Wednesday, December 20, 2023

How The United States of America is Flirting with Annihilation

The Great Satan and the Last Man

Or, How The United States of America is Flirting with Annihilation

Editor’s Note: Doom comes at you fast. It was only three months ago that I predicted the end of America as we know it within 16 months. Now it feels like I was being overly optimistic. Even as I was writing this Editor’s Note, the Supreme Court of Colorado ruled that Trump could not be President under the 14th Amendment, a singular escalation in the war on democracy. But that’s just one of many recent calamitous developments in our clown world. In fact, the calamities are coming at such a fast pace that I can’t keep up — especially when I am already beleaguered with the burdens of success from my recent crowdfunding campaign. This week, I realized I needed help. But who could I turn to in my moment of despair to bring you despair? Re-reading the Comments on my latest essay, I knew the answer: Ahnaf Habib. No other commenter on Tree of Woe has managed to provoke so much ire and so much conversation. No one else has managed to make me feel optimistic. Mr. Habib has his own Substack devoted to contemplating woe, but he graciously agreed to write a guest editorial for me this week. The opinions in this piece are, of course, those of Mr. Habib and do not reflect my own mainstream and milquetoast views.

The time has come.

The United States is about to be conquered.

Its peoples, already embroiled in social upheaval and widespread unrest (a de facto latent “Civil War”) will eventually pick up arms en masse and begin the slaughter.

“Civil War” v2.0 will soon go kinetic; after which the term “Civil” will be forever retired courtesy of the ensuing carnage. WW III will likewise go fully Kinetic once said hostilities erupt, for it is already here. Its fronts are simply latent at present.

The signs of this looming, simultaneous, double-conflict are everywhere.

Be it rapid de-dollarization, mounting national debt, total loss of control in West Asia, NATO (translation: primarily US) ) equipment burning on the East European Steppe, a looming war (and thus ensuing mega-migrant crisis) in Latin America, a looming war against the Chinese in the Pacific over Taiwan, a restarting of hostilities in the Korean Peninsula, loss of control in the Sahel to the military dictators of Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso, the coming collapse of the Southern Border …

… you get the idea, Dear Reader(s). “When it rains… it pours!”


Map of ongoing armed conflicts (number of combat-related deaths in current or past year): DARK RED: Major wars (10,000 or more), RED: Wars (1,000–9,999), ORANGE: Minor conflicts (100–999) & YELLOW: Skirmishes & clashes (1–99)

Escalation (from latent to fully kinetic) will occur in each of the aforementioned fronts at varying speeds. Already many of them are escalating daily (some even hourly!), alarming the “elite” to varying degrees.

No empire lasts forever, and with the crumbling of empire comes the inevitable implosion back home. This precipice has now been reached.

That this implosion will occur is all but certain.

The masses sub-consciously are aware of all this. Some may deny it; however the Zeitgeist in American society is moving rapidly towards affirming the obvious: That the nation is divided and that this divided house cannot stand!

The Predictive Programming by the so-called “elite” is already in full swing:

Make no mistake. This is not a “movie”.

It is equal parts documentary and prophecy that the so-called “elite”, the majority of whom worship Satan and Demon-kind, have put in front of the American peoples’ faces.

2024 may not see the full outbreak of aforementioned hostilities; but that the temperature will increase and that this will be the general ‘direction of travel’, has now officially been given the ‘go ahead’ by the aforementioned demonic “elite”.

Strategists for the American Empire have long feared Eurasian integration (of the sort now in motion, with speed) precisely because the very existence of the United States as not only the ‘exceptional nation’, but as a viable entity at all…

… is put into question.

Halford Mackinder’s “Geographical Pivot of History” in a nutshell. Little did he know that the successor to the British Empire (namely, US Global Hegemony) would lose not only the Pivot Area, but likewise the “Inner &/or Marginal Crescent” as well, & all in a matter of a few months! … As the Chinese like to say: “May you live in Interesting Times!”

Be it minerals, energy, metals, etc., the current level of American Industry (already hollowed out by the Uber-Financialization of the US economy) can neither sustain nor cater to the already worsening standard of living in most of the US.

