Saturday, September 5, 2020

Vox Popoli: Lessons learned (And maybe to be learned? - CL)

A security professional shares some observations of his surveillance of Antifa-organized "protests" and their security and counter-surveillance teams:


So what are the lessons for patriots?

  • The protests are organized by a central organization.
  • They have trained and professional security teams.
  • They actively conduct counter-surveillance.
  • Park sufficiently far enough distance away to discourage anyone following, and walk in.
  • They are completely willing to use arms and force.
  • The presence of body armor indicates a willingness to use violence.
  • Blending in is far better than direct confrontation.
  • Have a fully stocked and ready first aid kit, such as a BearFAK.
  • Do I believe there will be a time when confrontation is needed? Absolutely.

However, let’s be smart and gather intelligence slowly and carefully first.


As a follow-up, after I observed one protest in Detroit, my friend Ethan came out of the shadows and made a Twitter post that the Detroit Police had tried to run him over, complete with video.   I was there. They surrounded the police cars and began beating on them, trying to force the police to use deadly force or hit them with the cars. The entire situation was a set-up designed to produce a new incident to create more tension and protests.

Be prepared for many more of these protests as the election nears.

I wouldn't be surprised if they had overwatch via drones and spotters going before long, if they don't already.