Sunday, April 2, 2023

White is the New Red - Vox Popoli

 The Kurgan puts a new spin on one of my past observations that Europeans are the Indians now:

  • We know covid was a bioengineered virus (no, I am not going to provide you with all the links to the Fauci emails etc. if you don’t know these bullet points yet it’s arguable whether you can read and/or have been living in a cave off grid somewhere).
  • There is at least some evidence that the so-called normal flu/cold has actually disappeared. No, I am NOT assuming this data point is real or even likely, as we know full well, that the $cience on this topic is completely corrupt, but there are other, more subtle, indicators, as well as some actual science theories on it, as well as personal experiences I have had over the last year and a half at least that lead me to believe this is a real possibility.
  • Coronaviruses mutate. A lot.
  • I believe that the main target of the bioweapon is people with DNA of European descent and in particular with some genetic traits that I would associate with lineages that we could call Normans or Franks that were predisposed to being efficient physical fighting men (this is a BIT of a stretch because my data point here is mostly anecdotal, however the hard push in the Caucasoid countries of the deadly generic serum is also a separate (if mild) indicator).

On this basis then, it makes sense to me that the original bioweapon (which we also know was the weaker of at least two versions) has mutated and in the process assimilated, mutated or overrun the common cold too, meaning that we now have a new “common cold” that has at least parts of its make-up that are designed to mess up Viking types prone to doing massive justified violence.

So the type of “flu” people like me, my son, and others with that generic make-up are more prone to getting will be a vicious one that is hard on the system and difficult to get rid of. Just as some new types of flues in the past would be at their first or second iteration.

We’re All Red Indians Now

It’s possible, I suppose. One minor datapoint that may or may not be relevant is that my family and I, who have a statistically significant admixture of American Indian blood in addition to our Northern European DNA, barely noticed Covid when we had it. Two days of fatigue with no real symptoms other than a moderate headache was about it; it was basically equivalent to the most minor form of flu you could imagine from my point of view.

Regardless, I expect that even if The Kurgan’s suspicions are correct and the flu virus has been effectively replaced with the Covid virus, pure Northern Europeans who are periodically afflicted with Covid will generally shake it off without too much trouble so long as they are not vaccinated.

Because logic suggests that the vaccinations would not have been administered in the first place, much less boosted, if they were not necessary for the Promethean’s insidious plans.