The social angst in American society is about to boil over. Be it the rise in homelessness, suicides, murders, gang violence, etc., the trend is clear: Now is the worst time for the Empire’s foreign adventures and overseas holdings to go sideways.

In Mackinder’s terms: The “Outer and/or Insular Crescent” has eaten up its seed-corn and is holding on for dear life. Any sequence of “external shocks” sustained by the crumbling of the Architecture of US Hegemony overseas… will thus be fatal and irrevocably so.

At the Empire’s darkest moment and deepest crisis, this man is allegedly “in charge”:

Eurasia smells weakness. The consequences of this are grave. The Russian and Islamic worlds are already waging war against the Hegemon. Ukraine is a de-facto NATO proxy fighting Russia on the Steppes of Eastern Europe. Israel is an American client state engaged in an all-out assault on Palestine, an assault rubber-stamped and approved by the Biden” Administration.

Dear Reader(s): Perhaps you disagree with my characterizations of aforementioned conflicts. But you see, what matters is what the Regional Players and, more importantly, the people living there, believe regarding these ongoing conflicts.

Said characterizations are exactly how the peoples of said Civilizations feel regarding the matter. Calling this ‘dangerous’ is an understatement.

White Phosphorus shells fired by Israeli artillery exploding over Kfar Kila, a Lebanese border village with occupied Palestine; as seen from the town of Marjayoun in Southern Lebanon, Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2023. (AP)

Loss of control overseas will exacerbate the national implosion. This in turn will accelerate loss of control overseas… which in turn will accelerate national implosion.

This is a Doom Loop.

All signs presently indicate that The US has entered said Loop. The gravity of the moment we are in cannot be merely dismissed on a whim of ‘hope’.

There was a time when the United States and its peoples could safely hide behind two Oceans, a robust economy, a homogenous society (ethnic, cultural and religious), technological prowess, etc. However, none of those are extant today.

America had its chance. It had an opportunity to pursue Empire in some “benevolent” capacity. It had its shot at leading the rest of world in a manner that could have been dignified, measured and temperate. It had all of that and much more.

But that is all in the past. What remains today is nothing more than “inertia”.

Men; men more clever, wise, and capable than any of the sorry lot of soy-drinking fools who claim to be “men” today in CONUS and the European satrapies; such men have long passed on. With their passing, what they built can only endure for a bit more at most.

US Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) (L) talks with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during a rally with fellow Democrats before voting on H.R. 1, or the People Act, on the East Steps of the US Capitol on March 08, 2019 in Washington, DC. (AFP photo)
A photo of the MSC ALANYA, which was reportedly hit by Yemen’s Army on December 15, 2023, in waters near the Arab country. (File photo by

Make no mistake: The Empire of Lies will not go down without a fight.

There are however, too many “small brushfires” worldwide to extinguish. Ergo, “Death by a Thousand Cuts” is the name of the game. Defeat is only a matter of time.

Doubts have already arisen in the Empire’s ability to secure World Trade.

This is magnified by a loss of deterrence in West Asia, in spite of the multiple carrier battle groups sent to the region to dissuade regional players.

The de facto blockade of the Bab-el-Mandeb strait by Yemen’s Ansarallah is shaping up to be the “Suez Moment” of American Empire: If the Hegemon cannot lift said blockade and guarantee the safety of global shipping, it is no longer a “Superpower.”

US Forces in West Asia, already under daily fire from the various Axis of Resistance members, will eventually be stormed en masse by the hundreds of thousands of militiamen who sport SRBMs, Rocket Artillery, kamikaze UAVs, etc.

As Strategic Defeat in West Asia nears for Israel, as well as the Empire; NATO (translation: primarily US) equipment burns without end on the East European steppe.

The Russian SMO in Ukraine has de facto demilitarized a large segment of NATO (translation: primarily the US) weaponry. Any ‘surge’ capacity is now lost, meaning that should other fronts go more kinetic, the Americans are helpless.

Assets can be moved to said new fronts. However, able-bodied personnel who can be “boots on the ground” are few and far between. Of the 450-500k or so Army personnel, only some 150-200k can fulfill said role… a number smaller than the Army of Bangladesh.

