Monday, April 10, 2023

How Safe are the Covid Vaccines?, by Eugene Kusmiak - The Unz Review

 The Covid vaccines are said to be “safe and effective”. The second of these claims – that they’re effective – is obviously ridiculous as I have shown elsewhere. In this essay, I will consider the first claim – are the Covid vaccines safe? This is a more difficult question. The evidence on vaccine safety is not nearly as clear, at least to me, as that on vaccine efficacy. But I believe the answer is: no, they are not safe. This paper describes several reasons to believe the vaccines are, in fact, quite harmful.

This report is divided into five sections. The first is my own research. The second describes VAERS. The rest contain medical studies. The sections are:

  1. Excess Mortality
  2. VAERS Database
  3. Severe Side Effects
  4. Heart Studies
  5. Conclusions

In all cases, I’ve tried to stick to statistically-valid measures of vaccine outcomes. The only exception is section 2, since the VAERS data is essentially anecdotal not statistical........

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