Sunday, November 6, 2022

The End of the Beginning and the Beginning of the End | The Vineyard of the Saker

 By Batiushka for the Saker blog

God is not in force, but in truth
St Alexander Nevsky

Introduction: How Much Longer?

Many ask how much longer will the US war against Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine last? Some say only another two or three months, others much longer, even five years and more. For my own reasons I say another eighteen months, until 5 May 2024. Whatever you think, it all depends on how much the American neocon/neoliberal elite via their NATO allies, especially the UK, the Zelensky sect and their hired killers (so-called mercenaries – for few Kiev nationalists are now left to fight) want to escalate their war. And they do, which is why it did not all end last March when it could have ended. In other words, how much does the American elite want their subject-peoples, in Northern America, Western Europe and the Ukraine, to suffer?

It appears that the US elite wants them to suffer until they are all dead. But that will not happen, for the worm will turn, long, long before that. Indeed, in today’s energy and water-restricted Ukraine, some worms are already turning. And even some cold and hungry people in Western Europe and Northern America are turning too. What the elite wants, and what the people, especially in the Ukraine, will put up with, are two different things. It could all be ended tomorrow, if the elite wanted. Much more likely, this is going to take quite some time, for the war is not between the Ukraine and Russia, but between the USA and Russia. The Ukraine is merely the battlefield. No, I repeat, wait patiently until May 2024.

A Thousand Years of Hell

What never happened between 1857 and 1945 has happened: War between the Russian Empire and Great Britain. (It did happen in Sevastopol in 1856; and Russia still has not given the British Establishment a bloody nose for that). What never happened between 1945 and 1991 has happened: War between the USSR and the USA. True, the Russian Empire/the USSR is for now called the Russian Federation and Great Britain/the USA is for now called ‘NATO’ (in fact, mainly gangs of international mercenaries) and the battlefield is the south-western borderland of the old Russian Empire/Soviet Union, for now called the Ukraine. And the motive is not the dispute between Anglo-Saxon Capitalism and Monarchy/Communism, but that between the Global Tyranny of Oligarchs and the Freedom and Sovereignty of the Peoples of the World. It is the dispute between the Few and the Many.

The Western world, and today that simply means the USA, which hides behind the word ‘Globalisation’, when it really means Americanisation, and words like ‘The West’, ‘NATO’, ‘the civilised world’, ‘the international community’, ‘the rules-based order’, only knows one system: Feudalism. And that is nothing but the pyramid scheme of criminal racketeers. As Michael Hudson has so precisely written:

‘Medieval Europe’s analogue to America’s New Cold War against China and Russia was the Great Schism in 1054. Demanding unipolar control over Christendom, Leo IX excommunicated the Orthodox Church centred in Constantinople and the entire Christian population that belonged to it. A single bishopric, Rome, cut itself off from the entire Christian world of the time, including the ancient Patriarchates of Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople and Jerusalem.

This break-away created a political problem for Roman diplomacy: How to hold all the Western European kingdoms under its control and claim the right for financial subsidy from them. That aim required subordinating secular kings to papal religious authority. In 1074, Gregory VII, Hildebrand, announced 27 Papal Dictates outlining the administrative strategy for Rome to lock in its power over Europe.

These papal demands are strikingly parallel to today’s U.S. diplomacy. In both cases military and worldly interests require a sublimation in the form of an ideological crusading spirit to cement the sense of solidarity that any system of imperial domination requires. The logic is timeless and universal’.

Today Pope Joe is in power, or rather the self-interest of those who stand behind his throne is in power. But that power is being destroyed militarily (NATO will become armless at the present rate of attrition), financially (who will want the worthless dollars of a bankrupt and divided State?) and politically (who wants to be part of a tiny and morally discredited minority?).

After the Victory

When, with time, Russia has won what is in fact just the last phase of our millennial struggle, then all will change. Then the whole world will step by step free itself from the American straitjacket and at last saw through the bars, let the bedsheets down and leave Washington’s lunatic asylum.

First of all, there are Russia’s own fifth and sixth columns. We estimate them at 5% of the population – that was the figure of those who supported the CIA traitor Navalny. (The fact that the CIA then tried to poison Navalny, pinning it on Russia a la MI5, is almost proof that the perpetrator was the CIA. Murder is what the CIA always does with its agents for whom it has no more use, from umpteen Latin American and Asian tinpot dictators to Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden). Either the fifth and sixth column can leave Russia (some already have left, for Finland, Georgia and, especially, Israel), so cleansing Russia of their presence, or else they can repent for their treachery. The Great Cleansing of Russia has only just begun, the whole oligarch class, including those ‘the creative class’ and the perverts and money-obsessed careerists in the Church hierarchy, will all have to go.

Then Latin America can free itself of nasty CIA-imposed dictators, drug-runners and dependence on Northern American drug markets. South America, Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico can begin to recover their advanced Civilisations destroyed by Spanish and Portuguese exploiters, ‘conquistadors’, who sent the survivors to abandon their palaces, temples and villages and live in remote places that became jungles.

