Sunday, April 16, 2023

How Effective are the Covid Vaccines?, by Eugene Kusmiak - The Unz Review

 This is the companion, perhaps less controversial, piece to my article on vaccine safety. It contains research papers and government data published in 2022 on the (in)effectiveness of the Covid vaccines............

.......In spite of the Covid vaccines’ clear ineffectiveness, or even anti-effectiveness, against infection and spread, I still found consistent evidence that they are around 50% effective at reducing hospitalizations and deaths. But before we celebrate this great victory for modern science – using 21st-century, never-before-tried mRNA technology to hijack your cells’ ribosomes and fill your body with synthetic virus proteins – let’s put into perspective just how mediocre this accomplishment is. A recent meta-study (a study of many other studies) on the effect of Vitamin D on Covid hospitalizations and deaths published at found that the average effect in all the studies they examined was that Vitamin D reduced Covid hospitalizations by 70% and Covid deaths by 50%.

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