Monday, January 22, 2018

Vox Popoli: So what comes next? (Your silence in the face of lies conveys your consent!)

Bruce Charlton recommends calling out the liars:
As Vox Day has accurately stated, and as we all ought to know by now, SJWs Always Lie: which means that the mass media, government, bureaucracies and all large mainstream institutions Always Lie.

And Liars cannot be trusted: should not be trusted.

So when you believe that they are lying, you should say, preferably out-loud and clear, that you do not believe them.

This is the next step.

This is what the public, what people-in-general need to hear. They need to hear people saying what they know in their hearts to be true. In private, in public - this needs to be said.

When They lie, say it out-loud and in something as clear and simple as these words: I Don't Believe It (or I Don't Believe You).

It's customary to remain silent and expect your silence to somehow convey a lack of agreement. But silence is what they are counting on! What discombobulates them is being forced to defend themselves, because SJWs have no ability to do so. Which, of course, is why they will usually resort to an attack, and everyone knows it, which is why most people remain silent.

But that is a mistake. All it does is convince them that you are a pushover and are incapable of resistance. Worse, they will use your silence to convince others that you agree with them when you are not around.