Monday, February 15, 2016

Americans Outsource Their Children to the Government - by Jack Perry - Tomorrow Might be Too Late

How long will America outsource its children to the government? I mean, people keep wanting the government to fix this or that thing and for decades now, we’ve seen no progress. Maybe that’s because this government sees “solutions” as being a sledgehammer to pound in a carpet tack. Not that the government would want to pound in a raised carpet tack. How else will they sweep crap under the rug, after all? No problem is ever as simple as the government makes them out to be, where we can Obamacare, regime change, and Hillary dillary dock our way out of fundamental, profound, and horrifying social problems that are so obvious you have to medicate yourself to avoid seeing them. Which is what a lot of people do and the government thinks it’s “easy” access to prescription medications that causes that. No, you idiots! It’s because this is not the “greatest” nation on Earth, like you keep selling us on, you bunch of geopolitical slumlords! If this country was an apartment complex, it’d be worse than any low-rent cracker box full of roaches and rodents and ten deadbolts on the door just to make it through the night.
Again, this society (because it isn’t just the government that runs it) sits there and acts as if teen suicides and mass shootings are just manifesting out of thin air, without any causes and conditions that can be understood. Nothing, ever, anywhere, at any time, is ever like that. Everything from an acorn falling to the suicide of a kid has a series of causes and conditions that leads up to it. But we don’t want to see that, do we? We don’t want to know that, do we? No, because then we couldn’t just demand the government take care of it, wave the magic Medicate The Kids wand, and hopefully it’ll go away a few funerals later. When do we realize that the government has no solutions? When do we realize that we have built a society that glorifies death, senseless violence, and vacuous atheism that seems to think we’re all just so much random happenstances with no spirit or conscience we need to be concerned with. So, why is anyone at all surprised by any of this? We’ve even got a government that perpetuates this madness and then we ask this cast of amoral false prophets to save us? Huh……..
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These are the warning signs, America. My question to you is this: What are YOU going to do about it? No, not the government. YOU. The liberals said not long ago, “Prayer is not a solution to all this gun violence!” Yes it is. But it has to be done right and you need to know to whom you are praying. You can’t just throw it out there in a birdshot effect of spiritualism and hope to hit something. “When will the answers be revealed unto us?!” Plenty has been revealed. Plenty is being revealed. But you’ve got to open the books and read them today. Tomorrow might be too late.