Friday, December 29, 2023

The Consequences of Rejecting Truth - Vox Popoli

 Vagrant of Rhodes observes the obvious and inescapable consequences of intentionally choosing to believe lies over the historical and observable truth:

“Migrant” parasites bragging openly about ethnically cleansing their host nations, while the rulers of those very host nations proclaim it isn’t happening, pretty much sums up what’s going on. We are witnessing the purposeful extinction of entire civilizations and barely anyone seems to even care enough to comment on the problem. In fact, every ounce of institutional power in those very host nations seems to be focused solely on bringing this extinction to fruition.

The sad part about this is that the “migrants” parasites are actually correct. In a generation, nations like Denmark, Sweden, or Germany simply will cease to exist because they’ve been replaced and genocided from the face of the earth. What’s so bizarre is that many of these places seem content to simply evaporate themselves and fork their entire heritage over to foreign conquerors, happily committing cultural suicide to maintain the so-called “principles” that led them to their own extinction.

Historians will struggle to understand this period in history, but it simply comes down to one thing: pride. Westerners view themselves with such pride and arrogance that they believe such actions are well worth the consequences. This is because they do not believe in higher power, in human nature, in truth, or in God’s justice. They see only themselves, and how to make themselves feel better, superior, or gratified in the moment. They see their own children murdered in the street, their own churches burned, their own homes stolen, and they say “I don’t want to be racist” to make themselves feel superior instead of fighting back for what’s just and righteous. They think that in order to further liberal values, they must give up everything they are or ever were to assimilate into the globo-borg and it’s false promise of eternal pleasure.

This is the poison pill in Western society: it tells you that your people and your history are meaningless, that you are simply an economic pawn in a machine of consumerism, that you are untethered from reality and should live only to indulge yourself. This insidious lie is coated in the honey of false proclamations of “peace”, “democracy”, “individualism”, “cosmopolitanism”, “diversity”, etc. All of these so-called liberal values simply lull the population into accepting the ultimate result of this system – extinction – by giving them a reason to temporarily feel better about themselves.

MPAI is a lamentable, but absolute fact. And the smug, self-centered idiots of the West have foolishly chosen to believe the lies of the children of the devil, from the lie that a nation can be an idea to the lie that a man can be a woman. The average individual of the West is such a herd animal that he would literally rather see his line, his nation, and his faith exterminated than be ostracized for violating the Narrative by speaking the historical and observable truth.

But those who deny the truth will, sooner or later, be run over by the train called Reality.