Monday, December 18, 2017

A Time for War: Deep State's Strike and Trump's Counter-Strike - By David Prentice

The history of war is filled with examples of effective strikes that were surprise attacks.  George Washington crossing the Delaware River to rout the Hessians on Christmas night is one example.  No one expected it.  D-Day itself was a huge surprise.  Hitler was looking at other areas while the allies stormed Normandy.
One of the world's famous books is The Art of War by Sun Tzu.  It summarizes stealth and what is necessary to win wars.
"All warfare is based on deception."
"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles."
"Opportunities multiply as they are seized."
Today's cold civil war has seen a series of strikes by the left on the presidency of Donald Trump.  The overwhelming wave of negativity toward him, as reported constantly by the old media, and the onslaught of wailing by the leftist Democratic Party, et al. have been a major part of life in the United States since November 9, 2016.
The strikes have been intensified by what is called "the Deep State," meaning the D.C. bureaucracy and the powerful government agencies of the DOJ and the FBI.  Seeming chaos has reigned as leak after leak came out trying to damage the Trump administration.  What appeared to be damaging strikes were launched by the Democrat-media-Deep State complex.  The whole of Washington, D.C., along with the media, has never relented, going on a binge of hate-filled rhetoric and actions.  They are trying to convince an unwitting public that Trump is nothing but horrible news.
Thank goodness for the center-right new media.  Much of the truth about the Trump presidency has been getting out over the heads of the well organized leftist intent to cause chaos.
The counter-strikes from Trump have been less than obvious.  This brings us to that first precept: deception.  Many things are being hidden, some hidden in plain sight.
In plain sight, Trump is working to do what he said he would do during the campaign.  He and his administration have been persistent in pressing forward with this agenda.  On steroids.  At the speed of Trump.  There are even a few stray leftists who realize his accomplishments and are coming to the recognition that he's winning.
While these folks have been busy dehumanizing Trump and swearing allegiance to the dumbest political narratives ever – Trump-Russia.  Trump-inhuman.  Trump-stupid.  Trump-incompetent – he's been working at undoing the damage done by the Obama-Clinton cabal at a speed that has surprised even them.
I've mentioned the accomplishments many times.  They are legion.
But wait, there's something stirring.  It's the deep and quiet things we are seeing revealed now.
"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles."
Trump knows his enemy.  And fortuitously, the left thinks he's stupid.  Leftists have no clue he sees them for what they are.  Blockbuster revelations are now seeping up through the ooze of the swamp.  There is a set of facts and circumstances that show us that Trump now holds the high ground, that he has dug into strong positions, and that bombshell after bombshell is about to go off against the left.
This began with Trump's tweet about being "wiretapped" – which, dear leftist media, was not literal.  It got the point across.  Look what has come out since.  Drip by drip, the horrifying truth of what the Obama-Clinton cabal did to our DOJ, our FBI, and virtually everything they touched has been coming out.  They unmasked citizens unlawfully.  They colluded with the FBI and DOJ to work against the campaign of the opposition party.  They politicized intel.  They politicized everything they touched in the most despicable way.
Now we know there was an organized, political cabal at the FBI that worked against Trump not only during the campaign, but ever since.  It's been known that the Mueller team was filled with Democrat partisans since they were appointed.  Charles McCullough, an Obama-appointed inspector general and head of the counter-intelligence division, was threatened for blowing the whistle on the Hillary server.  McCullough oversaw the intelligence community and was clearly upset with many of the wrongs being done.  There is an ongoing report by the inspector general about to come out concerning the politicization of the Justice Department in the next weeks.  It's supposed to be thorough, damning, and a shocker.
Other revelations: Hillary's campaign paid for the "Russian dossier."  The FBI appears to have helped.  The FBI appears to have used it with the FISA court to start their "Trump-Russia" investigation and as a means to spy on Trump's campaign.
We are seeing the picture come together – an unprecedented and ugly one.  Look at how many of these have been outed as wrongdoers in the past months.  McCabe.  Strzok.  Yates.  Lynch.  Comey.  Ohrs.  All toast.
The drips are on the verge of becoming a torrent.  And if the I.G. report is the blockbuster being touted, it will become a raging flood.  Suddenly, the Democrats are complaining about the text messages of Strzok being leaked.  And they were leaked from the I.G.'s office.  Suddenly, they are getting worried about the I.G. report.  With the FBI flatly refusing to release records to the House Oversight Committee, the I.G. office is now saying it has them and will release them.
And there is the real possibility that Mueller may not be going after Trump or process crimes (hat tip to Larry Schweiker).
So what is he going after?  We still don't know. But Manafort was indicted for his work with the Podesta Brothers back in 2012, not with Trump.  Interesting that we haven't heard from Tony Podesta in a long, long time.  The Flynn plea deal also has nothing to do with Trump-Russia, as was so poorly reported.  We have little to go on, because the mainstream media want it so badly to be about Trump-Russia that they've reported that as fact.  But it isn't.  Say what you will, but Flynn is not stupid.  He knows more about this mess of counter-intelligence than anyone.  We know he despises the Obama-Clinton cabal, and we know he is a Trump-supporter, so something isn't clear about his part.
Facts known:
Trump met with Mueller the day before Mueller was appointed as special counsel.
Trump learned about the "wiretapping" from someone who knew.
Trump not only saw the leaks, but vowed to stop them.
Trump understood quickly how much he has threatened "the swamp."
Trump has always been proactive, thinking outside the box.
Trump understands stealth and surprise, while he appears to let it all hang out.
We can surmise:
Trump made a plan, because he understood his enemy.
Trump knew the entire scheme and who the bad actors were.
Trump knows his enemy's weakness: they're the smartest people ever.  Ever.
His enemies believed they will always get away with it, because they're so smart.
Trump planned this counterstrike.  Quietly.  Take it to the bank.
What's the evidence?
The recent outing of all the FBI "political" operatives.
The recent dribs and drabs about the I.G. investigation.
The sudden knowledge that some of Mueller's staff were fired.
The new information about the Deep State's unmasking plans and how they did it.
The revelations of Charles McCullough.
The knowledge that the Russia dossier was paid for by Hillary's campaign.
The knowledge that the FBI interfaced with the inventor of the dossier.
The implication that the dossier was used to fool the FISA courts by the FBI.
The recent recusal of a FISA judge.
Rumors of reopening the case against Hillary; also the Uranium One scandal.
The scenario is of a horribly politicized, lawless operation within the FBI and DOJ, tied to the Obama-Clinton cabal.  It's bad actors doing unthinkable, unprecedented, and horrid things.  This is far beyond Watergate.  It's the worst political scandal we've ever seen, and it's about to blow.
All these rumblings are the "opportunities to be seized" from Sun Tzu.  It's been noted that so much is leaking out about all this, there must be a plan to slowly make the public aware of just how big the train is around the corner.  We can all hear it coming now.
Ladies and gentlemen, the fan is about to be hit.  Operation Counter-Strike.  Deceptive.  Yet right in front of us all.  The trap is sprung.  The Hessians were drunk on their own self-righteousness and sleeping while the battle crept up on them.  Planned by an orange oaf.