Thursday, September 3, 2020

Politics Simplified! (Crush connects more dots.)

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Republicans (Pubs) believe politics is about elections.

Democrats (Dems) believe it is WAR.


Therefore, Pubs believe it is about counting votes.

While Dems believe in doing WHATEVER it takes to win – before, during and after an election – 24/7 and 365 days every year – using every means they control: Government, Religion, Education, Media, Bureaucracies, Judges, etc. etc.


Pubs believe electing a president will achieve their goals.

Dems (see previous paragraph)


Proof: This is happening during the Trump administration.  Does this mean that Trump approves of the use of taxpayers’ dollars to force-feed white employees of government funded companies that they are racists?

No.  As a person who spent a quarter century in Washington, I can tell you that presidents know only a small percentage of the decisions government makes during their term of office.  Most of the people in government are serving themselves, not the president and not the public, and they serve themselves by serving private interest groups.  They become lobbysts inside government for private interests. This basic fact makes mincemeat of the liberal hope of a do-good government. - Does Western Civilization Have a Future, or Is It Already in Its Grave? -


What happens when only one side is making war? They win – DaWAR!


Why is this so? Both Dems and Pubs are bought and paid for by the same people who run our country – who they? Will get to that later – first we need to understand why? When asked about how they dealt with their enemies, Lenin stated: “We LEAD them!”

You mean DaDems lead DaPubs? NO – BOTH are PUPPETS – like Punch and Judy! If you plan to WIN DaWAR – you CONTROL your opponents or enemies. That dissipates REAL opposition by wasting their time and energy – very discouraging!

Dems carry out their plans – Pubs pretend to oppose – and then lose gracefully! Got it?


Got any proof? TONS – here is just a sampling: The basic problem in America, therefore, isn’t Democratic versus Republican; it is instead democracy versus dictatorship. And this problem exists within each Party: each Party is controlled by its billionaires, not by its voting-public. Who Rules Us - Documented! - by Eric Zuesse

An American Oligarchy vs. We the People - By Shari Goodman

Oligarchies Masquerading as Democracies

The triumph of oligarchy - Vox Day

Conversations on Controlled Opposition, False Flags, Oligarchs and even President Lincoln.

How the Trilateral Commission Drove a Bankers’ Coup Across America — Matthew EHRET


Those are just for starters – there is much more evidence – it just takes time to read. It also gets deeper and deeper - More Dots Connected on America’s War On World Trade

Very simply – good government does not come magically - - it requires wisdom, intelligence and constant vigilance to maintain our Western Civilization!

And it begins with you and me – our families, churches and communities – there are no other options! Get to work!