Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ya Gotta Have A Plan - By Richard Daughty The Mogambu Guru - The Majority of Investors are Wrong!

Having a little time on my hands lately, I had generously offered my Valuable Mogambo Time (VMT) to provide a little free economic education to neighbors and the media.  Alas, as it turned out, my sweet disposition again mislead me to mistake their natural stupidity for mere ignorance and sloth.
In making the glorious announcement, I even took the time to happily go house to house, banging on doors and loudly proclaiming the glad tidings that “I’m back, you morons! Now, get out here! I want to tell you, right to your stupid faces, how stupid you are! Hup! Hup! Let’s go!”
Naturally, as I always do, I expected that they would happily fling open their doors, excitedly begging me to enlighten them as to their various stupidities, such as electing treacherous monetary and fiscal morons who allowed, and encouraged, an always-expanding fiat-money supply via the evil Federal Reserve always creating the wildly excessive dollars and debt…………

But one person who DID come out in response to my generous offer of a free education in economics was the old lady down the street who had actually followed my good advice to invest in gold, but who has lost money the last couple of years as a result, because gold, like all other markets these days, is now a rigged market in the grasp of a dying and desperate government and their horrible, heinous henchmen, the evil Federal Reserve.
So there I am, standing in the street, trying to explain all this to her, and how it is not my fault, and how nothing is ever my fault, regardless of what my vengeful wife (“I’ll get you for this, you bastard!) and kids (“We’ll be her alibi!”) say.
Anyway, old lady Simpson is hitting me in the head with a broom and yelling that I “don’t know squat” about gold, investing, economics, or anything, and that I am the most horrible and hateful man she has ever known, like I don’t get enough of that at home, thanks.
Worse, the neighbors are all leaning out of their windows, lustily cheering her on (“Hit him in the groin!”)……

Of course, the real lesson for you is to instantly (if not sooner!) convert fiat-money wealth into gold and silver, but without attracting any attention or showing any outward panic. Just act normal. Just an ordinary day, strolling along, maybe buying a little gold and, you know, picking up some milk on the way home kind of day.
But people don’t buy gold, and I can see you are getting pretty bored with it, too.
Oddly enough, this is good news for those who DO listen and heed this Excellent Mogambo Advice (EMA) to buy gold and silver bullion!  Why? It temporarily keeps their prices down, sort of buckling under the onslaught of low demand. Hahaha!
Sorry about the bad joke, but to illustrate how low demand for gold (in dollars or ounces) can go, as a ratio to the monetary base it has never been lower in history! Ever! Or never! I mean ever!  Wait! Never!
Either way, it’s good news because if everybody listened to Excellent Mogambo Advice (EMA), the prices of gold and silver would already be astronomical, and where’s the profit in that? And that’s the point of the whole investing thing, right?
So remember: The majority of investors being wrong makes it possible for the minority of investors to be right, over the long term. It’s an inviolable mathematical imperative.
And as regards gold and silver, the majority is wrong big-time.  Big time. Big, BIG-time!
And when you put it all together, what can you say except “Whee! This investing stuff is easy!”?