Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Someone Needs to Sort Out the Tech Idiots on Censorship - By Christopher Chantrill

If you are a conservative, it is easy to believe that the tech giants have it in for conservatives.  But what if that isn't true?  What if the "Googlers" and the Facebookers and the Twittites are just idiots and don't know any better?
I was down in the South Bay Area visiting a young Applite, and it just seemed to me that all these tech guys and the tech H.R. and diversity enforcers are just ordinary mortals, reflexively doing what they think they are supposed to.
After all, unless you were an instinctive contrarian, you would have picked up the default educated-class culture as part of your bums-on-seats progress through high school and college like a fish in water.
And if you ask me, the silly Google Girl, Susan Wojciki, involved in the firing of James Damore sounds like the kind of woman who never has a thought in her head.
So I think the tech higher-ups just think they are doing the lord's work by doing their bit for diversity and inclusion.
The real relationship between politics and government is the gangster relation: nice little business you got here; pity if something should happen to it.  Most conservatives don't have a gangster bone in their bodies and really don't want to get in the faces of good honest businessmen.
Problem is, then all the businessmen in America will end up paying protection money only to the Democratic Party, because liberals do care about power and do want to tell business who is boss.
Unless our leaders throw a bit of elbow, these poor innocent businessmen will continue to truckle to the liberal activist agenda as the path of least resistance.  Then one day they will wake up, like the National Football League, to find out that their customers are leaving in droves.  We can't let this happen to them!
Lately, it seems that Twitter and Google and Facebook are really starting to bite into conservative muscle with, e.g., curation algorithms designed to shut up "s----- people."  If you ask me, this could really impact the 2018 midterms and the Trump re-election bonanza in 2020, unless someone up at Trump Tower decides to Do Something about It.
The tech war on conservatives and conservative ideas is one thing and one thing only: it is injustice, straight up, and someone needs to teach those persecuting it that censoring conservatives ain't gonna fly.  It doesn't matter that conservatives and Alt-Right orcs are monsters.  Too bad.  We have a First Amendment and freedom of the press, and the whole point of freedom of speech is to allow speech you absolutely hate.
So what do we do? Do we send a policy wonk from AEI down to Silicon Valley to explain the deep philosophical reasons for conservatism and the folly of allowing only one point of view on the internet?  Do we send Steve Bannon down there to "larn 'em" on economic nationalism?  Or do we prompt President Trump to go on late-night TV and do a profanity-laced act like the edgy and award-winning Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?
I doubt if any of that would work.  I realized that at an art museum today after viewing an exhibition of political posters.  Do you know that every one of them was left-wing, from angry workers to angry blacks to angry Occupy Wall Street to oh-so-tasteful climate change?  There was not a single poster advertising a Tea Party meeting. Not even a "We All Knew" poster from street artist Sabo.  Imagine!  Well, of course.  The gay SFMOMA associate curator for political art probably never heard of Sabo, or if he did, he would make sure that Sabo would never be exhibited at the MOMA on his watch.
Every day, the reason we have President Trump becomes more and more obvious.  We need someone with the cojones to take on the liberal hegemony and shake it to its foundations.  We need a president who will send someone from the Anti-Trust Division of the Department of Justice over with plenipotentiary powers to negotiate a deal that will avoid the horror of splitting up Google and Apple and Twitter.
If I were a tech billionaire I would know that the one thing I would want to avoid would be the ignominy of facing my buddies after President Trump – Trump! – had cut up my lovely trillion-dollar baby into pieces.
My feeling is that the tech guys are all political naïfs: they have no idea that the identity liberalism they just picked up as kids because they were Good Little Boys is a monstrous and unjust evil.  Hey, Teacher never told me!
It's time that someone did tell them.  And it needs to be someone with real credibility, straight from Mr. Big.  Otherwise, the old South Bay Area precinct captains will just say: "I don't talk to nobody what nobody sent."
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