Wednesday, December 20, 2023

The Zionist Diamond Sanctions Implemented by EU - Helena

 The Middle East continues to dominate the news and media.   Pundits are quick to blame every president down the line from Trump, excluding Obama and Clinton, for the Palestinian genocide.   The mass hypnosis hysteria has been pricked and suddenly everyone acts as though they knew of the subterfuge perpetrated upon every western nation for decades+.  

Instead of being grateful for the Truth deluge, they are bent on holding every single western person as complicit.   Which is basically exactly the same as the Hannibal Directive employed by Netanyahu – kill everyone.  

“It’s your fault you voted for them” – is one of the mantra’s.   It is used across the board to vilify and justify the death march against blue states, blue cities, green, yellow and red.   All while calling election fraud a false narrative while people are going to jail for suggesting and upholding the claim.

The problem?   Voter fraud didn’t just occur in this one isolated Trump election cycle – it has been rampant for a century across every office down to mayors and AG’s.   The means for deceiving?   Proclaiming the west was the only democratic nation capable of insuring other country’s elections were conducted legally.  The premise?  Only America has free and fair elections.  Therefore, the US would send delegates to these Marxist regimes to monitor their procedures so that a pro-western government was inserted.

And We All Believed!   Until we didn’t.

But the Global implications are the focus.   Focusing on Trump is a banal blank slate of argument worthy of those like Jenna Ellis and Ann Coulter.  Because the other inane hypnosis is that ‘Lawyers’ don’t lie.  Lawyers are better equipped to run countries…  Because lawyers aren’t lawyers, they are bred and groomed to be politicians whose ability to think critically is replaced with men and women who will do anything – for Money.  Including ‘bash and dash’ social media quips because it keeps their names circulating while selling entertainment, ie books.

From a Global standpoint:   Why don’t ‘enemy’ countries call out and display the corrupt Biden Handler Regime?   Why does every single government embrace Biden as though he has any competency at all – instead of revealing the Handlers?  Why doesn’t Ann Coulter?   She truly knows who, what, and where about everything after the fact – brilliantly…   Why did Reagan choose the very kingmaker of durge – George Bush?

Knowing the breadth of the conspiracy and depth of the deception, why did EveryOne play the gamut?

And what does it serve to denigrate and call for the death of The People in response?   As I have postured before – why not put every politician inside an Olympic stadium to compete as they did in Greece – to the death?   May the best ‘persons’ WIN!   They are the culprit.  They created this economic nightmare.   They need to have their assets liquified and redistributed.

In a Natural World – this would be the real Great RESET.

The EU has the answer to all the woes of the world – a ban on the direct or indirect purchase of Russian diamonds.   Surely that will save The World.   That will create a better cultural society.   Who owns the vast majority of the diamond mines?  DeBeers Group.   Where are these diamond mines?  In Africa of course – the same Africa that makes no money off their own resources.  85% of DeBeers is owned by Anglo American, plc.   The founder of Anglo American was Ernest Oppenheimer, a Zionist.  His grandson, Jonathon Oppenheimer, took control of Anglo American after serving with N M Rothschild & Sons.

Jonathan Oppenheimer created the Brenthurst Foundation in 2005 to “strengthen African economic performance…   They failed.   Thereafter, they created the Gdansk Declaration in June 2023.   The Declaration calls for the rolling back of newly founded authoritarianism – particularly in Africa’s Sahel Region and Northern Africa – which is unacceptable to all freedom loving democracies.  Therefore, The Foundation is calling on all governments across the globe to intervene/interfere in the African nations which have decoupled from their ‘democratic colonialist rule’ and return them to western Cabalist domination.

Obviously, the only reason to sanction Russian diamonds is to create a DeBeers monopoly while creating a false shortage, thereby raising the inherent value.   Zionism at its finest.   According to Deutsche Welle, the sanctions are imposed in solidarity with Ukraine.   But DW’s correspondent, Nick Connolly, inadvertently revealed a truism:  “Connolly said that in some instances one would come across more seasoned troops who had in some cases been fighting since before 2014…”  

In other words, Connolly is acknowledging what Russia has said all along – Ukraine instigated the conflict through their continued violation of the Minsk Agreement wherein Kyiv was legally required to stop the barrage of bombing, torture, and murder of eastern Ukrainians.

But according to the truth blasters – this didn’t occur until 2022 when Russia launched an attack after NATO refused to acknowledge the deaths and the Minsk Agreement – and Merkel declared that the Agreement was a farce and not legally upholding.  Why?  Because the intent was to buy time so that the Western brokers of the CIA, MI6, and the Pentagon could build a viable Ukrainian military to destroy Russia…

Governments are rogue.  Run by conglomerates.   Controlled by Conglomerates.   And blackmailed by intelligence agencies.  Politicians do absolutely nothing.  They have no leverage.   They have no power.   They don’t write Bills – and they certainly don’t read them.  Ever.   Their usefulness is simply to uphold an illusion and distract us with elections that are fake, ballots that are forged, and mandates that are contrived and manipulated.