Friday, December 22, 2023

When the Occupier Plays the Victim: The Mysteries of Oct. 7 (10/7) as the Trigger for the Gaza Massacre

 (So, to repeat...wars are initiated by those with the means to fund BOTH sides in order to achieve their desired goals of maintaining their monopoly on trade. The tools are simple - propaganda dispensed in good enough measure to convince those whose blood and treasure are needed to carry out the task of 'you and him go fight'. - CL)

After all, that's how DaSynagogue of Satan has always carried out their mission of destroying mankind.
And here's DaCherry on top for Old Scratch - DaSynagogue of Satan would be unable to do anything without the aid and willfully ignorant cheerleading of churchianity with a seared conscience – both are servants of Satan!
The journey begins here - - and never ends because discovering truth is a process, never an end state for us mortals.

The current manifestations of the Palestine-Israel conflict are becoming the world’s most dangerous flash point in the intensifying conflict between the fast-declining West and a growing “resistance” aligning the core polities of China, Russia, and Iran and with the growing array of countries lining up to join the BRICS. The high stakes in this clash exceed anything we have seen so far in history. Global society has become so interdependent that the global population is vulnerable to domino effects of collapses in life support systems in ways never before seen.

The schemers on high prominently include the Rothschild dynasty. Some of its most influential Zionist members financed and stick handling the founding, consolidation and expansion of Israel. The primary money making-technique of the Zionist banking cabal lies in funding both sides in warfare, an old practice that represents the origins of today’s ubiquitous hedge funds.