Monday, November 7, 2022

USA: 1776 - 2032 - Vox Popoli

 Financial analyst Martin Armstrong calculates an even earlier end to the political entity described as the United States of America as a result of all major elections being fraudulent and the collapse of the international dollar system:

Bolsonaro’s defeat in Brazil is proof that all major elections are now being stolen, according to Armstrong, in a bid to eliminate any world leader who stands against the regime agenda.

“This is a worldwide effort,” he said. “They had to get rid of Trump. The other one who stood in their way is Bolsonaro. Then there is Putin (Russia) and Xi Jinping (China). I think you are going to have historians look back at this 50 years from now, and they will call this period ‘The Climate Change Wars’… They are trying to take down as much oil energy capacity as possible.”

Armstrong says his computer modeling is showing huge domestic unrest in the United States next year, and that conditions are ripe for “a rocket launch for volatility and civil unrest.”

“The United States will not exist after 2032. After 2028 and 2029, we are going to have to redesign a government from scratch. America is being destroyed,” he explicitly warned.

On the financial front, Armstrong asserts, “The whole monetary system as we know it is collapsing. That was what the bond crisis in the UK was about.”

Just to forestall the inevitable question, I’ll stick by my 2033 estimate. But I do think it is informative to note that the perceptions of that 2004 prediction have gone from a) thinking that I’m totally insane to b) thinking that I’m pessimistic, but maybe onto something to c) thinking that I’m optimistic to d) professionals producing concrete estimates of an even earlier timeframe for the collapse.

To paraphrase an old chestnut, the United States of America are no longer united, nor sovereign, nor American.