Monday, April 3, 2023

If You Are Wondering WTF and/or Why………..

First, DaBigPicture - The Fourth Turning Tipping Point – The Burning Platform - The reason for this is that a Fourth Turning is made possible by complacency. Although there has been a deterioration in self-reliance and reasoning for three generations, a population does not become truly complacent until the latter stages. The deeper the complacency, the greater the oppression by leaders.

Interestingly, complacency is at its greatest in populations where there previously was the greatest prosperity. Therefore, in the present Fourth Turning, the countries that have been most dramatically impacted have been those that had previously been the most prosperous.


A Listing of DOTS:

History of US-NATO Military Campaigns (1991-2023) - LewRockwell

To conclude, the US/NATO forces have declared corruption as a weapon of war, and wherever they have intervened to establish democracy they have left instability and misery.

Playing a Game of "Fool's Mate" on the Grand Eurasian Chessboard, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review

However, a coalition allying Russia with both China and Iran can develop only if the United States is shortsighted enough to antagonize China and Iran simultaneously.

Given recent events, his prophetic warnings were completely disregarded. Instead, our national political leadership chose to exactly invert his suggestions, and they did so despite China having grown much stronger than he had envisioned.

Brzezinski himself recognized some of these important developments, and the year before his death in 2017, he updated his analysis to proclaim that the era of American dominance was already drawing to a close and we should recognize that reality.

  • Toward a Global Realignment
    As its era of global dominance ends, the United States needs to take the lead in realigning the global power architecture.
    Zbigniew Brzezinski • The American Interest • April 17, 2016 • 2,500 Words

Instead of heeding his concerns and adjusting their policies accordingly, our government has doubled-down on its crude strategy of attempting to maintain an impossible American global hegemony, a policy that seems likely to end in national disaster.

Our leaders have apparently decided to play a game of “Fool’s Mate” on the grand Eurasian chessboard.

No More Double Standards and Impunity. West Provokes Russia. Result: Nukes in Belarus on NATO’s Borders - LewRockwellself explanatory


DaConsequences of Other Past Stupidities (Just a few listed):

global warning: the wind and solar question

is there really a success story on CO2 reduction anywhere in this wind and solar greentech saga?

where is the example of a country that adopted these technologies and saw overall CO2 output drop markedly as a result?

What Blows Up Next? Commercial Real Estate And then the regional banks again ...

Commercial real estate — i.e., America’s $20 trillion of office buildings, warehouses, strip malls, and apartments — is all about financing. The lower the interest rate, the easier it is to justify marginal projects toward the end of a business cycle when only cheap money gets the deal done. That’s why the sector typically booms late and then drops into the abyss when interest rates rise and/or the economy contracts. Put another way, commercial real estate is the living embodiment of the adage that easy money makes you stupid.