Saturday, November 12, 2022

More Thoughts on the Stolen 2022 Election - by Paul Craig Roberts

 In Maricopa County Arizona it appears that the Democrats’ attempt to steal the election is being explained away as a “printer issue.” Somehow the machines that worked in the primaries “malfunctioned” in the election.

In Arizona there seems to be an effort to disappear the votes for Republican Kari Lake.  Vote counting has been stopped when 600,000 votes remain to be counted.  The uncounted votes are “day of election” votes cast in person mainly by Republicans who vote in person as they have learned not to trust alternative voting methods.  The “day of election” votes will be for Republican Governor candidate Kari Lake.  Is that why the voting has stopped?  The hundreds of thousands of uncounted “day of election” votes could also give the Senate seat to Republican Blake Masters.

How do we reconcile Florida’s red wave with the absence of one elsewhere?  The answer is that Florida doesn’t permit all the voting ways that make it easy to steal.  I voted in Florida on a paper ballot that was counted immediately prior to my departing the site, and I was given a confirmation of my counted vote.  Gov. DeSantis and Senator Rubio won by overwhelming margins.  DeSantis defeated Democrat Crist by 59% to 40%.  Even heavily Democrat Miami-Dade County voted 55% for Republican DeSantis.  Rubio defeated his Democrat challenger by a double-digit margin. Of Florida’s contingent of 28 members of the House, 20 are Republican.  Why only in Florida were Democrats rejected as was expected to happen in many states?

For Democracy to work, those who control election procedures and vote counting must believe in a fair vote.  They must believe in democracy. If instead they believe in power, which Democrats do, there cannot be a fair election.  The Democrats are more addicted to power, because unlike Republicans they have a revolutionary ideology that seeks to normalize perversity and demonize normality–thus Democrats  normalize sexual perversion and teach critical race theory and transgender theory to school children in order to confuse them about their natural gender and to inculcate guilt for being a white racist.  By indoctrinating the young, the Woke Democrats remove people from opposing their gradual and ongoing revolution.

Another feature of the Democrats’ revolution is open borders that are flooding the US population with non-whites, essentially turning the US into a non-white country, thereby dispensing with the “reactionary values of Western civilization.”  At the hands of Democrats, white Americans are facing civilizational genocide.  Is it possible that white people are too stupid to see this and take no action at the voting booth to protect themselves?  Or has Democrat control of many major cities precluded change by voting?  In the large cities the Democrats control the voting. They control who votes and how many times. Republicans don’t want to embarrass America by making a scandal.  The mentality is “let it go, don’t rock the boat, it won’t happen next time, the media will skewer us for questioning America’s righteousness.”

I know the Republicans are far from perfect.  But they are not anti-white.  If white Americans don’t start paying close attention, they are history.  The British didn’t pay attention, and now they are ruled by an Indian Hindu Prime Minister and their capital, London, is ruled by a Pakistani.  Both might be good and capable politicians, but they are not British. The “British” prime minister has already held a Hindu religious celebration at 10 Downing Street. As weak as Christianity and the Church of England already are, with only mosques and not Christian churches, being built in England  and Europe, how much longer will Christmas be celebrated in the West?  Public manifestations of Christmas celebration have already been eliminated in America, thus placing us well on the way to complete cultural and religious deracination.  Is America becoming a country that serves an armaments industry, Jewish bankers, immigrant-invaders, and abandons the moral high ground to LGBT sexual perversity?

The entirety of the West is becoming a culture like the bar scene in the first  Star Wars film (1977).  As days past, less and less remains of Western Civilization  to be defended.