Monday, September 14, 2020

Vox Popoli: The Age of Reason is over

Karl Denninger notes that humanity is entering a new Dark Age:

The age of reason has failed and we stand on the edge of a new Dark Age.

Let us start with Covid19.

In February Fauci described Covid19 as "akin to a severe pandemic or seasonal flu."  He was not mistaken; it is.  As I've presented, if you do not intentionally kill people with the bug that's exactly what we have -- a flu.

You cannot argue with mathematics.  Attempting to do so is witchcraft.  It is a belief in the occult.  That casting "spells" and "hexes" changes outcomes.  It is the exact opposite of science.

This county has had 13 deaths "from" Covid19.  We know not all of them were actually from Covid19, but how many we cannot determine.  Nobody has put forward the death certificates of the 13 souls who passed.  Why not?  This can be trivially done without names, addresses or other identifying information -- simply list the causal chain of death for each.  Where is it?  Not published -- not here, nor anywhere.

Yet from 2014-2017 each year about 26 people in this county die of influenza and pneumonia.  Approximately 1,000 people die each year in this county from all causes.  Over six months time we've lost 13, which is half of 26, and we've undeniably reached suppression, so the rate of death over the last six months is unlikely to be replicated or greater in the next six months.

In other words: Covid19 is the flu.

Sevier County, as near as I can tell, has no nursing homes.  It does have "assisted living" centers, including one less than five miles down the road from my home.  But nursing homes, unlike assisted living centers, are full of people who are incontinent -- the rate of incontinence among nursing home residents is approximately 40%.

We knew in February this bug expressed in feces.  We knew it conclusively.  We knew it spread from aerosolized feces too, because it did -- twice, in documented form, in two apartment buildings that had no P-Traps on the sinks -- one in Wuhan and another in Hong Kong.  There was no other plausible explanation for how the people who got the bug in those buildings were infected.  These sorts of shortcuts are horrifyingly stupid yet common in SE Asia; the $5 that a P-trap costs is simply not paid, building codes be damned.

One of the alleged "seminal" papers on how Covid19 is spread was peer-reviewed at the beginning of June.  It was claimed in that paper that the bug was primarily droplet-spread and the paper explicitly stated that the bug was responsive to the inverse of absolute humidity -- which is a property of physics that all droplet carried contamination follows.  It is the reason we have a "flu season."  The problem with this claim is that it was "reviewed" in early June and by early June we knew this claim was documented to be false as there were outbreaks all over the United States in places with 100 degree temperatures and 90+% relative humidity.  In other words despite the predicate claim that the reason NY got hit so hard was that it was still "winter" by summer you couldn't run that load of bull**** any longer as the virus was spreading in extraordinarily hot and humid conditions.  Yet the paper's entire premise and conclusion was based on nothing more than witchcraft as the base claim upon which everything else rested was disproved prior to publication.

The journal in question has not withdrawn it themselves, the authors have not repudiated it, the WHO and CDC have not disavowed it and every one of them know it's bull****.  We're several months beyond this and yet all through summer the virus has raged.  This is proof, beyond any reasonable scientific doubt, that "droplets" are not the primary means of transmission.

The Prometheans sold everyone on the lie that Reason and Christianity were incompatible. That was the core falsehood of the so-called Enlightenment. But it is now undeniable that to the extent the latter has been rejected, the former has been lost.