Tuesday, November 29, 2022

An Insidious Response - Vox Popoli

 A Dutch observer contemplates the strange lack of correlation between the declining number of vaccine boosts and the increasing number of deaths by suddenly:

If you wish to blame the vaccines, then you’re left with the struggle of explaining why there are so many cases in late 2022, beginning in July, even though hardly any vaccines are administered in July, August and September. It doesn’t look like there’s a clear correlation between doses administered and sudden deaths. As I have argued before, I believe that whatever is going wrong with the population, is a product of an interaction between the vaccine and subsequent exposures to SARS-COV-2. A simple delayed effect from the vaccine is insufficient to explain the peak in late 2021 followed by a decline in cases of people “dying suddenly”.

When you catch a respiratory virus, the symptoms you experience are generally not from the virus itself. Rather, what you experience is the immune response your body produces against the virus. Now imagine something went wrong with a vaccine, you’re constantly being re-exposed to a virus which your poor antibody response is proving unable to deal with, so over time your body begins to produce anti-inflammatory antibodies normally associated with tolerance.

If this virus was able to infect your endothelium, but your body doesn’t really fight the virus anymore, would we start to see a lot of cases of people “dying suddenly”? This is an explanation that seems plausible to me. Another explanation to consider: Amyloidosis from massive amounts of poorly neutralizing antibodies produced by the body, resulting in embalmers finding an abundance of strange fibrous clots in people’s blood vessels.

The reality we’re dealing with is as following: After the first two shots, there is no IgG4 response. Nobody showed ANY IgG4 against SARS-COV-2. We only start to see IgG4 after breakthrough infections and/or the third shot. Whereas everyone had zero IgG4 immediately after the second shot, in a small number of people the last observation found that IgG4 had become their dominant response to the Spike protein, with almost everyone else also showing some amount of IgG4…

People move towards an IgG4 antibody response against SARS-COV-2, as their body’s response becomes IgG dominated after the first two vaccines. With IgA and IgM taking an abnormal backseat and IgG being forced to fight the virus on its own, inflammation becomes severe and antigen exposure becomes chronic, so that isotype class switching begins towards IgG4.

Once IgG4 emerges, it triggers a positive feedback loop whereby over time IgG4 becomes the dominant antibody response, as illustrated in the link above. It seems to me, that vast droves of people are in the process of having their immune response tipped towards an IgG4 tolerance response.

If people are then eventually reinfected, the antibody response is effectively entirely IgG4 dominated, which doesn’t trigger inflammation and so the infection becomes effectively silent, you don’t really notice common cold-like symptoms. IgG4, as an anti-inflammatory antibody that doesn’t activate complement and poorly binds to the Fcr receptor fails to bring the viral load down to zero. The virus eventually damages the cardiovascular system, resulting in a sudden unexpected death.

This is a scenario that is rather worse than we were beginning to hope in the aftermath of the booster campaigns. Having avoided Case Nightmare Kitty as well as any of the various insta-death scenarios, it was beginning to look as if the depopulationists had pretty much failed, with a significant caveat concerning possible long-term fertility effects.

However, the “silent infection” scenario, in which the vaccine + boosters allows subsequent infections to effectively evade the immune system and damage the cardiovascular system without the victim even noticing it, is observably in play. This could explain why the number of deaths by Suddenly is increasing even though most people received their final vaccine or booster months ago. Assuming that these deaths continue to steadily increase over time with additional infections, it would also suggest a subtle and particularly insidious depopulation program.