Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dyslexia Is a Myth - By Bruce Deitrick Price

All of this explains why toward the end of his life, Blumenfeld summed up our national predicament this way: "K-12 education is a criminal enterprise from top to bottom."
Isn't it disgusting to find that our Education Establishment relied on the "research" of psycho-sadists Pavlov and Luria?  In order to serve their Motherland, these guys would torment humans and animals until they cracked.
Throughout our culture, dyslexia is typically treated as a genetic defect that a child brings to the school.  If the child has this defect more or less from birth, it certainly can't be the school's fault if he doesn't learn to read.  How convenient!
The same malfeasant Education Establishment that promotes sight-word memorization then promotes dyslexia as an all-purpose excuse for widespread illiteracy.  This is really diabolical.  Raise people in a dark cellar, and then complain when their vision is bad.
Dyslexia organizations like to claim that dyslexics have different brain patterns, and that's the big problem.  Blumenfeld and phonics experts (such as Don Potter) claim that sight-word memorization creates those altered brain patterns, and that is the big problem.  As Siegfried Engelmann put it, "when a respected 'educator' indicates that a plan is based on new research into the development of the brain, the typical parent is not in a good position to say, 'Baloney,' but odds are pretty good that it is baloney."  Engelmann coined the phrase "academic child abuse."  So-called dyslexia is a prime example of the results.
Reading and phonics should be thought of as more or less synonymous.  That's the way it was from the time of the Hebrews and Greeks forward.  Starting around 1930, even though they already knew it wouldn't work, our education experts forced Look-say on the country, and we have had an illiteracy crisis ever since.  Cause and effect are clear enough for anybody who can handle the truth.
Bruce Deitrick Price explains theories and methods on his education sites  (For info on his four new novels, see his literary site