Sunday, December 3, 2023

Hamas 4.0: the Upgrade - by Julian Macfarlane

 The Bogeyman

The Bogeyman is faceless, nameless, and evil. hiding in the dark.

That’s also Hamas, according to what used to be called the “mainstream” media but is now increasingly and more accurately referred to as the “legacy” media.”  Their legacy? Tales for children. YOU.

No one ever asks who the Bogeyman is. No one asks who Hamas is either. They are just dark malignancies.

In fact, Hamas is the Bogeyman. It is hiding under your bed—in tunnels, which take you to the rubble of a city where children die. Clutch your teddy bear and cry. It is all darkness and death.

Governments use the media to teach you to fear, the better to control you. Whatever you do—don’t look into the shadows, they tell you. Just do as you are told. You look anyway—children can’t help it — but you can’t see anything. And you are afraid.

Who is Hamas?

Who is Hamas?  

Then again, who the fuck are you? That is a question you're not supposed to ask yourself, along with many others. Just remember what you have been taught.

The Bogeyman is the Bogeyman. Hamas is Hamas. You have a name too—the same name as hundreds if not thousands of other people. So you need a Social Security Number and a phone number.

If you really want to know the "Who"—you must learn the What and the Why and the How and the Where.

Then you will maybe know who you are—and maybe who Hamas is.

Now, why don't you and Teddy look under the bed again?

The Origin Story: Hamas 1.0

Shine a light underneath there and you'll find lots of old stuff—books and articles and photos.... They tell a story.

Hamas is the expression of a community. A people bombed and shot and forced to flee, taking refuge in places like Gaza. That was the Nakba. And it did not end in 1948.

Read it all: