Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Donald and Bernie: The Outer Borough Brothers - By G. Murphy Donovan (Thoroughly entertaining - and truthful!)

Nonetheless, we are led to believe that both Trump and Sanders would be disasters. Really? Compared to whom? Surely not a Bush, an Obama, or another Clinton.  America has had three doses of Bush, two draughts of Clinton, and now two too much of Obama. At home, the country is still burdened with debt, deficit, and flirts annually with default. Abroad, those Muslim wars are now about to have Platinum Jubilee with no end to terror, or toxic religious refugees, on the horizon.
After seven seasons of inertia, fiscal incontinence, and yes, serial foreign policy disasters, a lottery might have picked better presidential timber than either of the two American political parties. So why not have the people pick a commander-in-chief 2016? Almost anyone should do better than the usual suspects…..

Hillary’s core constituents are social dependents and women who get their information from the View, their values from daytime soap operas, and their baby sitters from the SimpsonsSouth Park, and the Family Guy. The only voting demographic that might be more callow is one that takes cues from the National Review frat house.
Believe what you will about Bernie Sanders. He’s not Bill Clinton’s wife. Say what you will about Donald Trump too. He’s nobody’s bitch either.