Friday, April 21, 2023

Persecuted Christians In Israel Are Being Ethnically Cleansed. Is Anybody Listening?, by Eric Striker - The Unz Review

 Prior to Israel’s founding as a Jewish state in 1948, Christians made up 20% of Jerusalem’s population. Since then, the population has experienced a staggering decline, counting a presence of 2% in the birthplace of Jesus.

The consensus among right-wing Christians has generally been that Israel is primarily hostile towards Muslims who attack them just for being Jewish. This is a manufactured opinion produced by media disinformation and omission. History and currently unfolding realities show that the Zionist movement is hostile to all non-Jews in the world.

Following the Haganah’s (which would later become the Israel Defense Force) implementation of the Dalet Plan (also known as Plan D) in 1947, Zionist militants violently expelled 750,000 non-Jews from Israel in preparation for the state’s founding.

The main tool used by Israeli forces in their ethnic cleansing campaign was to engage in acts of gratuitous mass murder and then publicize the actions widely to scare others to leave their homes and belongings and flee for their lives.

The infamous Deir Yassein massacre, where Lehi and Irgun terrorists burned, raped and machine gunned 250 defenseless Arab women, children, elderly and disabled people who had previously signed a non-aggression agreement with the Haganah is one well-known episode in the genocidal policy.

But this savagery was not limited to attacks on Muslims. In the village of Eilaboun, the Israeli Army stormed a Church full of young Christians waving white flags, lined them up, then executed them in cold blood. The rest of the village was expelled to Lebanon.

Today, what’s left of the Christian population in Israel is multi-ethnic, with many Armenians and Greeks among the Arab and Jewish natives. All are treated equally as poorly. They are primarily Catholic and Orthodox Christians who have lived in the area for centuries, going back to the time of Christ. They were able to survive the many changes in ownership of Palestine throughout this time, including the Ottoman Empire, but their existence has never been existentially threatened until now.

Unlike Muslims, Christians in Israel do not generally partake in organized resistance against the government. This spirit of pacificism has not been of much use when interacting with the Zionist regime and the rabid Jewish population. The Israeli state has pressured Christians through both institutional and criminal means to leave since its founding, but the renewed and unprovoked offensive has caught the community off-guard.

The most recent Benjamin Netanyahu government has expelling Gentiles from Jerusalem at the top of their agenda, particularly in and around the Jaffa Gate. The Kahanist “Jewish Power” party’s Itamar Ben-Gvir now serves as Minister of National Security, which puts him in charge of the country’s police force and has allowed him to institute his anti-Christian agenda unimpeded.

Ben-Gvir makes no secret of his pious dedication to the teachings of the Talmud. In 2015, a group of Jewish terrorists belonging to the Lehava group burned down the sacred site where Christians believe Jesus multiplied fish and bread loaves. Ben-Gvir personally took up the arsonist’s legal defense and embarked on a campaign to present them as folk heroes. The new minister was even able to win acquittals for some of the suspects on dubious grounds.

Predictably, Jewish attacks on Christians have increased since Ben-Gvir became the nation’s top law enforcement official. Just in the last few months, emboldened Jewish fanatics have deployed a clearly organized strategy of intimidation and terrorizing Christians, such as in the case of the Church at the Tomb of the Virgin Mary, where Jews stormed the Church and began assaulting the priest and worshippers.

In another instance, an American Jew visiting Israel walked into a Catholic Church and toppled a statue of Jesus, then began furiously smashing it with a hammer. Christian-owned businesses are regularly attacked by groups of Jewish settlers waving Israeli flags who demand they sell them their shops and leave the country. Christian priests who dare walk out in public are sucker punched and spit on daily. No matter where in Israel Christians live, their chapels and visible manifestations of faith are under a permanent state of siege at the hands of the Jewish majority.

The Jewish treatment of Gentiles in Israel is a long-standing problem. Jews are systematically taught to hold Christians in contempt in Israeli schools, and complaints from leading Christian figures on this matter have been ignored. Jews now have a place where they can openly practice the violent racial supremacism inherent to Judaism, which shows how the group that preaches tolerance and multi-culturalism in Western nations behaves when they are the majority.

What makes the current dynamic unique is that hate motivated violence is getting more brazen. Israelis do not appear to care anymore about what the outside world thinks as videos showing them beating up Catholic priests or Orthodox monks in packs circulate online. Typically, these crimes occur in broad daylight, but suspects engaging in these crimes are seldom arrested. Local Christians suspect the police may even have advanced knowledge of some of these attacks, as they generally do not arrive until after the violent incidents are over and the perpetrators have fled. In the rare instance that culprits are detained, they are instantly released.

The Zionist government does not shy from playing an official role in fanning the flames. The Greek Orthodox Church recently complained that the Israeli police has decreed that they can’t host more than 1,800 people at their Easter festivities in Jerusalem this year, even though the event traditionally draws 10,000 worshippers. A bill in the Knesset last March that would jail those preaching the Bible in the land of its birth was narrowly defeated after scandalous global headlines forced even Evangelical Zionists in America to comment.

Israel’s Christians and the Church stewards of Christian holy sites have found few allies internationally. So far, only the governments of Russia and Jordan have confronted the Israeli government on the treatment of the Christian minority. Various Muslim groups, such as Hamas and the Al-Quds Foundation (which is sanctioned by the US Treasury Department for supposed links to Hamas), have also taken up their cause, calling on Muslims to defend Christian sites alongside Islamic ones in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Pope Francis, perceived as left-wing on most issues, has been mealy-mouthed about Israel’s attacks on the human rights of Catholics. In 2015, Francis shocked the world by declaring that those who believe power in Israel should be shared with Muslims and Christians are “anti-Semites.” A year later, Francis echoed the theology of many Evangelical leaders, by stating that God believes the land of the Israeli political entity belongs to second and third generation Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews immigrants.

When remarking upon state-backed Jewish mob violence in East Jerusalem, Francis condemned the violence by morally equivocating all sides in general terms, while refusing to make special note of the oppression his own followers are facing.

Francis is thorough and repetitive in condemning imaginary anti-Semitism all over the world, but when it comes to Jews vandalizing and destroying sacred Christian sites, the Pope sees no and hears no evil.

America’s most influential Protestant figure, the $100 million dollar preacher Joel Osteen, is even more shameless. In a recent interview with Bibi Netanyahu, Osteen fawned over the Jewish dictator, calling him the “modern day David” while claiming “Israel feels like the most peaceful place in the world.” Some outraged reactions to the interview questioned whether Osteen even knows that there are Christians in Israel, a fact the prosperity gospel televangelist responds to by feigning incredulity.

Coverage in America’s vast Christian conservative apparatus of this situation has been studiously limited, even as more mainstream publications are forced to report on it. There are many established Christian groups and charities dedicated to promoting war with Iran and supporting IDF, but virtually nothing dedicated to protecting Christians from Jewish aggression.

Jewish terrorism does not exist in a vacuum. Diaspora Jews in the United StatesEurope, and beyond are directly funding organized attacks against Christians, Muslims and non-Jews in general. Sadistic illegal squatter “price tag attacks” are bankrolled by wealthy international Jews with the full knowledge and sometimes support of their respective governments.

There is only one policy our government must take to combat Zionism. It is point 14 of the National Justice Party platform:

We will declare Israel a rogue state and exporter of terrorism. The national rights of the Palestinian people must be respected.