Saturday, September 5, 2020

News Briefs – 09/05/2020 | (Pertinent to what happened in the Portland ambush - from Anonymous Conservative)

I should really make this segment into its own surveillance detection post. Portland Police are seeking help to identify a possible accomplice pictured here in the Portland Patriot Prayer member shooting. Here is a picture of the moments before the shooting. Notice the shooter is beginning to move as he draws his weapon, even though he does not have a sightline to the targets yet, and his position behind that cover would seem to be far enough back he could not otherwise have known his targets were hitting that position at exactly that moment. How did he know his targets were about to enter the killzone right then, and he needed to draw and begin moving? Even more interesting, in the criminal complaint on page 17, it points out he was initially walking with a woman in a white T-shirt, coming from one direction to that corner, and both were staring down the street at the targets who were a ways away, coming from a completely different place, as if the shooter and his partner had been told over the air to go there, and the targets they were about to shoot were coming from that direction, and they were identifying them. Once they got a bead on the targets, the woman stopped at the corner and loitered as he continued on and took cover in that alcove. Taking a corner gave her sightlines up and down all streets there, which would be second nature to the trained surveillance operative. And yet not having a sightline to the shooter, how would she communicate with him?  They were linked by radio. Look up behind the targets in the picture above, and you will see a lone guy who looks like the guy they are looking for. Notice his hand is covering his mouth just as the shooter begins to move, and the shooter is not holding a walkie talkie to receive any broadcast. It looks an awful like the guy behind the targets had taken surveillance command of the targets, he was trained enough that casually covering his lower face as he whispered into his chest was second nature, and he was radioing to the shooter who had an earpiece to receive, and probably a chest mic to transmit, triggering his movement at that moment, coordinating it to the targets. Also interesting, this new character may be surveillance aware enough he turned away from the surveillance camera as he came into view of it. Look at how powerful you will be if you learn to see these techniques. The splitting team, the girl taking the corner with her back against the wall, the other guy she was with taking cover ahead, the following unit covering his mouth and turning from street cameras, and another figure initiating movement at the exact same time as the one figures mouth covering, linking them. You can get to a point where these things trigger your amygdala immediately. Where you can’t not see them. Where a screen full of nothing becomes a choreographed ballet you have seen so often you almost know it by heart. Where you not only see them but get irritated by them, and knowing what they want, begin to do unpredictable things which irritate them, and which forces them to react in situations that are suddenly out of their control – which make them even more obvious as they begin to scramble to adjust. Notice also, all the knowledge of weapons or marital arts, the best AR set-up, the ability to put lead on a target precisely, even to move to cover while shooting, or engage in unorthodox fashions such as under cars, or by bouncing rounds around cover or into concealment, it can all be useless if you cannot develop this skillset, to detect and maneuver around surveillance and intelligence. I don’t try to communicate this skill to you lightly, nor is it an esoteric skill you will never need. We are literally in a world where our kind are dying because they do not have a grasp of it.


I also find it interesting the shooter said he was in the Army, but no record of that can be found. It would not surprise me Cabal is monitoring military inductees, looking for bad apples they can sheepdip and pull out, as domestic operatives who would have all records of their time in erased. Timothy McVeigh described having been recruited into a more official program, where Special Forces recruits all took psychological tests before entering their official SF course, and a select few that met certain psychological criteria were then offered entry to a special unit if they claimed an injury and dropped out of all training, disassociated from the Army, and entered civilian life. Eric Snowden’s life story followed that arc as well, with him entering CIA as a security guard according to some reports, before catapulting up to become the one guy at NSA with no compartmental restrictions on data access, and apparently no surveillance of his activities to prevent him from downloading everything and giving it to a media the CIA controls, who immediately published it to damage NSA. It is entirely possible there was another operation in the military entirely looking for the dregs who would get fully erased, for use on things just like this. Obviously, if I was the guy pictured who they are looking for, I wouldn’t bother putting together next year’s Caribbean cruise, or making any other long-term plans, because guys in this would not be long for this world once they went public. The shooter had been planning a defense based on him defending his black friend. Obviously that wasn’t in the cards for him. I have been telling you all of this for a long time. The hand to the mouth as they talk into the chest. The earpieces. The prevalence of just this type of thing throughout society. And of course, the fact this world abides by absolutely none of the rules that all the sheep were told are sacrosanct. If the Patriot Prayer guys had lurked here, they might have been more situationally/surveillance aware, and become harder targets, and maybe less likely to become targets for a hit as a result. In a realm like violence, where Murphy’s law is always dominant, becoming just a little harder can make all the difference in what is seen as possible with you.

The question is, why were these guys marked to be taken out? It probably wasn’t random. One of them, whether he knew it or not, was on the cusp of something that moved him to the top of the list. Maybe he was even a part of something bigger on our side but nobody knows. Also, if you get hit fatally under circumstances like this and you have the energy and the ability, it is probably worth considering drawing, and dropping everyone within view who might be an enemy, just to be sure, especially if they are clearly marked as ideological enemies. In this case, notice how these two guys appear to have had everyone around them as surveillance running support for their hitter, including the couple with the “Fuck 12” apparel. If they had told someone this, they would have sounded impossibly paranoid. But it happens in the real world – they have just been lying to you about it for so long, you can’t even imagine the truth.

From the comments, an excellent article on Antifa’s filed organization. Leaders tend to wear helmets and be the central hubs of bicycle traffic? If it is good intel, that could be useful one day.