Then there are the USA’s Asian rim vassals (the USA never managed to penetrate into the interior of Eurasia, getting kicked out of even the South-East Asian Peninsula, as well as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and soon Europe, which it penetrated only as far as the Ukraine): Japan can be freed of its occupiers after over three generations and start on the path of rediscovering its real identity; the Korean Peninsula can be reunited; Taiwan can at last rejoin the Motherland; in western Asia, Israel is forced make peace with the native peoples whose lands it stole and renamed Palestine.

Then the USA’s vassals in North-West Eurasia can turn their backs on the cold and empty grey Ocean, with its clouds, wind and rain, and face where its capitals, Reykjavik, Dublin, London already face – eastwards – towards the sunrise, homewards, to their origins in Eurasia, the Heartland of Sovereign Nations. The tyrannical and parasitical constructs of the EU and the UK, imposed by hated and alien Establishment elites, can tumble away into the past, unneeded and unloved. Just like the Ukraine, the Baltic States too will dissolve after their liberation from their Fascistic regimes.

Afro-Eurasia is seven-eighths of humanity, led industrially and economically by China and India, ideologically and militarily by Russia, together with the huge human and resource potential of Africa, once its infrastructure has been created.

Oceania, perhaps to be renamed Polynesia, the Many Islands, with its central island still called by the alien Latin name of ‘Australia’, but to be renamed perhaps ‘The Great Island’, can rediscover its original East Asian identity.

Finally, this will leave Canada and the USA to dissolve themselves into a series of First Nations, in which their original native peoples can play a new and important role, the old centralisation gone. It will be long before they will be able to prosper again, as they are much burdened by the debts of militaristic imperialism, but the potential for some modest recovery in the future is there.

As for the ‘international’ institutions, which have never been international at all, the US-run financial institutions of the IMF and the World Bank could probably simply be closed down. They are just like its European political and economic wing, called the EU, currently being bankrupted by its suicidal leaders, and its European military wing called NATO, currently being wiped out in the Ukraine.

The US vassal, the so-called UN, will be renamed and removed to the centre of the world, away from its primitive edge in North America. Perhaps some name like ‘The Alliance of the Peoples’ (AP) would be suitable? Perhaps to just outside Ekaterinburg, on the very frontier of the Heartland of Europe and Asia? Or perhaps to that centre of Ancient Civilisation, Tehran, nearer the centre of Afro-Eurasia?

Conclusion: The Long, Long March to Freedom

We are living through the end of that old Westocentric world and seeing the birth of the new multicentric world. This is the world which would have existed all along, had it not been for the deviant millennial Western interruption of history. The West is going to pick up history where it left off, or rather, from where it was forced to deviate all those centuries ago. As Michael Hudson wrote above: ‘Medieval Europe’s analogue to America’s New Cold War against China and Russia was the Great Schism in 1054’. As we advance towards 2054, the West is going to be forced to liberate itself from the millennial burden of its past.

Others too will learn to understand that Russia’s SMO was an operation to free a country from its occupation by the neo-feudal US-ified elite. The latter illegally overthrew the Ukraine’s democratically-elected government in 2014, which is the date when this World War III, due to last one decade, began. But the same is true of all Western Europe, it too has been occupied. Only it has been occupied by its own feudal elite since at least 1054, when that new elite imposed a new mentality and then manipulated the peoples, disenfranchising them into serfs, plebs and villeins. The liberation of the Ukraine is going to make Western peoples outside the USA think: ‘Are we not also vassals of the elites, manipulated by them? Let us be free and be who we should be, who we really are, before the elites captured us. Let us throw off the chains of serfdom to the elites. Let us be free, as long before’. This is the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end.

Let me quote again. This time not from the brilliant economist Michael Hudson, but from the former President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, who today wrote these words of truth:

Against us today is part of a dying world. This is a bunch of crazy Nazi drug-addicts, people zombified and intimidated by them and a large pack of barking dogs from the Western kennels

With them is a motley herd of grunting swine and narrow-minded bourgeois of the collapsed Western Empire, the saliva flowing down their chins from degeneration. They have no faith and ideals, except for the obscene customs invented by them and the standards of doublethink implanted by them, denying the morality bestowed on normal people. Therefore, having risen up against them, we have acquired a sacred power…

Why were we silent for so long? We were weak, devastated by the bad times. And now we have shaken off that glue-like sleep and the dreary haze of the last few decades, into which the death of the former Fatherland plunged us. Other countries were waiting for our awakening, violated by the lords of darkness, slaveowners and oppressors, who dream of their monstrous colonial past and yearn to maintain their power over the world. Many countries have not believed their nonsense for a long time, but are still frightened of them. Soon they will be wide awake. And when the rotten world order collapses, it will bury all its arrogant high priests, bloodthirsty followers, mocking servants and mute zombies under a multi-ton pile of its debris.

What are our weapons? Our weapons are varied. We have the opportunity to send all our enemies to fiery Gehenna, but that is not our task. We listen to the words of the Creator in our hearts and obey them. These words give us a sacred purpose. The goal is to stop the supreme ruler of hell, no matter the name he uses ….For his goal is death. Our goal is life. His weapon is an intricate lie. And our weapons are Truth. That is why our cause is right. That is why victory will be ours!’