.
4. The National Endowment for the Arts.  Artists will have to pay the cost of painting with their own excrement for a while.
5. The U.S. Institute of Peace.  We'll have to cope with whatever wars break out while the USIP is out of action.
6. The State Department.  Hopefully everyone will be sent home, forever.  Once they've finished processing all those FOIA requests, that is.
7. The Department of Agriculture.  Is it possible for farms to produce food without the DOA's help?
8. The Department of Commerce.  Big businesses, which get export subsidies, will have to wait a little longer for its welfare checks.
9. The Department of Labor.  Doesn't do a day's worth of work.  Will not be missed.
10. The Small Business Administration.  Small businesses will have to get loans in the private sector from organizations I think are called banks.
Lastly, I suspect that the DACA program, which President Trump eagerly restarted, will be closed during the shutdown.  That's reason enough to keep the government shut down until ICE (which is not shut down) can round them all up.
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