Wednesday, September 30, 2020

In plain and simple language – whether in Government/Religion/Politics/Culture – the fundamental battle in all realms is between Christianity and Satanism - PERIOD! Therefore, choose carefully the side you’re on! – CL (Connecting more dots.)

FACT – Western Civilization was built on Christianity, Graeco-Roman law tradition and primarily in Europe – meaning within a White culture. That is undeniable from history!

The attack on WC is Satanic to its core – it is an attack on Christianity! Name the institution and you will see it in plain sight if you open your eyes – education, government, media, etc. etc. – and within the church itself.

Today - Vox Popoli: BLM is anti-Christian

The Dogma of the anti-Christian Bigots • by Jerry Newcombe • The American Vision

Is There a Time to Stop Praying and Start Doing? • by Gary DeMar • The American Vision

Evidence? How much time you got? DaLimbrawLibrary is loaded for bear – can you handle reality and truth?

Let’s start with a fundamental fact – our battle is SPIRITUAL – but it involves our actions which are physical. We simply need to understand who our enemy is!

More evidence – word search Western Civilization – and read for weeks!

Do not confuse Churchianity with Christianity!

Do your own word searches – and if you are new here, start at to get oriented.

In summary, the war is on – choose your side – NOW!