Air and naval power alone will not “decide” anything. Add in the defensive power of the new “MAD” (i.e. Missiles, Drones & Artillery) with which its enemies are equipped, and it becomes clear: without “boots on the ground” to take and secure land the Americans will inevitably lose.

Thus, if the Chinese decide to “rejuvenate” the Taiwanese and/or the North Koreans decide to pounce and/or Venezuela seizes the Essequibo from the Guyanese…

… the Americans will be overloaded and the dam will break.

Image d'archives tirée d'une vidéo des véhicules blindés détruits appartenants aux forces armées ukrainiennes
A still image taken from video shows destroyed armored vehicles of the Ukrainian armed forces, in the course of Russia-Ukraine conflict in an unidentified location in the southern Donetsk direction in Ukraine, in this image taken from a handout footage released June 10, 2023. Russian Defense Ministry/Handout via REUTERS

These developments are catastrophic for the domestic front, which is already an utter basket case from an exponentially increasing national debt & de-dollarization coming home to roost. The Southern border is, meanwhile, simply non-existent.

Inflation, unemployment, violent crime spikes, migrant waves, etc. will all be exacerbated. All this when the various “three letter agencies” responsible for the security of the common man within the borders of the Empire, are already overloaded.

Not to mention the overall quality of said personnel is already at an all time low courtesy of poor hiring practices, lack of trust in said institutions, a gross inflation of the various “Naughty” Lists of US citizens that they have to keep an eye on, etc.

This means that reprisal attacks (all but guaranteed given the current international situation) will nearly all “hit their mark,” and do so with devastating effect.

In particular, one of the “worst case scenarios” at present would be an attack on the One World Trade Centre in Lower Manhattan, New York City, using a Dirty Nuke:

Surface burst of a 0.2 kiloton yield Nuclear device at the One World Trade Center. This hypothetical reprisal attack would murder nearly 30k Americans and leave a further 10k+ mortally wounded by the excess radiation. Such an attack would also cripple the financial system, as Wall Street would need to close down courtesy of the nearby irradiated hellscape.
Dirty Nukes like these have another ominous name… “Suitcase Nukes”, courtesy of their relatively small size (i.e. weighing 15-45 lbs, roughly small enough to fit in an average backpack or large piece of luggage). They already exist in several nation states. The NPT does not have the gravitas necessary to regulate such small, low-yield nukes at present.
With payloads in the range of 0.2-2 kilotons, the danger in such munitions is that should one or more stateless entities use such weapons, justifications for a Second Strike are rather moot and far-fetched since (1) there are no national actors and assets to strike back anyhow and (2) the payloads are lower than conventional nukes by many orders of magnitude.

Given the fractious nature of the common man in the US today, rather than a “Rally Around the Flag” effect that brings the country together, this “repeat 9/11” would likely push ordinary Americans over the edge in a definitive manner.

The left would blame the right for “antagonizing the rest of the world; which is why this happened to us! Shame on you racist fools!”

The right would blame the left for “betraying everything this nation once stood for and allowing the ‘enemies within the gates’ to kill us all!”

… you get the idea Dear Reader(s)!

Civil War v2.0 would kick off in earnest across the nation. And with it likewise, WW III would go kinetic across most of its currently latent fronts, simultaneously.

When unity is lacking, and a common enemy cannot be found and/or identified… when even the very terms of debate are disagreed upon; the pathway is clear:

Raise your hand against your very neighbor, colleague, friend, family, etc…

The sub-header for this essay is “How The United States of America is Flirting with Annihilation”. Perhaps that is far too optimistic a reading of where things stand.

…Perhaps we’ve passed the point of flirtation and moved to consummation.

…Perhaps the “bed has been made,” and we simply wait for America to lie in it.

Editor’s Note: If any of the regular readership would like to pen a rebuttal to Mr. Habib’s essay, offering a more optimistic case for the future of the United States, I would happily publish it! Just don’t make it too optimistic, because this is of course the Tree of Woe and not the Shrub of Joy.